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The Flash Season 4 Episode 23 Review: We Are the Flash

On this jam-packed, high energy finale,we are taken for a ride through consciousness -- DeVoe's consciousness. So hold onto your seats because this episode doesn't let up until the very last second. To start things off on The Flash Season 4 Episode 23 it becomes clear early on that Harry was DeVoe's guinea pig. If he could reboot Harry's mind, then he could reboot almost anyone's.  ...Read More...

The Flash Finale Recap: Mind Games Plus, Mystery Girl Is (Finally!) Revealed

In The Flashs Season 4 finale, Barry (literally) got inside The Thinkers head, in a last-ditch effort to save the worlds collective noodle from The Enlightenment. Which unexpected ally wound up helping Team Flash in this cause? As The Enlightenments launch buries Central City in darkness and disables cars/machines with EMP-like efficiency, Cecile senses she []

The Flash Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Think Fast

Are you ready for an enlightenment from your favorite reviewer of The Flash? If not, then you should consider falling in line with the others before I launch my own satellites for more views and clicks. On this episode of The Flash Season 4 Episode 22 , we learn that Team Flash continues to search for DeVoe before his satellites launch into space, and time is literally running out. They learn that DeVoe has been seen at the prison where metahuman Borman is being held -- the man who has the nuclear level power. The power needed to launch DeVoe's satellites.  ...Read More...

The Flash Recap: Enlighten Up, Brah! Plus, a 'Killer' Reveal for Caitlin

This week on The Flash, as DeVoe took his final step toward unleashing The Enlightenment, Barry struggled to teach Cisco and Caitlin some new tricks, while Iris went on a mission of her own to find Marlize. Having finally resurfaced after getting ghosted by Marlize, DeVoe posed as Diggle to sneak into A.R.G.U.S. Castle []

The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Harry and the Harrisons

Prepare yourselves for one heck of a ride, or should I say one heck of a metal tornado? During, The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 , we learned that Team Flash is desperate. They are running out of time to stop DeVoe's satellites. Hope starts to dwindle until it doesn't, with the light finally shining at the end of the tunnel. Don't forget that you can watch The Flash online right here on TV Fanatic and catch up on all of the juicy deets I'm about to send your way!   ...Read More...

The Flash Recap: Will the Wisdom of the Crowd Be DeVoe's Undoing?

This week on The Flash, the theme was attacking problems from a different direction which led to epiphanies for Harry and Caitlin, and foretold a big assist triggered by Iris. Having deduced how The Thinker plans to unleash The Enlightenment, the team has been left to wonder why their foe hasnt launched his satellites []

The Flash Reveals Mystery Girl's Powers

  The Flash fans have been theorizing for a while now that the elusive Mystery Girl ( Jessica Parker Kennedy ) who's been hanging around Central City all season is likely some kind of time-traveling meta, but now we've pretty much got the confirmation we need. She showed her face again at Cecile's   ...Read More...

Flash Recap: DeVoe's Plan Revealed Plus, Mystery Girl Bombshell!

This week on The Flash, we and the team were finally enlightened about The Thinkers grand plan, while flashbacks revealed what led Marlize to join Cliffords mission. Plus, more Mystery Girl! First off, in flashbacks we saw how Marlize and Clifford met cute when he challenged her during a panel discussion on something super-thinky. He []

The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Fury Rogue

Can we all just assume that Leo and Ray lived happily ever after? Wentworth Miller returned to the Arrow-verse on The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 for what was very likely his final appearance. Miller revealed the news late last year that he would take his final bow in the near future, and all I can think about is Leo and Ray getting married and moving on with their lives.   ...Read More...

The Flash Recap: Cold Comfort

Whoo-boy, its been an emotional week in the Arrowverse thus far. Coming off a Supergirl episode that explored Karas lingering heartbreak, Sams ghastly realization and Jonns dads dementia, The Flash asked: Why isnt Barry shook by Ralphs tragic death? It then told us why, before eventually opening the spigot on his emotions. And much credit []