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The Game 5.08 Review: Familiar Territory

After a brutal confrontation in Roger Keith's office in the last episode, you would think that The Game returned with some sort of inkling to what happened after Keith decimated Derwin and Malik's plans of overthrowing new kid Kwan (Charles Michael Davis). Instead, not only as that plot thread given a rest this week, but the writers decided to revisit some familiar territory that would have been relevant three to four years ago. Of course I'm talking about none other than the possible renewal of the Melanie-Derwin-Janay love triangle. However before we get to that trip down memory lane, let's get back track on how we got there in the first place. Tasha was still holding a grudge towards Melanie, which was the only plot thread left over from the last episode. This fact drew Melanie to desperately search for some sort of friendship. Enter Janay, her mortal enemy. After finding out that Janay has a new man now, Melanie invited Janay and Janay's new beau Noah to dinner with her and Derwin. While Derwin and Noah hit it off, Janay tells Melanie in secret that she and Noah are getting married, but doesn't want Derwin to know, because he might will have issues... which he shouldn't cause he's happily married to Melanie right? (Hold that thought.) Read More... //

'The Game' Recap: 'Drink, Pray, Love' (5.06)

This week's The Game continues to pile on the drama for everyone involved, to the point where these once-beloved characters are becoming caricatures. //

The Game 5.05 Review - Mr. Pitts, We Get It. You're 'Black.'

Tonight's outing of The Game was a sharp drop from last week's highly improved episode and to frankly honest: I'm a little pissed about it. Quick recap of events: Jason fell in love with Chardonnay and her ghetto ways, while Derwin and Melanie joined a new church that put the couple at odds on what really matters when serving the Lord. In short, both storylines were about experiencing culture clashes... within your own culture. There are so many ways the writers of The Game could have went with that thorny subject topic, a topic that is not really as dumb as the show made it look tonight. Instead, The Game ramped up the caricatures of the most annoying (and overdone) black stereotypes, nullifying and smothering what could have been a great commentary on identity crisis within the black community. I'm not saying that The Game should be considered a textbook on black culture a whole. What I am saying is that there was an opportunity the writers could have taken with this issue, but they fumbled completely and lost me along the way. Read More... //

'The Game' Recap: 'Grand Opening, Grand Closing' (5.05)

This week's episode of The Game sees Jason get it together - but the rest of the show's still working on that, if what else happens is any indication of the rest of season five. //

‘The Game,’ Season 5, Episode 4, ‘The Black People Episode’: TV Recap

'The Game,' Season 5, Episode 4, 'The Black People Episode': TV Recap. Finally we get an episode of "The Game" without Melanie and Derwin fighting. Both have drama this episode, but at least not with one another, giving the episode a nice change of pace. Married couples fighting is perfectly normal, but Melanie and Derwin argue way more than any couple should. //

'The Game' Recap: 'The Black People Episode' (5.04)

If you hadn't guessed from the title, this episode of The Game plays the race card. Unfortunately, that's not a good move. //

‘The Game,’ Season 5, Episode 3, ‘No Money, Mo Problems’: TV Recap

'The Game,' Season 5, Episode 3, 'No Money, Mo Problems': TV Recap. After last week’s hour-long season premiere, "The Game" is back to its traditional half-hour format. This leaves the show little time to pack in all the characters. Below is a complete rundown of the winners, losers, game changers, and benchwarmers from last night’s episode of "The Game." //

The Game 5.02 Review: A Return to Form... Kinda.

After last week's one hour premiere, The Game returned to its original thirty minute format in last night's episode, which showed signs of the good ol days in terms of characters and storytelling. Despite feeling a wave of nostalgia while watching last night's entry, I still couldn't help scratching my head when it came to certain moments within the episode. Before I delve into those moments, I want to touch on what did work. First, it was nice to see Hosea Chanchez have fun with Malik again after taking him to a seriously dark place last year. The revelation that his finances are not 'balla status' level anymore will give Malik/Chanchez another storyline to work with given that we have never seen Malik working on a budget. Plus, it was nice to see the writers inject Malik's dark journey into the plot and not push it under the rug as if it never happened. The downside to this situation? Malik going broke would have been the perfect excuse/catalyst for Malik's downward spiral during Season Four. I'm still trying to figure out, or rather remember, what sent Malik into that frenzied state to begin with. For those of you not keeping track, that was issue #1 I had with the episode. Read More... //

'The Game' Recap: 'No Money, Mo' Problems' (5.03)

After The Game came back strong with last week's premiere, it hits the skids with this week's episode, which feels all too familiar and not necessarily in a good way. //

The Game Episode 5.01 Review: Secrets

Welcome back, Sabers and SunbeamsI The Game just aired its fifth season premiere and man is there a lot to talk about from tonight's episode. The teaser alone sent Twitter and Facebook in a frenzy with its 'in media res' narrative opening the episode. However by the end of the hour, the hoopla turned into some pretty sharp criticism that echoed fan sentiments from last year. Despite the hot and cold reaction to the episode, it still had people talking and the conversation is only just beginning. Let's break down the events of the night: Derwin's Attitude Is Now Officially A Recurring Character We picked up right where Season Four left off with Derwin asking Melanie about her secret abortion and if it was his. Melanie reassured Derwin that it wasn't, but that wasn't good enough for Mr. BOOM to swallow. The rest of the episode then descended into a rollercoaster of sorts for the Davises as they made up, fought, and pressed the 'Repeat' afterwards. However, intermingled within that cycle was the return of two of Melanie's 'exes,' Trey Wiggs and McHottie, which sent red flags flashing in my head that Trey had to have been the father of that aborted baby. Comes to find out that my alert system was correct, and Derwin had a new reason to throw another hissy fit. Read More... //