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come on

ok.... i was realy pissed this show didnt continue.. there arent many shows i have time to watch, but i got into this one, and was looking forward to it. my bf doesnt like my tast in shows, but he actually aproved. lmao.. so i was excited to have a showthe both of us could watch...... f*** you for cancelling it. thats all i have to say... f*** you!!!!


i thought this show was suppose to be a comedy. i was bored after 10 minutes.

She will Be Esmee is TWILIGHT hit movie!

I've alwys liked this actress but te show was missing something I was bored after the first episode!

Not fair

i kind of enjoyed the show and the chemistry that was shown with all her ex boyfriends ....... they start that show again i gonna miss that show tooooooooooo muccccch

The Ex List Cancelled = :(

I thought this was one of the best shows that aired this season... It wasn't THE best but definitely doesn't deserve to get cancelled. I'm going to cry myself to sleep now... =( Anyone else gonna miss this show?

Screener Girl Checks Out The Series Premiere Of The Ex List

Screener Girl Checks Out The Series Premiere Of The Ex List on CBS. Click me! Photo : CBS

Marry Her a Little (She's Got All Year)

By GINIA BELLAFANTE (New York Times) Since the mid-1960s the history of single women on television is largely a chronicle of endearing neuroses. It begins with the chaos-prone Ann Marie of " That Girl ", proceeds with the addled style of Mary Richards on " The Mary Tyler Moore Show ," the frazzled soul of Ally McBeal and leads, finally, to the rhetorical self-questioning of Carrie Bradshaw on " Sex and the City ".We've gone from screwball pandemonium to narcissistic overthinking. While we could ask if such a trajectory represents an evolution at all, we would be doing so against the spirit of daisies and snowflakes and short skirts and happy endings that this kind of show, no matter its cultural currency, is in the business of cultivating. read complete review from the source