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Year in Review: Top Disappointments, Part 2

NBC You may have realized a common thread in Part 1 of this year's disappointments - 3 of the 5 shows aired on NBC. This might make you realize that NBC overall has become a disappointment. They cancel the good shows and offer up new ones that stink. Beyond their Thursday night comedy hits, much of their remaining lineup is aging ( Heroes , L&O, ER ) and their midseason lineup looks pathetic as ever. Momma's Boys ? Superstars of Dance ? More Biggest Loser? However, perhaps the biggest nail in the coffin is that NBC has pretty much waved a white flag by recently announcing that beginning next Fall Jay Leno will receive the 10PM slot every night. It's a smart business decision; Leno is cheaper than scripted shows. But NBC is also telling us that they know they can't launch a new scripted hit, so why try? Frankly, I expected more from a network that used to be "Must See". The Ex List My girly side had high hopes for this one. It seemed adorable in theory. But...the show turned out being less than inspired. It wasn't awful, but it seemed formulaic (kind of like My Name is Earl with a list of men) and overly cheesy. The inner show turmoil couldn't have helped; the show's original showrunner left due to creative differences. The Ex List survived 4 episodes. Moonlight / Jericho / October Road I could have dedicated slots to each of these, but I think what they all represent is the sadness of failed fan campaigns (less so with Jericho, since the first giant campaign did get the show a few new episodes, but this only prolonged its inevitable cancellation). There was no doubt that all 3 of these shows had a ton of fans who poured in so much effort to making it known how much they loved their respective shows. The irony is...all 3 performed in their slots last year a whole lot better than many of this Fall's new shows. The Ex List had less than half the number of viewers when compared to Moonlight (same timeslot). Makes it sting even more, doesn't it? Las Vegas I know I've already dedicated a whole diatribe towards NBC and its failures (and that other specific shows have also been singled out), but I saved a specific slot for Las Vegas . My complaint is not that the show was canceled; it definitely had run its course over 5 seasons. However, the show was canceled and due to strike fallout was ended on a giant, unintentional cliffhanger. A show that ran for 5 seasons deserved better, as did its fans. Fringe This will be the most controversial of my picks, but frankly, I've found Fringe a little disappointing. I'll start by saying that it remains one of the best new shows of Fall. But... because Fringe is coming from my pretty-much-all-time-favorite TV producer - I hold it to especially high standards. Fringe has just not drawn me in from the first episode the way previous Abrams shows like Alias and Lost (both on my list of all time favorite pilots) have. The show certainly isn't bad, but for me, it has been lacking a wow factor. It's a little formulaic for my taste (mystery of the night, Massive Dynamic has the answer!, the Pattern - ooooooh), and the science is so ridiculous that it would make even an English major scoff. What are the year's top disappointments for you? Back to Part 1 Year in Review

Cancellations Till Now

This hasn't been the best TV season so far, but the cancellations haven't helped either! The network execs went ahead and canceled some of our faves and will probably renew some more crime procedural. These are the shows that have been canceled (so far) : The Ex-List: One of my favorites, canceled after just four episodes. But we didn't really get to see the post heart-and-soul-of-the-show-Diane Ruggiero episodes, maybe it was so bad that the show had to be canceled. Or maybe, as usual, network execs tried to increase their world domination by replacing everything with a repeat of NCIS. Do Not Disturb: You got your wish DND, that's all I can say. My Own Worst Enemy: Canceled. But fans, don't worry, NBC plans to work with Christian Slater on another project, I think. I'm not sure. Pushing Daisies: Canceled? No! I reject the.... Continue Reading

The Ex List: Who Was "The One"?

Curious how thing would have played out if The Ex List has survived on CBS for more than 4 episodes? E!Online has scoop on who "The One" was...and what else was in store for the rest of season one: Ex List Boss Reveals "The One" for Bella Also of note is that additional episodes of the series have been produced (in fact, they are completing production on the original 13 episode order). I doubt these will ever see airtime on CBS, but I imagine that a true fan will be able to get them on DVD eventually (or perhaps view them on Stay tuned.

Ex List Season 1 Episode 4 Do You Love Me, Do You Surfer Boy Recap

Cyrus takes Bella to the beach to go surfing. The place is packed due to a high profile surfing contest. Bella changes into her suit and a truck runs over her board. The guy in the car next to her says 'what a drag' and Bella recognizes him to be her ex boyfriend Shane (played by Brian Van Holt). Bella then flashed back to being with Shane in Mexico. He was a total surf bum without a care in the world. Bella was worried about getting money for food and shelter, but Shane felt that surfing was more important. He asked her to video tape him on a wave, but instead Bella turned the camera on herself and told him he should get a job, then she left him. Bella talks to Shane who still surfs. He tells her that someone caught him on video surfing a killer wave and after that he became famous. He gives her a new surf board saying that he gets them for free from his sponsors. He tells her he's only in town for the weekend, then asks her to surf with him later and she agrees. Bella returns home and tells her friends that she doesn't think Shane could possibly be the one. She tells them that he's totally irresponsible and will never grow up. She says that she needs an adult with a job, not just a surf bum. Her friends, especially Cyrus, think she should give him a chance since he's famous. Bella decides to go to Marina. Bella asks Marina if she's too judgemental. Marina tells Bella that she is, then looks at her palms. She advises Bella to give people the benefit of the doubt, saying she can never really know other people, she can only know herself. Augie does a photo shoot for Daphne. While he snaps her pictures, Vivian goes into the shower and enjoys the new shower head that Augie installed. Augie tries to turn up the music to cover up Vivian's moaning, but Daphne tells him that she can't concentrate on her poses with the music blaring. Bella meets with Shane for her date and Cyrus tags along. She meets him in a bar where he is drinking with his friends Otto and Mini Van. They find out Bella is the 'You Should' girl from the video Shane had. Bella's embarrassed by her title, but Shane assures her it's fine, grabs her, and starts dancing. Cyrus meets a woman at the bar who is interested in learning how to surf. He tells her that he's with Shane and would love to teach her. She asks if he has a long board for her to use and he says he does. They arrange for Cyrus to give her a lesson. Shane and his friends then take Bella to a store where they act wild and crazy for the cameras. Bella asks Shane to take it down a notch because she has to shop there later. She tells him that she's going to go, but he asks her to wait. He takes her into a back room with Otto and another guy who start to address his media concerns. They discuss the image he needs to portray to obtain an advertising account and he agrees. Shane tells Bella that most of how he acts is just for show and tells her that he's not that crazy. He asks her to be his date for the surf awards and Bella agrees to give him another chance. Vivian gets home and tells Augie she's taking a shower. He gets upset that she's spending so much time in the shower. She assures him that she'll leave plenty of water for him. Cyrus returns home and makes fun of Augie's girlfriend using the shower so frequently. Cyrus then goes to Mini Van and tells him he needs a long board to impress the woman he met. Mini Van tells him that if he gives him muscle massages, he will get him the board for free. When Cyrus goes to collect the board, the manager laughs at him and tells him Mini Van can't be trusted. Cyrus, determined to teach the woman to surf, then goes out and buys his own board. When he goes back to the woman to confirm their lesson, she tells him she found another teacher and points to Mini Van. Augie takes down the shower head. Vivian comes home, sees the removed fixture and gets upset at Augie. He tells her that he's embarrasses to hear her pleasing herself so often

The Ex List Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot Recap

Bella Bloom (played by Elizabeth Reaser) takes her sister Daphne (played by Rachel Boston) to a psychic during Daphne's bachelorette party. Bella is the last to visit with the psychic who quickly runs down a list of predictions. She tells Bella a woman will appear at her shop to watch over her, her 5 year old that she shares with an ex-boyfriend with will have a misfortune involving seaweed, and she has a year to get married or she will be single forever. When Bella asks about her future husband, the psychic tells her she's already met and him and is someone she's already dated. On the way home, Bella stops at her ex-boyfriend Elliott's (played by Mark Deklin) house to pick up Rufus, a dog they share custody of, because she's worried something may happen to him. In the limo, Daphne, who had eaten sushi earlier, throws up on Rufus. Bella starts to believe the psychic may have been right, but while talking about it with her sister at her flower shop, she realizes that the psychic could never have been right about a woman watching over her at her shop. Meanwhile, her dad, who enlisted the help of Elliott, takes down a large chalkboard to reveal a painting of an older woman. After the predictions start to come true, Bella returns to the psychic demanding more answers. The psychic tells her that she already told her everything and that it's her journey to take. The psychic gives Bella one more direction, to look for signs, staring with the obvious. Bella leaves the Psychic and a bird poos on her shoulder. Bella carefully inches over to the paper box and grabs a free publication. She wipes off the mess and notices an ad in the paper for a Johnny Diamont concert. Bella flashes back to being on a beach with Johnny (played by Eric Balfour) playing sappy songs on his guitar. Johnny tells her how much he loves her and she breaks up with him. He starts to cry and tells her it was his birthday. Bella, who lives with her friends Vivian, Augie, and Cyrus (played by Amir Talai), thinks that the paper was a sign. She asks Vivian (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) to go to the concert with her, but Vivian says she can't since she had just waxed 'down there' and planned on staying in bed all night with her boyfriend Augie (played by Adam Rothenberg). Bella ends up going to the concert with her sister. They watch as Johnny sings a song about a bitch who left him on his birthday. After the show, while Daphne is in the bathroom, Johhny looks over and sees Bella. He walks up to her, kisses her passionately, then leaves. Bella and her sister leave the bar and Bella says she was blown away. When they get to the space where the car was, they see a 'no parking' sign and realize the car was towed. Daphne goes off to call for a ride, leaving Bella alone by the back door. Johnny and his band exit through the door and she awkwardly tells him she's not waiting for him. The two talk briefly, then Johnny leaves. Augie and Vivian get into a fight because he's not attracted to her new style. Vivian points out that Bella has an awful mole on her back. Everyone looks at it, then makes fun of her. While they're laughing, Elliott stops by to pick up Rufus. Elliott wants Bella to go for a walk with him, but she doesn't want to be his girlfriend since he has no intention of marrying her. Elliott leaves and Bella's friends tell her he may be the one. Bella goes back to the club that Johnny was playing at and tries to talk to him again. He tells her that he both loves her, but also really wants revenge and she has bad timing since it's his birthday again. Bella goes back to her shop and calls Johnny. She sings happy birthday to him in his voicemail. Johnny then shows up at the door and the two reconnect. The next morning, Johnny tells Bella how much he's missed her and starts to cry. Bella tells her friends that she thinks Johnny is too clingy. They tell her to break it off with him right away. Bella meets with Johnny at the beach and as he

CBS pulls the Ex-List

Via the Ausiello Files on Just call it the ex-Ex List. CBS is pulling the struggling freshman drama off its schedule, effective immediately. An Eye insider confirms that the show's Friday 9 p.m. time slot will be filled this week with an NCIS rerun. Since debuting last month, Ex List has been squandering nearly half of the audience of its lead-in, Ghost Whisperer. Last Friday's installment hit a series low 5.1 million viewers (compared with 9.9 for GW). For me, the show ended the second Diane Ruggiero up and quit.

pictures from THE EX LIST "Do You Love Me, Do You Surfer...Boy" airing on Friday, Oct. 23

Check out some pictures from THE EX LIST "Do You Love Me, Do You Surfer...Boy" airing on Friday, Oct. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.

By the Numbers: Friday Premieres

What were people watching last night? Seems like a lot of you weren't watching anything at all, but... Ghost Whisperer was the most watched program of the evening with 9.3 million viewers, which is a slight increase over the show's premiere last year. CBS's other outings for the evening, new series The Ex List and returning series Numb3rs received 7.2 and 8.1 million viewers respectively. The Ex List (my review to come shortly, but what did you all think?) actually began with 7.2 million viewers, but dropped to 6.49 in its second half. Poor Moonlight fans, because that number is actually less then Moonlight debuted to a year ago and less then the show's series finale received. The return of The CW comedies The Game and Everybody Hates Chris both had around 2 million viewers. Over on NBC, only 5.44 million people watched a Friday evening outing of Life , which sadly might suggest that Life's life is limited... Source: TVGuide

Preview of 'The Ex List' 1.02: Climb Every Mountain Biker

In the October 10 episode, the hunting for her soul mate continues as Bella bumps into her former couch potato boyfriend who has turned to be a fitness fanatic. Read more.

The Ex List Series Preview

The Ex List , starring our favorite Grey's Anatomy cutie-gone-nutty guest star, Elizabeth Reaser, premieres on CBS Friday at 9/8c! This newbie made SideReel's Fall list of what's lookin' good, so I'm hoping it lives up to our expectations! Check out some of the show previews and interviews on to see what you think - will The Ex List be a hit or flop? Promo: Somebody to Love Series Premiere Preview Elizabeth Reaser talks "The Ex-List" The Ex List: Behind the Scenes Rachel Boston and Amir Talai Interview Alexandra Breckenridge and Adam Rothenberg Interview Photo courtesy of