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Washing the Pigs [Beekmanpalooza (Episode 2) Review]

Josh: Why does something have to be perfect in order for you to love it? Brent: I wouldn't say that was the case. Josh: You're washing pigs. That's definitely the case. In this episode, Brent has put together a Harvest Festival weekend to draw people to Sharon Springs. The weekend's events include a Garden Party one night, a Festival with booths the next morning, and a nice dinner the next night. The whole weekend was about supporting local farmers and vendors. Brent used to work for Martha Stewart, and he really did an amazing job planning everything. All the events went off "almost perfectly," and everyone besides Josh seemed to have a good time. The main thing I took away from this episode was how "Type A" Brent is. He was being so ridiculous and it really makes for great television. Even the adorable Farmer John is afraid of him. Brent takes on way more than one person can handle (often re-doing things that others have already done), and then spends all his time complaining that he has to do it all. Poor Josh gets a lot of the heat. Since Josh spends the work week in NYC, Brent doesn't think he does enough around the farm. Josh gets a list of chores every time he gets home. This couple fights a lot. I'm not sure how much of the fighting is for our entertainment and how much of it is real. Even through all the fighting, you can see how much they truly care for each other. They are an amazingly cute couple. They seem to have an amazingly healthy relationship. My favorite part of this episode is definitely when Brent washes the pigs! That, by itself, would have made me so happy, but then it got better! Josh comes by. After they have the conversation I posted at the beginning of this review. Josh asks if Brent loves him. Then, Josh jumps in the mud and says, "Do you love me now?" We get to see them play with each other in the mud. In the following confessional, Josh says "Did I prove my point? Yes. Did I get ring worms because of it? Probably." I think the key that makes Brent so darn entertaining is that he knows how ridiculous he is, but that doesn't effect his behavior. If you're not already watching this show, you need to be! Top 5 Ridiculous Brent Things: 1) He washes the pigs so they'll be nice for the Garden Party. 2) He yells at their llama, Polka Dot, for nipping at the lights he is trying to hang. 3) He asked Farmer John if there was anything they could do to "freshen the air in the barn" while John is mucking out the barn. He asks whether John is using cedar or pine shavings. He prefers cedar. 4) Brent makes Josh dress up as William Beekman for the Harvest Festival booth. 5) Brent didn't buy them tickets for the dinner. So, after they gave a speech, they had to sit outside and eat pizza.

The Fabulous Beekman Boys: Animal Husbandry, SoHo Style - The New York Times Review

The premise of " The Fabulous Beekman Boys " -- a couple, uptight Brent and laid-back Josh, give up the Manhattan media world to become gentlemen organic farmers in upstate New York -- inspires hopes of a gay "Green Acres." The chores! The culture wars! Alas, reality is less fabulous than 1960s sitcom, at least in the first two "Beekman Boys" episodes, Wednesday on Planet Green. So far the show favors dour bickering over fish-out-of-water rural humor, much to its detriment. It's as if Jon and Kate Gosselin had spent every episode taking their children to see farm animals: Brent and Josh Plus 100 Goats. Read More: NY Times Television Review - 'The Fabulous Beekman Boys' - Animal Husbandry, SoHo Style