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Tracy Morgan Claims Donald Trump Has an Illegitimate Black Son (VIDEO)

During the first half of 'The Daily Show' (weekdays, 11PM ET on Comedy Central), one of Jon Stewart's bits involved the news that Donald Trump has sent investigators to Hawaii to look into Barack Obama's birth. 'Daily Show' guest Tracy Morgan must have been watching in the dressing room, because when he joined Stewart onstage, Morgan had a message for The Donald. "I just want to reply to the Donald Trump thing," Morgan said. "Donald, I got [Obama's birth] certificate. It ain't in Hawaii, it's in Brooklyn. Come and get it if you want to see it." Then Morgan claimed that he had people investigating Trump, and that his investigators had discovered Trump had fathered a child in Harlem that he doesn't acknowledge. //www.tvsquad.com/2011/04/14/tracy-morgan-donald-trump-illegitimate-black-son/

Jon Stewart Labels Mitt Romney 'Captain Buzzkill' (VIDEO)

'The Daily Show' (weekdays, 11PM ET on Comedy Central) has been having a lot of fun over the last year with some of the more eccentric potential Republican candidates for president, such as Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and now Donald Trump. However, on Tuesday, Jon Stewart got some news that sent a chill down his comedic spine: Mitt Romney has launched an exploratory committee into a presidential run. "No, not Captain Buzzkill!" Stewart shrieked. "Not the guy who looks like everyone who ever fired your dad. He's gonna suck all the fun right out of this crazy thing!" //www.tvsquad.com/2011/04/13/jon-stewart-labels-mitt-romney-captain-buzzkill-video/

Dave Grohl Talks Being a Rock and Roll Dad on 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

The Foo Fighters performed on 'The Daily Show' (weekdays, 11PM ET on Comedy Central) as part of what Jon Stewart called "our latest installment of our band-a-year series." Between the songs "Bridge Burning" and "Arlandria" from the band's new album 'Wasting Light,' Stewart engaged Foo Fighters' front man Dave Grohl in some lighthearted banter about what was going on backstage. "I've known you for a long time. You've been a rock star the whole long time. But, dude, not to blow the image -- backstage, it's like romper room back there. There must by 28 little kids," Stewart said. //www.tvsquad.com/2011/04/12/dave-grohl-daily-show-rock-and-roll-dad/

Billy Crystal on ‘The Daily Show’ on Funny or Die

Billy Crystal released a Funny or Die video. It’s the sequel to  When Harry Met Sally . It probably came about from 22 years of protracted conversations between Crystal and Rob Reiner about whether or not to release another chapter of one of the original ‘Can best friends be sex friends?’ romantic comedies and deciding a four-and-a-half-minute short would be more fun and in much better taste. When Harry Met Sally 2 is really the making of When Harry Met Sally 2 and stars Crystal and Reiner pitching studio executives about where to take the storyline for the movie’s sophomore installment. The execs like what they hear, but want to make a few, minuscule #HollywoodPostItNotes inspired changes, which means, in this case, the addition of vampires and zombies. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/TubefilterNews/~3/GOKTnS8M_vo/

Jon Stewart Spoofs Glenn Beck on 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart whipped out the glasses and the chalkboard, embraced the weird camera angles, and spent the first 20 minutes of 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central) reporting on Glenn Beck's departure from Fox News as if he was Glenn Beck. Although the spoof was often longer in ambition than execution, Stewart did an excellent job of parodying Beckian logic in a nifty riff on the Nielsen ratings. "People will tell you Glenn was fired because of plummeting ratings: 30 percent of his viewers have abandoned him, his audience's medium age is now dead of natural causes," Stewart-as-Beck-commenting-on-Beck hysterically explained. //www.tvsquad.com/2011/04/08/jon-stewart-spoofs-glenn-beck-on-the-daily-show-video/

Jon Stewart Proposes Geraldo Rivera Assume Leadership of Libyan Rebels (VIDEO)

On 'The Daily Show' (weekdays, 11 PM ET on Comedy Central) Jon Stewart played some clips of the reporting Geraldo Rivera has been doing over in Libya for Fox News. In the clips, Geraldo dodges bullets, strikes poses, and at one point seems to be barking orders at the rebel fighters. The last clip Stewart played was one of Geraldo reporting that the anti-Qaddafi rebels in Libya are so poorly trained that they would be a grave danger to themselves if they were given more powerful weapons. "If only someone would come forth, take control of this control of this ragtag bunch," Stewart said, playing off what Geraldo had reported. "A charismatic brave somewhat narcissistic figure who already posses the confidence and the facial hair configuration of an old world guerrilla force leader." //www.tvsquad.com/2011/04/07/jon-stewart-proposes-geraldo-rivera-as-libyan-rebal-leader-vide/

Jon Stewart Mocks Democrats' Plan to Label Republicans 'Extreme' (VIDEO)

Last week, an open mic caught Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer explaining that he had been instructed by his caucus to always use the word "extreme" when referring to Republicans. On 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central), John Stewart played a clip of Schumer's live-mic gaffe, and then followed it up with a clip of the senator actually using the word "extreme" when talking about the GOP in a televised speech. Stewart was not impressed with either the Democrats' (meant-to-be) secret strategy, or how Schumer applied it. "Democrats are just weak," Stewart argued, after watching the clips, and looking exasperated. //www.tvsquad.com/2011/04/06/jon-stewart-mocks-democrats-plan-to-label-republicans-extreme/

Billy Crystal Tells Jon Stewart About the 'When Harry Met Sally' Orgasm Scene (VIDEO)

Billy Crystal was on 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central), where he told a story about the filming of Meg Ryan's famous orgasm scene in the movie 'When Harry Met Sally.' Apparently, Ryan was nervous about making such personal noises in front of a bunch of crew and extras she didn't know. So director Rob Reiner, "a big bear of a man" as Crystal described him, decided to show her how to do it. "So Reiner proceeds to have an orgasm that Mighty Joe Young would have," Crystal explained to Jon Stewart. "Oh it's huge, he's pounding the table. The little spice balls are flying off pickles." //www.tvsquad.com/2011/04/05/billy-crystal-tells-jon-stewart-about-the-when-harry-met-sally/

Jake Gyllenhaal Dubs Jon Stewart 'The Spud Webb of Talk Show Hosts' (VIDEO)

At the end of Jake Gyllenhaal's interview on 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy central) Jon Stewart asked him, "Are we going to hang out and play basketball at some point soon?" "No we're not because you never called me back," Gyllenhaal responded, and then reminded Stewart that the last time he was on the show Stewart made the same basketball offer, but apparently didn't follow through. "I was actually on the Conan O'Brien show the other day and I likened him to the Abraham Lincoln of talk show hosts," Gyllenhaal continued. "You, I liken to the Spud Webb of talk show hosts. So, yes, I would love actually to play basketball with you." //www.tvsquad.com/2011/03/31/jake-gyllenhaal-dubs-jon-stewart-the-spud-webb-of-talk-show-hos/

Jon Stewart: The US is to NATO as Beyonce is to Sasha Fierce (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart has been skeptical of the United State's involvement in military action against the Libyan government ever since Operation Odyssey Dawn was launched about a week ago. President Obama's speech Monday didn't do much to answer Stewart's questions about the mission, and, on 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central), Stewart mocked Obama's claim that the U.S. is de-escalating its role in the conflict by turning over authority to NATO. "So there is an exit strategy. We turned over the mission to NATO! Man, I feel bad for whoever the sucker is that's the main driving force financially and weapon-wise in that organization, because those guys are ... wait a minute. We're NATO!" //www.tvsquad.com/2011/03/30/jon-stewart-the-us-is-to-nato-as-beyonce-is-to-sasha-fierce-vi/