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I love this show

this is my favorite show on tv,i hope there will be a new season.

The Forgotten Episode 7: Railroad Jane - Recap

Picture this: A woman's skull is found alongside some railroad tracks. Who was she? How did she get there? These are just a few of the questions Alex Donovan and his team at the Forgotten Network will try to answer. Alex and his team comb the railroad area for the rest of Jane Doe's bones. The search turns up part of an artificial kneecap. A partial serial number leads them to the hospital where their victim had surgery. A nurse recognizes Tyler's sketch. She doesn't remember Railroad Jane as a patient, but as a social worker from a nearby children's shelter. Her name: Amy Martin. Alex and Tyler track down her boyfriend, Daniel Harris, who says they dated for over a year. Amy was very secretive about her past. She disappeared shortly after getting an upsetting phone call. She had a sister, Kay, in the Chicago area, but Daniel doesn't have the address. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Forgotten Episode 6: Canine John - Recap

Candace finds an old case online and asks Detective Russell to give her the file. A man's body was found near a campground that she used to go to as a child. The place holds many special memories for Candace though we're pretty sure solving the murder of a John Doe never made the list of family activities. The victim died from head trauma and was wearing a shirt featuring comic book characters. He was found when a stray dog led some swimmers to his body. A microchip ID tag reveals that the dog belongs to Michael Axton, who is very much alive. He says he lost his dog, Katie, up in the woods awhile ago and eventually gave up the search. Michael doesn't want the dog back, as he's in the middle of a divorce. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Forgotten Episode 5: River John - Recap

A gunshot rings out in the rain and a man's body is dumped at a storm drain. A pistol with the serial number filed off was found on the gunshot victim, but no ID. Sounds like a case for the Forgotten Network. Alex Donovan and his team discover the victim crossed paths with a drug dealing street punk named Tre. But their John Doe wasn't looking for drugs. He was looking for his wife. A pricey notebook was found at the scene but the pages are illegible due to water damage. Alex has a friend named Greta who may be able to help decipher the damaged book. There's a lot of hard-to-read tension between these two, but we have no idea why. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Forgotten Episode 4: Parachute Jane - Recap

A woman collapses in a local park and dies. She may have OD'd, as there was way too much insulin in her blood. The cops can't dedicate a whole lotta manpower to a case that doesn't involve foul play, so it's up to Alex Donovan and the team at the Forgotten Network to give Jane Doe a name. Dental tests reveal that the victim was probably no older than 15. The medical examiner also discovers an injection wound in the victim's back that was delivered with force. Remember how we said this case didn't involve foul play? Well, now it's lookin' like this is a bona fide homicide. An unmarked key card belonging to a corporate apartment was found in the victim's possession. Alex, Tyler and Walter discover the card opened a unit rented by the Wellman Corporation at the Gold Standard Apartments. The man who books the apartment for clients often held personal parties and doled out keys to his many guests. The victim was obviously one of them. But the party planner doesn't recognize her. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Forgotten Episode 3: Football John - Recap

When the body of a man with a broken neck is found under a pile of trash, it's up to our favorite amateur detective, Alex Donovan, and his team at the Forgotten Network to clean up the mess and I.D. the victim. John Doe had a key in his pocket. A bag of hamburgers was found near the body. After seeing a photo of the greasy grub, Walter immediately identifies it as coming from Nate's Bar & Grill. The man knows his burgers! Walter discovers that the original Nate's is the only place that uses crinkle cut pickles, and those are the kind seen on the victim's burger. The man knows his condiments, too! Alex meets Walter at Nate's where a waitress recognizes the victim as one of her regular customers. She doesn't know his name but does remember he had a cool money clip with a football on it. She also tells them he recently got into a fight with another loudmouth regular. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Forgotten Episode 2: Diamond Jane - Recap

The decomposed arm of a woman's body is seen sticking out of an oddly-shaped box in a downtown Chicago alley. The body was found six weeks ago and the police are unable to identify the victim. Detective Grace Russell turns the case over to Alex Donovan and his team at The Forgotten Network. The team springs into action with Tyler creating a likeness of the victim as Lindsey and Candace investigate the unique box that held the body. The container is four feet long with a tiered design. They discover that the box was designed to hold a professional musical keyboard. Alex and Walter head off to the Upton Hotel because a valet ticket was found in the victim's pocket. Walter asks for access to the surveillance tapes, but the hotel manager isn't about to hand over such confidential material to a telephone repairman. We know Walter won't stop until he gets what he needs. He returns to The Upton after the uncooperative manager's shift ends. He pleads his case to a more sympathetic hotel staffer, who gives Walter the goods. Let's go to the videotape! To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Forgotten Episode 1: Pilot - Recap

When the police exhaust all leads attempting to identify a murder victim, they have no choice but to move on to fresher cases. That's when they step in. Alex Donovan (Christian Slater) is an ex-cop who left the force after his daughter went missing a few years ago. We can see he's a tortured soul but we're also impressed by his drive. Alex has maintained ties to the Chicago P.D. through his former protege, Detective Grace Russell (Rochelle Aytes). Whenever the police hit a dead end with an unidentified homicide victim, they turn the case over to Alex and his team of amateur detectives who are part of The Forgotten Network. These volunteer sleuths have just a few days to identify John or Jane Doe. After that, the victim is buried in an unmarked grave and a killer is all but guaranteed to go free. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Parachute Jane

Young teenage girl dies in a park from insulin overdose. Cops haven't ruled it homicide so the team gets brought in to name her. They quickly figure out that the teenage girl was fooled everyone into thinking she was in her twenties. Her boyfriend is shocked. This leads them to her school where they find a whole school of Parachute Kids. Big bad Brother hits the top suspect list at first until they listen to Jane's voicemail at home. Then they slowly figure out the aunt is the madam of a Boardinghouse... minus the house. Oh and she really doesn't even feed them either, she just lets them do whatever they want along as it isn't around her home. Thus they find Jane's killer cause Jane's friend sicked the Social Services dog on the Aunt and that threatened her 'business'. I guess its a good thing no one told the foreigner that Social Services fail unless you 'invite' them in to your house. Otherwise they need a 'warrant' and judges tend to avoid giving those out just based on anonymous tips. Something about the Bill of Rights and the constitution... hmmm. This episode was ok, I cared more about the artist and that blackhaired lady hooking up more than the kid for most of the show. I really liked how they shut the Aunt's car down when she was at a red light... Hence, a fantastic reason to buy older gas guzzling cars made by someone other than Government Motors. I really despise Social Services so I was almost rooting for the Aunt. Sure they may do some things right but there are better ways to do the same thing with much less evil baggage. Though, the moment they mentioned SS I was more interested in the show so bravo.


I like the show. I did't even suspect that Jessica girl! I was glued to my seat. Looking forward to the rest...