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The stage gets set for 'The Divide's' first season finale

In the penultimate episode of  The Divide ‘s first season, the seeds are planted for a finale that might finally give the Initiative a crucial win. But will our characters, whose lives have been turned upside down since the premiere episode, be worse or better off? Returning to Maxine’s, Rosa runs into Kucik and gives him the gory details about Rylance’s condition. She also tells him about Rylance’s meeting with Pauline, and that the only way to nail Eric would be to get his DNA. “But you need a warrant for tha t…” Rosa laments, before allowing her emotions to get the best of her. As Kucik comforts her, the moment a lot of us have been waiting for (any Rosa/Kucik shippers out there?) occurs: Rosa and Kucik kiss. But then Rosa backs off and leaves in a rush. Read More... //

The chasm grows wide for the characters of 'The Divide'

“Please let me go.” Those were the final words written by Jenny in a letter to Adam and his family before she attempted to take her own life by downing a bottle of pills. Jenny (thankfully) survives, but will she be able to shake off the heavy burden of knowing that a man she sent to death row was just executed for a crime he didn’t commit, while another—her sister’s lover–wasted away in prison for 11 years? Read More... //

'The Divide' recap: Kucik reenters society, while D.A. Page goes digging for truth

Terry Kucik is a free man. Sort of. Walking out of the penitentiary that has held him for 11 years, Kucik meets Rosa in the parking lot and prepares himself for another kind of prison: living with his parents. In what is certainly a minor victory for the Innocence Initiative, Rosa and Rylance’s efforts to release Kucik back into the real world ain’t going to be easy, from the looks of things. First, he is under house detention, meaning he is required to wear an ankle bracelet. While his mother is more than happy to have her son back home—happily making him a grilled cheese sandwich at one point—his father would rather see him still in prison. Read More... //

'The Divide' recap: Picking up the pieces after Bankowski's execution

The last we saw of  The Divide ‘s three principals—Innocence Initiative caseworker-by-day/barmaid-by-night Christina Rosa, her boss Clark Rylance and Philadelphia District Attorney Adam Page—they were huddled together, contemplating the likely fallout following the execution of an innocent man. After taking on the case of Jared Bankowski, sentenced to death for massacring the Butler family, Rosa and Rylance were able to obtain Bankowski’s DNA for a retest, hoping it would exonerate him. Viewers waiting for an eleventh-hour reveal that the test came back negative were shocked to see Bankowski’s execution play out—and for the test to come back negative  after  the fact. Read More... //

WE tv jumps into scripted programming pool with 'The Divide'

When everyone from A&E to WGN America, not to mention the Amazons and Neflixes of the world, is throwing their hat in the ring of scripted programming, it was only a matter of time before WE tv did the same. Methinks The Weather Channel is next— Twister: The Series , anyone? Judging from the first two episodes of  The Divide , which debuted together, I’d say the channel that is home to such reality programming as  Mystery Millionaire  and Marriage   Bootcamp— as well as copious amounts of  Will & Grace  and  Law & Order  reruns—hardly wants to reinvent the wheel. Using as its hook the age-old story of saving a (possibly innocent) man from death row in a race against time, WE tv’s inaugural launch into scripted fare is a rehash of a plot device that movies and books have used as a trigger for conflict many times before. We’ve seen it everywhere from John Grisham’s  The Chamber  to the awful  The Life of David Gale , with an overwrought Kevin Spacey performance and a ridiculous twist ending to match. Read More... //

Television Review: The Divide, a Drama Inspired by the Innocence Project

The Divide, an eight-episode legal drama inspired by the work of the Innocence Project, stars Marin Ireland as a law student and intern.   Read More... //