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Leisha Hailey: Is Alice The Killer on 'The L Word'?

Sunday, 08 February 2009 By Christina Radish Ever since The L Word entered homes across the country six years ago, the Showtime drama series has affected the lives of legions of fans. The groundbreaking series has become a pop culture phenomenon, as it brought the lesbian community into the mainstream consciousness, and elicited controversy, pride, empowerment and conversation. Now in its final season, the direction and goal of the series has always been very clearly defined to provide the lesbian community a voice and sense of place in society at large. Revolving around the lives of a tight-knit group of women living in Los Angeles, who are all trying to navigate and learn from where life and love takes them, the show’s last eight episodes also center around the ultimate demise of Jenny Schecter (Mia Kirshner) and her tangled web that could leave anyone responsible. Actor/singer Leisha Hailey has spent the last six seasons playing Alice Pieszecki, a journalist and the show’s only self-proclaimed bisexual. The 37-year-old Hailey, who has filmed a spin-off pilot that will hopefully be picked up after The L Word is finished, recently spoke to MediaBlvd Magazine about how the tension in Alice’s relationship with Tasha (Rose Rollins) and frustration with Jenny could make her the killer. MediaBlvd Magazine> What do you love about Alice? Leisha Hailey> Oh gosh, so many things. I think she’s so outspoken and honest and, although she puts her foot in her mouth many times, it’s that thing that I wish I had where I’m just off the cuff constantly, and just witty and gregarious. I just love her. She’s just a big light, and I hope that I learned some things from her that I can take into my own life. MediaBlvd> As you reflect back on the six seasons of The L Word, what stands out the most? Leisha> What was unique about this cast is that we really did connect, and we really did have a strong bond. Over the whole run, we just really became these characters and this group of friends. For me, it’s just a big picture, like one big arc of development. I’m so happy with how it all came together, in the end. MediaBlvd> Do you think Alice would want to kill Jenny? Leisha> No, as far as I’m concerned she didn’t. Alice is falsely accused, in my book. MediaBlvd> Is the new idea for the spin-off different enough that you’re comfortable going another six years, playing this character? Leisha> Yes. I wouldn’t have taken it on if it felt like a continuation of the same thing. The fact that Alice is in a brand new scenario in prison, and the characters around her are so strong, scary and intimidating, and there are all these brand new ideas, it feels fresh. I think about what it would be like to be me going to prison, and it would be so insane and hard to deal with that that’s going to be a big, exciting acting challenge. MediaBlvd> Will some of the other characters come in to visit? Leisha> I would hope so. If my friends ignored me and didn’t come visit, that would be awful. But, we’ll see. MediaBlvd> Will she have a group of allies in prison? Leisha> Sure. A big thing that happens in women’s prisons is that they form families, so I think it’ll be about finding the people that she can trust. Maybe not trust, but survive with. MediaBlvd> Will Alice hook up everyone’s romantic chart? Leisha> Alice is still Alice, so I’m sure. As far as I’m concerned, she’ll be running the prison, in about a year. MediaBlvd> With a show that has made such an impact on both the gay and straight communities, do you have any emotional stories about fans who reached out to you? Leisha> Gosh, whenever someone says that we’ve touched them or helped them, you just can’t believe it because you’re playing a character. But, you’re representing a community and we all take that responsibility so seriously that I’m glad that the effect has been something positive.

Showtime Confirms "L Word" Spinoff Details at TCA Press Tour

15 January 2009 2:50 AM, PST | From | See recent news At the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour yesterday, Showtime president Robert Greenblatt released a few details about the pilot for the L Word spinoff, a drama series set in a women's prison and tentatively titled The Farm. The pilot has been shot, Greenblatt told reporters (including's Michael Jensen, who reported back to us), but Showtime execs have not yet seen it cut together. The spinoff is "a substantially different show" from The L Word, Greenblatt said, and includes only a few lesbian characters among the cast: We've been a little bit, sort of, mysterious about the concept, but you know, I don't think it's that much of a mystery anymore. One of the characters from The L Word actually goes to prison, and the show then moves to prison with a largely completely new cast. ... While The L Word was predominantly lesbian characters, [the spinoff is] a big group of characters.