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Blake Shelton Gushes Over Girlfriend Gwen Stefani On Ellen (VIDEO)

Blake Shelton  is still madly in love with singer  Gwen Stefani  and wants everyone to know it. The 40-year-old singer admits he loves talking about his girlfriend — who he  began dating after he split from Miranda Lambert  and Gwen's marriage to Gavin Rossdale broke down — and insists the "Hollaback Girl" is far more "normal" than most people think. Read More...       //

Diane Keaton Actively Looks for a Lover on Ellen, Which of Course Should Be the Premise of Diane Keatons New Rom-Com

Likes: fat noses, thin noses, being in love with Diane Keaton.  Read More... //

Entourage Cast Admits to On-Set Hookups, Sleeping with Guest Stars on Ellen (Video)

The cast of Entourage appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday and played a very revealing game of Never Have I Ever. Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara , Kevin Dillon , and Adrian Grenier all admitted they had hooked up with someone in either a dressing room or a trailer while on the set of the popularHBO show. All eyes were on Connolly, however, when DeGeneres asked if any of the actors had ever had sex with someone who only knew them by their character name from the show.And all except Dillon said they have gotten frisky with a guest star. It has been 12 years, Grenier said while admitting he has, indeed.   Read More... //

Kendrick Lamar Performs on 'Ellen,' Talks Taylor Swift (Video)

Lamar and Swift are fans of each other.   Read More... //

Watch Ellen DeGeneres Scare Josh Groban (Video)

Josh Groban also talks about his "brilliant and funny" girlfriend Kat Dennings.   Read More... //

Tyler Oakley Visits The Ellen Show, Gets His Own Ellen Video Set

Tyler Oakley is already a star online. Now, his name will be more familiar to traditional television viewers, too. The 26-year-old YouTube vlogger appeared as a guest on The Ellen Show on May 21, 2015 . Oakley, who boasts over 6.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, told DeGeneres he could barely believe he was alive because he was so floored to be on her show. The vlogger and author of the upcoming book Binge not only discussed his YouTube career, but also told DeGeneres about his meeting with President Obama andcalled the Oval Offices desk cute. Oakley also explained how one of his videos influenced the singer Ricky Martin to come out as gay, which the vlogger said was mind-blowing considering he used to have a crush on [Martin].   Read More... //

Demi Lovato Tells Ellen About the 5-Year-Old Fan Who Proposed to Her (Video)

Demi Lovato was recently taken off the market after receiving a marriage proposal in the middle of one of her concerts. It wasn't boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama who popped the question, though, but rather a five-year-old fan.   Read More... //

Watch Kate McKinnon Impersonate Ellen to Ellen on The Ellen Show

When Kate McKinnon first premiered her amazing Ellen DeGeneres impression on Saturday Night Live , the reaction went from “Who does an Ellen?” to “Who does an Ellen!!?” It was only about time that the actual Ellen invited her onto her show to see it for herself. But doing the voice wasn’t enough: Ellen gave her an identical outfit to wear. As you can see below, things got very Ellen very quickly. If you ever had a fantasy of watching Ellen dance up on Ellen while Justin Timberlake is playing, consider it fulfilled.  Read More... //

GleekTV News: Chord Overstreet Drops Trou on Ellen, & Dave Grohl Defends Kings of Leon - 3/24/11

It's time to get Gleeky! Glee may be on a short hiatus until April 12th, but there's still plenty of show buzz to go around! First up, Chord Overstreet, aka Sam Evans, stopped by The Ellen Show where he talked shirtlessness, singledom, and even showed off his "tight end." Also, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters has some choice words to Glee creator Ryan Murphy and sticks up for his friends Kings of Leon. Hey, Glee can't please everyone! Check out the full scoop in the video link below! GleekTV News: 3/24/11