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The Fashion Show: Fern Thinks Reco Needs "To Quiet Down"--Cue Backlash

I should've paid closer attention to The Fashion Show 's official website--while I knew judge Fern Mallis was blogging (somehow) her thoughts on what transpired on the past episodes, I didn't think they'd play so crucial a role until now. And by that, I mean a slight elaboration on the results of last week's episode, where the final four designers showed their collections to a wider audience, especially since it all goes down to a popular vote--and proceeds to eliminate Reco from that poll for reasons I actually couldn't understand much. So we shall begin quoting Fern right now. Her latest bit had her talk about what she thought of the final four collections, and in a nutshell, they all did "an admirable job, some more than others." First up: Anna's collection, which took inspiration from a Bosch painting and continued to be sprightly. "I liked Anna's collection a great deal, as it is very saleable, colorful, wearable and feminine," she began. "[It] was quite ambitious and inspirational, but her clothes did not have much of a connective thread through the collection. I was pleased, however, to see how Anna emerged as the season progressed. In the beginning she was quiet and unassuming, never seemed to be in the fray, and she ... got better and better and became more of a [designer] we wanted to hear from." Next up: Daniella's collection, which continued to fuse her androgynous tastes with her homage to the women in her family. "Her collection truly held together as a 'collection'," Fern said. "She hit on several strong fashion points and used her fabrics in an interesting way. She 'treated' her leathers, layered her looks, [and] made the shoulders a focal point which held throughout the collection. She is definitely going to be someone we will see again." Next up: James-Paul's collection, which was inspired by what he described as "indigenous tribes wearing Western clothing". "James-Paul did a very thoughtful and interesting collection," she said. "I am also very partial to some of his designs ... I like his intellectual take and perspective, and clothes that are loose, and cut in clever ways ... They are, however, very difficult to explain and present on a runway. His clothes need to be in a presentation format, where he explains them all, and shows the way the folds happen and how the wrap becomes a hood or a papoose." Finally, Reco's collection, which drew inspiration from the Aztec Indians, but wasn't enough to keep him in the final three. "While I feel like he has become an audience favorite ... I was not overwhelmed with his final collection," Fern said. "I thought for sure he would blow the roof off Cipriani because we all know how badly he wanted to win. But I felt he thought he had already won, and the clothes were almost secondary. I do think Reco is a talented designer ... but he lost me with his Aztec references, and his collection just didn't hold together or hold up to what I believe he is capable of. He needs to quiet down a little and just work and let the clothes talk!" Those comments have triggered some sort of backlash. Well, I've been reading these blogs intermittently throughout the show, and everyone's appreciated what Fern had to say, but now it seems like almost everything's flipped. Perhaps a sign of how many people were disgruntled when Reco got the boot last week, eh? Some thought she was being biased towards James-Paul. Some thought she found arrogance in Reco and confidence in Daniella--two similar contestants, I must add--and she judged based on attitude rather than aesthetic. And some have, inevitably, called this a conspiracy theory to tilt the vote in favor of the ladies--and some have even called this a racist move! Well, to be fair, some also thought Reco deserved to go because of how disappointing his collection was. (On a personal note, I was disappointed, but I thought Anna's fared a bit worse look-wise.) Maybe Reco's elimination's had a bigger impact on The Fashion Show itself, which is a pretty sucky legacy for a show that's trying to find some footing. So, well, with the Reco-wuz-robbed! debate continuing while the votes trickle in, well... Source Here

Interview with Merlin from 'The Fashion Show'

Merlin started out his stint on The Fashion Show with a bang, instantly getting in a fight with Daniella and trying to position himself as top dog. To be fair, Merlin was supposed to be head designer that first week and Daniella wasn't trying very hard to work with him. This last week, Merlin was on his own and finally came up short. Although Merlin and Johnny R. had the same inspiration card, but Merlin's bright yellow mess of sweat pants fell flat. I had the opportunity to speak with him today about his time on The Fashion Show, the other contestants and his sense of style. Overall, Merlin seems happy with his experience but was careful to point out that all of the other contestants hated him. Maybe because he's different or maybe because he's too confident. Either way, it's clear they didn't want him there. To Read More Click Here .

Kelly Rowland's Scripted Tendencies

Eight episodes into The Fashion Show , I'll admit, I've yet to give an actual verdict on whether the show's any good or not, more so on the back of the show it half-ceremoniously replaced, Project Runway . Well, you can say it's doing something right, since I'm getting pretty engrossed with the show despite my lack of fashion sense, and in a way that's different from Runway. I have favorites, I have annoyances, and I actually understand what they're talking about. Ahh, finally, accessibility of sorts, although I still get lost in the terms. Halston? Nosebleed. But, of course, there are some things that need fixing. For some reason, The Fashion Show feels hastily put together, and some episodes feel like it's more aimed at the drama than the craftsmanship, like the fight Merlin set up in vain last week. Sometimes I feel a little disengaged with the way it is paced, without giving me a chance to take the designs in--perhaps it's what they intended, but I don't know. But there's one thing that's so obvious, I don't know of anyone else who doesn't hold the same opinions as me: what the heck is Kelly Rowland doing here? Okay. So the argument's been drawn out from the very first episode. Kelly's not exactly an authority on fashion, something that even she admits--she's co-hosting the show because, in her own words (which I probably misquoted), "I've been in the front rows of many fashion shows." She wasn't exactly known for being a trendsetter, and to be honest, I don't think we paid that much attention to her during her years as part of Destiny's Child. (I'm not saying she's not good musically--just that, naturally, we trained our sights on Beyonce Knowles. Or it's just me.) To Read More Click Here .

Interview with Lidia from 'The Fashion Show'

Two weeks ago, Lidia was eliminated on The Fashion Show . She joined us this week to talk about some of the successes and triumphs while on the show. Lidia is thankful for the exposure that The Fashion Show has given her and has actually had a fair amount of recognition post-elimination. The designs made on the show weren't her specialty but they showed her talent as a designer. Continue on to read the full interview with Lidia. To Read More Click Here .

Interview with Haven from 'The Fashion Show'

Last night on The Fashion Show , the absolute worst situation occurred: two of my favorite designers were up for elimination. This inevitably happens in every reality competition show and I always hope it the judges will somehow decide to keep both competitors. They never do. Last night, Reco and Haven both designed a subpar homage to the fashion icons. Haven, although obsessed with YSL, totally messed up her jump suit and 80s style. Reco had no idea who Halston was, so he was obviously let off the hook. Therefore, the sweet, the hilarious, the wonderfully talented Haven, who had even won the week before, was eliminated. I had a chance to talk with Haven today about her elimination, her designs, and her time on The Fashion Show and we had such a pleasant conversation. Listen to the full interview below or just skip down to the highlights. To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, June 18, 2009 - Featured

* The Fashion Show (10 pm/ET Bravo ) The outfitters confront a red-faced social predicament: the "walk of shame" - that next-morning embarrassment of wearing the same clothes from the night before. The designers seek a solution, transforming last night's party dress into today's work-appropriate wear, utilizing office items in the process. Later, they're whisked away to a surprise location for the elimination challenge. Actress Becki Newton (Ugly Betty) and model-fashionista Veronica Webb are the guest judges. * Burn Notice (9 pm/ET USA Network ) Dealing with a host of problems is nothing new for Michael. But it seems to be coming at him from all sides these days, with old foes able to track him down now that he's lost protection from those that burned him, and with the cops sniffing around him. His latest foe is a repeat customer, the arms dealer (The Shield's Jay Karnes) who blackmailed Michael's ex last season. Now he's kidnapped Nate and is forcing Michael to help him pull off a heist. If that weren't enough, Paxson is still hot on Michael's tail. * So You Think You Can Dance (9 pm/ET Fox) As tonight's elimination of two more dancers will pare the field to 16, it's appropriate that this results show's performer is Kristinia DeBarge, whose recent single, "Goodbye" (which samples the 1969 Steam hit, "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"), has been getting lots of airplay on pop radio. Incidentally, Ms. DeBarge is no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared on the American Idol spin-off, American Juniors, a few years back, and her father, James, was a member of the 1980s R&B group DeBarge. * Supernatural (9 pm/ET The CW ) Lovers of classic horror movies from the 1930s and '40s will relish this eerie black-and-white October repeat, which pays homage to films from that era that featured Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Mummy. Sam and Dean head off to Pennsylvania (think Transylvania) during Oktoberfest to investigate an alleged vampire attack. There, they encounter a shape-shifting demon on a murderous rampage who takes the form of iconic movie monsters. * Soundstage (10 pm/ET PBS) Jackson Browne is far from "Running on Empty" - literally and figuratively. The West Coast singer-songwriter serves up selections from his 2008 Time the Conqueror album, including the title cut and "The Drums of War," and showcases a few of the classics that earned him a berth in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including "Boulevard" and his first Top 10 hit, "Doctor My Eyes." Source Here

Previewing Episode 5 "Shape Shifters"

What happened to you, Merlin? Now I feel stupid for guessing that you'll be the half-divisive personality that'll provide all the drama for The Fashion Show . Alas, after the first episode you simply faded back to the background, and while you still supply us with your statements with that thick accent, someone else took the annoying-guy seat: Reco. Then again, his reaction in last week's episode was well justified. Finally, after being held down by these teams for so long, he can finally play with his ideas more freely and just be like that free bird flying around. Then again, I was watching that episode online over the weekend and my ears took a battering with his screams. Bad headphones. Bad headphones. But the good thing is, with all of them competing individually from now on, things have gotten better. It's a good thing, too, because I get to look at their designs for what they are, and be finally able to pick out some favorites. I did like what Angel did, and I'm growing fond of Lidia, too, for some reason. And Reco? Well, his hairpiece looked like a helmet, but it did cap off the shoes nicely. Oh, the shoes. I absolutely can't relate. Which leads me to this: why the fuss over the past week's ideas? I think Laura just freaked out a little too much when she realized Andrew did the same thing she did a few weeks back. There are coincidences, after all. Or, that thing's been done to death, so I don't think he actually ripped it off your book. Then again, he got the boot, but thankfully it's for other things. Daniella's flare-up two weeks back wasn't interesting, in hindsight. On tonight's The Fashion Show, the folks get back to what they actually intended to do--challenge folks to do accessible fashion. So toodles to the models, and hello, "real women", no longer in size zeros, but instead like the normal folk you see everyday--probably good here but fat here, and so on. While it seems like they're all whining with the sudden turn to, uhh, ready-to-wear fare, this is actually interesting--how do you exactly hide these flaws and make them look presentable, if not fabulous? Don't whine, please. Not everybody fits in a size zero. Tonight's guest judge is Rebecca Steinberg, renowned stylist for ad campaigns, magazine covers, television and film. Speaking of which, she did win an Emmy in 2001 for her work on Six Feet Under. That's tonight's The Fashion Show from 10pm on Bravo. Source Here

Previewing Episode 2 "All The Bang, Half The Bucks"

I remember watching the very first episode of Project Runway . I don't know why I was watching it, but I watched it anyway. The challenge was pretty outrageous--go to the supermarket, grab some items, make something out of it--and I was actually wondering how they'd pull it off, or how the final outfit would look. Of course, it worked, to the point that they did it in a later season. And then there's last week, and the very first episode of The Fashion Show . Oh, yes, the comparison is seriously inevitable. This wouldn't have happened if not for that legal tussle that saw Heidi Klum and company to pack up to Lifetime. Anyway, halfway through the show, or roughly around that, I was having the sense that, well, it's essentially similar to Runway. It's the point, isn't it? But it's pretty different in many regards, and that's why I didn't flick the channel halfway through. (Or, in my case, stop the recording on the DVR.) The Fashion Show is unabashedly more accessible. Not saying that Runway isn't, but that's high fashion, and judging on both series premieres, you can sense the difference. The first one went straight to concepts; the newer one went to the people who would wear it. I think this could carve a pretty good niche--never mind if it looks like a rip-off or something. I'll give it half a season to settle in, then I'll get back to you. On to the first impressions, then. Merlin? Must-watch character, partly because of the accents, and partly because of the hats--I wonder who he'll clash with next. I'm also putting my early bets on Reco, because I'm sensing an unexplainable sensibility to him. And I liked James-Paul's, too, never mind my actual lack of fashion sense. And never mind that the challenge wasn't exactly a success for everyone, but I could live with that. They're a scarily diverse range of designers--knitwear to underwear, hah!--and there'll really be a lot of time to settle in. I'll just have to get used to losing Tim Gunn, the way Project Runway sent off the loser, and... Isaac's "kids" line. We'll be back with another episode tonight from 10pm on Bravo. What's in it? I honestly don't know--Bravo's not providing much with episode information. But watching the preview at the end of last week's episode, things should be pretty interesting. Rip-offs? Blood? Hrmmm. We'll see, we'll see. I'm looking at the episode item now and it feels like it'll be able a good-looking outfit on a budget, unlike last week's. Just a guess. That's why I need those synopses, darlings. Yes, Isaac rip-off, me. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, May 7, 2009 - Featured

* Bones (8 pm/ET Fox) In this series, "B & B" stands for Brennan and Booth, but after tonight, it may default to its usual abbreviation for bed-and-breakfast. That's because Brennan shocks Booth with her sudden desire to have a baby - and she wants him to be the father! Such a development could put truth to the rumor that these two will finally get to know each other in the biblical sense, but in the meantime, Booth does his best to process this momentous decision with some help from Family Guy's Stewie Griffin (voice of Seth MacFarlane). * Grey's Anatomy (9 pm/ET ABC) The season finale isn't until next week, but Meredith and Derek's wedding is scheduled for tonight. It's also the series' 100th episode, so what better way to celebrate, right? But whether the bride and groom will get to the church on time is an open question. Another one is whether "bridezilla" Izzie will. It appears the surgery she was being wheeled into at the end of last week's episode turned out well, but there are ominous signs, too - like Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the guest cast. * The Office (9 pm/ET NBC) If there's one thing high-strung Michael Scott doesn't need, it's coffee, especially with all the jittery changes in his life - quitting his job, trying to launch his own paper company and returning to Dunder Mifflin, to name a few. So it should be good to the last drop tonight: Michael embraces the idea of a "café disco" by introducing dance fever and coffee to the office, resulting in quite a jolt. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam rev up for a secret trip. * Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist (10:02 pm/ET ABC) In times like these, with dark clouds all around us and more on the horizon, it's often difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. But finding that silver lining has become a mission for actor and activist Michael J. Fox, who has been living with Parkinson's disease since the 1990s. In this special, Fox travels the globe on a quest for unique stories of optimism in the face of incredible odds, and he speaks to individuals from all walks of life for whom adversity is the best of all motivators. * The Fashion Show (10 pm/ET Bravo ) Bravo may have lost its runaway hit Project Runway to Lifetime (that show's new season is slated to begin on Aug. 20), but there's still a passion for fashion here. It'll get fierce when professional designers square off in fashion-themed heats in this new real-world competition show. The series premiere introduces the 15 clothiers, who meet hosts Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland before trying to sew up wins in two challenges. Fashion dignitary Fern Mallis appears as a series judge. Source Here

Will Fashion Show Rise Above Project Runway Comparisons?

Bravo 's new reality competition, Fashion Show, has some big shoes to fill after Project Runway 's contentious move to Lifetime, but host Isaac Mizrahi thinks the Runway comparison will "go away" because the drama on his show is "so engrossing." Unlike its predecessor, The Fashion Show (premieres Thursday at 10 pm/ET) brings an added element to their fashion competition series: audience participation. "I think that for me what makes a show watchable or not watchable is whether or not drama exists. Somehow, I don't know why, but the existence of a live audience at the end of each episode makes just so much drama," Mizrahi told TVGuide.com. "By the second day, I was fully engrossed because of this idea that there was this big fashion show that these kids at the end had to show [in] and be open for their criticism." Each week, the audience chooses their top and bottom designers from which the judges choose a winner and eliminee (and let's just say the crowd is not very forgiving when it comes to subpar designs). "You know, people ask who the bitchy judges are, and, you know, it's really the audience," said Fern Mallis, judge and senior vice president of IMG Fashion. "When you hear it from the outside world, it's pretty brutal," added Mizrahi. Co-host and judge Kelly Rowland (of Destiny's Child) was the lucky one who got read the audience critiques to the designers and admitted it was the "hardest part." Rowland, an admitted "ex-shopaholic" and fashion lover, stopped by TV Guide Network's TV Watercooler to explain why she joined Fashion Show, other differences between Runway and her new series and why tears were shed during judging deliberations. Source & Video