Review of The Detour

Tuesdays, 10:00 PM ET on TBS

30 minutes

An honest and darkly comedic look at family, TBS’s new series starring Jason Jones and Samantha Bee will follow a couple and their two young kids as they take a road trip to Florida. Jones stars as unfiltered dad Nate, who packs his wife, Robin (Zea), along with their rebellious daughter Delilah (Gerasimovich) and simpleton son Jared (Carroll), into the family car for what Nate is convinced will be the adventure of a lifetime. Every leg of their trip, however, is fraught with unforeseen disaster as they encounter one hellish turn after another.
by iLex22
Oct 20, 2018 9:25PM EDT

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This show can be summed up in two words, HILARIOUS - and- DISGUSTING! Both are equally true. You will shut your eyes in revulsion only to pry them back open because you don't want to miss anything. Rinse and repeat, about 10 times a show.

The first season was not as lose-your-lunch gross as this second season is turning out to be. If you were proud of yourself for bravely stomaching the first season because the laughs were so damn good, grab multiple barf bags for Season 2. This is NOT a casual suggestion.

That being said, the cast could not be better chosen, esp. the two children, the jokes never stop and they do make a genuine effort to turn those 'look out below!" moments into an actual part of the plot each week. Great writing, great actors and very, VERY funny, just also- super duper gross-out GROSS. As you run to the bathroom to vomit, you will trip and fall because you are laughing so hard. THAT'S the best way I can describe this show.

( WARNING!! You will see enough of Jason Jones' naked, hairy body in tighty-whiteys to last 20 lifetimes. Good looking guy, very talented and if I never see his body again, it will be too soon. Please, TBS, no more JJ in dirty underwear, I'm begging you....)


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