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Jon Stewart's Primetime Hypocrisy Montage (Video)

Why, Jon Stewart wonders, is mild, televised nudity so questionable at 10 p.m. -- while references to bizarre and violent sex crimes are fine at 9? On Thursday's "Daily Show," he took on inconsistencies in the Federal Communications Commission obscenity rules. The Supreme Court recently heard arguments on whether the commission should still be able to decide what can and can't be heard on the nation's airwaves. Read More... //www.thewrap.com/column-post/jon-stewart-tries-curse-tv-video-34839

Jon Stewart’s Push-Up Challenge on ‘The Daily Show’

In an online-only video from "The Daily Show," author Paula Broadwell set up a push-up contest between herself and host Jon Stewart (who was assisted by Broadwell’s husband, Scott). Broadwell, a military researcher and author of "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus," said the challenge would benefit wounded veterans — the loser would have to pay $1000 per push-up lost to a foundation. Read More... //blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2012/01/26/jon-stewarts-push-up-challenge-on-the-daily-show/?mod=WSJBlog

Jon Stewart Skewers Foxconn, Builder for iPad, Kindle, and XBox (Video)

Following last week's deeply troubling "This American Life" piece about the miserable working conditions in the factories that build our iPhones, Jon Stewart weighed in Monday with a close look at Foxconn, the suicide-plagued Chinese company where workers put together Apple products as well Amazon's Kindle, the PlayStation 3, xBox 360, and other devices that entertain us. //thewrap.com/column-post/jon-stewart-skewers-ipad-kindle-xbox-maker-foxconn-video-34479

Jon Stewart Rips Gingrich's 'Condescending' Race Remarks (Video)

Newton Leroy Gingrich, as Jon Stewart repeatedly referred to the Republican presidential contender on Thursday's "Daily Show," just can't understand why his remarks get him painted as "condescending and dickish." Stewart and "Daily Show" correspondent Wyatt Cenac took care of the that during the "Black to the Future" segment of the show. //www.thewrap.com/column-post/jon-stewart-rips-gingrichs-condescending-race-remarks-video-34379

Jon Stewart Skewers Epic GOP Debates on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

  Jon Stewart  thinks the two Republican debates leading up to Tuesday's New Hampshire primary were overkill. The weekend debates, which logged 3 1/2 hours in separate airings on ABC and NBC, drew solid ratings  for the former network and a  slew of buzzy moments  for both. Still, Stewart was left exhausted. "It's like the Republican primary's become a telethon for electoral dystrophy," Stewart said on Monday night's edition of  The Daily Show . "The 14th and 15th debate, I mean they're out of things to talk about!" Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/VTfed1we7S8/jon-stewart-the-daily-show-republican-debates-primary-new-hampshire-280136

Jon Stewart on Rick Santorum's Rise: 'Get the F--- Outta Here'

"The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" returned Tuesday with an episode taped before the results of the Iowa caucuses -- but even before Rick Santorum's close-second finish, Stewart was already mocking his sudden rise. "Get the f--- outta here," he joked. "Santorum? Really? Republicans are gonna try every chocolate in the box?" //www.thewrap.com/article/jon-stewart-rick-santorums-rise-get-f-outta-here-34061

Mitt Romney's $10,000 Debate Bet Lands in Jon Stewart's Crosshairs (Video)

The biggest pop culture takeaway from Saturday's G.O.P. debate was the awkward moment Mitt Romney  extended an open hand to  Rick Perry , challenging him to wager of $10,000. Naturally, it warranted its own segment during Monday's  Daily Show . Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/kDmnirslRL8/mitt-romney-jon-stewart-gop-debate-rick-perry-272833

Bill O'Reilly Condemns Jon Stewart to Hell -- But He's Already There (Video)

Christmas may be doomed, but irony is going stronger than ever. After the "Daily Show" host ironically declared war on Christmas in response to endless complaints (many on Fox News) that the holiday is under threat, Bill O'Reilly fired back -- with even more irony. "There is no question that Mr. Stewart is going to hell," he said, with tongue-in-cheek. After playing a clip of O'Reilly's statement Thursday, Stewart sat in silence, before uttering a dejected "I know." Then came his real response: //www.thewrap.com/awards/article/bill-oreilly-condemns-jon-stewart-hell-hes-already-there-video-33467

Jon Stewart Mocks Brian Williams' Fire-Alarm Mishap on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

After making its way around the internet Wednesday,  video of the fire alarm that interrupted Brian Williams '  NBC Nightly News  broadcast  Tuesday, Nov. 29, got even more airtime with a segment on  Jon Stewart 's  The Daily Show .  The comedian mocked Williams, who said to viewers Tuesday, "You'll forgive us, we have a fire alarm going off here in the studio" before attempting to continue delivering the night's news despite buzzing and emergency announcements playing in the background.   Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/EJazuFWJZ6E/jon-stewart-brian-williams-fire-alarm-daily-show-nbc-268384

Jon Stewart: Herman Cain Is Lying -- or Terrible at Closing the Deal (Video)

Herman Cain's assertion that he was just friends with a woman who says they had a 13-year-affair suggests one of two things, Jon Stewart says: He's lying, or he's really bad at closing the deal. Stewart took on the latest allegations against Cain on Tuesday's "Daily Show." Ginger White claims that for 13 years, Cain whisked her off to hotel rooms and lavished her with gifts. //www.thewrap.com/movies/article/jon-stewart-herman-cain-lying-or-terrible-closing-deal-video-33171