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The Flash Midseason Finale Gave Us a Sexy New Villain and a Murder Charge!

The Flash may have revealed who DeVoe ( Neil Sandilands ) was early on this year, but the reason he's been toying with Barry ( Grant Gustin ) has been a mystery so far. Until now that is. In tonight's midseason finale, DeVoe kidnapped Barry and held him prisoner in his underground lair before revealing   ...Read More...

The Flash Exclusive: Will DeVoe Destroy Barry and Iris' Happy Ending?

  The Flash is gearing up for an intense midseason finale now that Barry ( Grant Gustin ) knows DeVoe ( Neil Sandilands ) is The Thinker and Team Flash is preparing to take him down. That task is easier said than done, however. In this exclusive sneak peek, Barry and DeVoe face off again, but it's not   ...Read More...

The Flash's Honeymoon Is Interrupted by [Spoiler] in Hilarious Deleted Scene

The Flashs Barry and Iris find their honeymoon cut short and neither of em are too happy about it! in this exclusive deleted scene from tonights fall finale (airing at 8/7c on The CW). In the clip above, a Level 11 emergency at S.T.A.R. Labs effectively interrupts the newlyweds Bali getaway. Who triggers []

Is Flash Marriage 'I Doomed'? A Closer Look at the Waitress' Warning for Barry

The more that I look back at the church wedding between The Flashs Barry and Iris, the more I think that what that waitress said to the groom Remember to say I do' was at the very least a red herring, and possibly totally irrelevant. No, I suspect her agenda was not to []

Arrowverse Crossover Quotes: The 12 Best Lines From 'Crisis on Earth-X'

Even in the midst of a crisis, you can always count on the Arrowverse gang for a good soundbite. To that end, weve assembled some of our favorite one-liners and witty exchanges from this weeks Crisis on Earth-X, the four-part crossover event that unitedSupergirl,Arrow,The FlashandDCs Legends of Tomorrowin an all-out melee against an invading Nazi []

WWE Wrestler Goldberg Is Headed to The Flash

The Scarlet Speedster ( Grant Gustin ) will soon encounter a WWE superstar. Goldberg will be jackhammering his way onto The Flash , the wrestler announced on Twitter . It's unclear who he'll be playing but it looks like he'll be around for two episodes. He'll be the second WWE wrestler to appear on the   ...Read More...

The Flash Casts HTGAWM Alum in Recurring Role of Mind-Reading Meta

Looks like Flash foe The Thinker has a mind reader among his arsenal of recently manufactured metas. How to Get Away With Murder alum Kendrick Sampson has been cast in the recurring Season 4 role of Dominic Lanse, a TSA agent who apparently was among the dozen bus passengers doused with dark matter and now []

Arrowverse Crossover Secret: Which Set Was Recycled for the Big Wedding?

Maybe (or quite possibly) Im a rube, but I assumed that the Arrowverse crossover events (crashed) WestAllen wedding was filmed inside an actual, cathedral-ceilinged church. One that has a comprehensive insurance policy. The truth, though, is detailed in this exclusive sneak peek fromInside The Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X, aspecial feature that this Friday will be []

The Flash Fall Finale Promo: Will DeVoe Murder Someone Close to Barry?!

Now that the Nazi superheroes have been dealt with, it's back to dealing with DeVoe for Team Flash on The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 . The villain locks Barry up in a prison that does not work very well with his powers. For Barry, he's helpless and the team try to find a way to save him. As expected, DeVoe will tease the fate of Barry's loved ones, but would he really go as far as offing someone just to get one over on the scarlet speedster?   ...Read More...

Arrowverse 'Crisis on Earth-X' Crossover vs. Justice League: Which DC Team-Up Was Most Super?

This November played host to a pair of DC superhero team-ups the big screens Justice League and TVs Arrowverse crossover. Which proved to be most super? Justice League of course is a massive franchise film that cost a reported $300 million to make, and runs 120 minutes. The CWs Crisis on Earth-X event meanwhile []