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The dots are starting to connect on 'The Divide'

The Divide  might have started out as a show about freeing an innocent man from death row, but over the past few weeks it has emerged as something entirely different. After Trey’s spoken-word performance turns into a full-on rebuke of his D.A. father’s worldview, Adam and Billie confront their son in the kitchen, fully knowing that Isaiah had a hand in his quickie indoctrination. Billie frankly tells Trey that since she and her husband are public figures, that makes Trey one as well. This sets off Trey even further, as he takes their approach as a way of censoring and denying him his true identity. After Trey storms off, Adam gets a call. He arrives at the hospital to find Bobby, out cold and handcuffed to a gurney. Read More... //community.ew.com/2014/08/14/dots-starting-to-connect-on-divide/

The Divide (We TV) Episode 6 “And The Little Ones Get Caught”

The Divide  episode 6 “And The Little Ones Get Caught” airs Wednesday, August 13th at 9pm on We TV. Episode Synopsis:  The Divide Episode 6 “And The Little Ones Get Caught” – Adam is furious when he learns the truth about the Butler DNA evidence. While investigating his own murder case, Terry deepens his involvement with the wealthy Zale family. Clark’s own investigation into Terry’s case suddenly becomes dangerous. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/08/13/divide-tv-episode-6-little-ones-get-caught/