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THE DEEP (BBC) ''The Last Breath'' Review Episode 5

THE DEEP ends with episode 5, 'The Last Breath', and not a moment too soon. It's not just bad, it's also incredibly anticlimactic. I'll try to make some sense of events. Don't hold out hope for coherence. At this point my brain is staging a strike. Okay, so to sum up what exactly happened, in case you got lost partway through (like me): The Volos and it's shiny radar beam was supposed to kill the lava bugs, thereby destroying a chance for clean, renewable energy, leaving them free to sell the oil under the Arctic. Hatsuto was actually on the Russian side all along (he kills Lowe with a non-frozen gun), which makes his search for a shoal-Hermes correlation over the past 4 weeks completely pointless. Then a Texan turns up and lo (pardon the pun) and behold, we find out that the US oil companies are in cahoots with the Russians. Oh, and they also own the Orpheus, thereby making the entire crew employees of an oil firm. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

THE DEEP (BBC) ''Everything Put Together Falls Apart'' Review Episode 4

While watching episode 4 of THE DEEP, 'Everything Put Together Falls Apart', I came to three realisations. The first was that with three ‘big name’ stars, the BBC apparently had no money to hire a scientific advisor. The second was that the stars obviously didn’t read the scripts properly. The third was that I should have known this series was awful - the BBC had virtually no promotion for it. In this episode we finally find out Catherine’s world changing secret: lava bugs. These tiny little things, found in sedimentary mud near the arctic oil deposits, excrete hydrogen. It would be a great source of sustainable power for the world - but the Russians don’t want to lose the money they would gain from selling the oil under the arctic. Then they find out that these bugs can also excrete acid when outside of the mud, which is what’s ruining the hull of the Volos (and decimated the hull of the Hermes). The bug samples Catherine collected were killed by the mysterious Russian beam from episode 1, so they need to collect more. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

THE DEEP (BBC) ''Ghosts of the Deep'' Review Episode 3

Episode three of the BBC's 5 part drama, THE DEEP, finally pushes the plot forward somewhat, though we still appear to be no closer to the end game than when we started. In Ghosts of the Deep, the Orpheus and Volos crews have to set nationality aside and work together in order to survive. It doesn't work too well. After examining the remains of the Hermes submersible, not-so-sinister Raymond concludes that it was either cut apart or Catherine used the titanium arm to break it apart, allowing herself to die. Apparently not-so-sinister Raymond is completely inept and can't tell the difference between a cut and a bash until it breaks approach to dismantling a titanium submersible. I've never seen the after effects of either approach, so I won't judge him too harshly. (Though Samson nearly died after less than an hour in the Orpheus submersible, so either the Hermes submersible had a better air supply or Catherine thought risking being hit in the face with a titanium arm - and being crushed by the pressure of being 2k feet under the sea - was better than suffocating.) To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

THE DEEP (BBC) ''Into the Belly of the Beast'' Review Episode 2

Sitting down to review THE DEEP's second episode, ‘Into the Belly of the Beast, I find myself a loss for things to say. It's not that the episode was particularly bad, it just wasn't particularly good either. Last week set up a mystery that could have become something thrilling, but instead we were left with 60 minutes of not all that much happening. So, rather than say nothing about nothing, I'll just rehash part of what happened in the episode and ask for your views. After establishing that they can't get power to the moon pool chamber, thereby leaving Frances and Samson (who shall henceforth be known as Franson) trapped, Clem tells them to take the submersible up to the mysterious craft above them. They get up there and find a whole bunch of crew members dead, apparently killed by whatever killed Maddy. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

THE DEEP (BBC) ''To the Furthest Place'' Review

When a research submarine inexplicably fails to surface, a successive expedition find themselves investigating in the BBCs new drama, THE DEEP. Episode 1 'To the Furthest Place' begins 2000 feet under the Arctic Ocean, where the research submarine 'Hermes' is exploring hydrothermal vents. When the Hermes loses power, crew member Catherine, trapped in a one-man submersible, sends out a distress message. When the next expedition to the area aboard the submarine 'Orpheus' is ordered to help find the black box recording from the Hermes, the crew find themselves running into similar difficulties. Trying to retrieve their own lost submersible, the submarine becomes wedged among the hydrothermal vents. While down there, desperately pondering ways to save their stranded crew member, Samson, they see a 'man-made structure' which repeatedly flashes bright light their way . . . And then a mysterious, gigantic mass - not unlike the one Catherine describes in her distress message - comes to the rescue. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now