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'Graceland' Adds 'The Glades' Alum for Season 2

Actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin has joined the new season in a recurring role.   Read More... //

A&E cancels 'The Glades' after a cliffhanger: How could it have ended?

A&E has canceled "The Glades" following a four-season run. The crime drama had its season finale on Monday (Aug. 26), giving fans a cliffhanger ending that will now remain unresolved. Just days after the show enjoyed its best ratings of the season -- 3.4 million viewers watched the finale -- and only one day after the network announced a renewal for another show, "Longmire," the "Glades" cancellation comes as something of a surprise. Why was "The Glades" canceled? As of now, it's a mystery on which no one connected to the show has an immediate comment.After its premiere in 2010, "The Glades" became the first scripted drama series to receive a renewal from A&E. The show, created by Clifton Campbell, is the story of an ex-Chicago cop named Jim (Matt Passmore) who takes a job in the swampy, sweaty land of Florida. Over the four seasons, a romance developed at the center of the... //

Top Moments: Bill Murray Bedazzles on Late Show, and Breaking Bad Gets Fired Up

Our top moments of the week: 13. Biggest Disappointment: In the midst of a lackluster final season, Dexter reveals that the identity of the season-long villain, The Brain Surgeon, is Vogel's son ... whom no one cares about. This is almost as bad as when we learned that Edward James Olmos was a figment of Colin Hanks ' imagination in Season 6. Anticlimactic much? 12. Sauciest Critique: Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson never fails to brighten the So You Think You Can Dance judges' panel with his cheeky wit and genuine fanboy fawning. In his latest visit, he vows to...   //

The Glades Season 4 Finale 2013 “Tin Cup”

The Glades  Season 4 Episode 13 “Tin Cup” airs Monday, August 26 9/8C on A&E. Episode Synopsis : Episode 13 “Tin Cup” – Jim gets called back to the golf course to catch the murderer of a golf hustler, but he’s handicapped by a mad scramble to tie up loose ends for Callie and his future. Read More... //

'The Glades' Finale: Jim Receives Terrible Wedding Gift

With less than an hour to go, and already dressed and ready, Jim received a mysterious visitor with a fateful gift. He got shot, collapsing to the ground. And, of course, that's where fans were left -- holding their breath -- until the Season 5 premiere. They better hope A&E picks up this solid ratings performer for another run. Zap2It's Laurel Brown admitted to holding her breath for the (possible) reveal of the killer next season. "‘The Glades' Season 4 finale has come and gone. It's too bad the same can't be said for Jim and Callie's wedding ," she wrote. "That said, could any non-series finale have a happy and stress-free wedding? Not on this show.”   Read More... //

'The Glades' finale: Season 4 ends with a bang

"The Glades" Season 4 finale has come and gone. It's too bad the same can't be said for Jim and Callie's wedding. That said, could any non-series finale have a happy and stress-free wedding?Not on this show.In case you need a brief recap of events, Jim (Matt Passmore) failed to make his own big day after squeezing in a full murder case. That would be because somebody -- whose identity we will not know until next season, at the earliest -- went and shot Jim.Anyone who has ever watched the film version of "The Fugitive" should know better than to strew rose petals for an unsuspecting lover. It never ends well.How soon will Callie (Kiele Sanchez) find out about the new house? Will she see it first with rose petals or with her husband-to-be's blood? Who shot Jim anyway?While no one will actually have the answers to these questions before next season begins, the... //

The Glades Exclusive Sneak Peek: Will Ray Ruin Jim and Callie's Wedding?

It's T-minus two days until the wedding, but Jim has other things on his mind. Fall TV: Hot scoop on your favorite returning shows Jim ( Matt Passmore ) has still not ...   //

The Glades Exclusive Sneak Peek: Callie Has Cold Feet (But It's Not What You Think!)

  Callie is having second thoughts — but not about the wedding. On Monday's  The Glades  (9/8c, A&E), Callie ( Kiele Sanchez ) sees that her childhood ...     //

The Glades Season 4 Episode 12 “Happy Trails”

The Glades  Season 4 Episode 12 “Happy Trails” airs Monday, August 19 9/8C on A&E. Episode Synopsis : Episode 12 “Happy Trails” – Jim gets roped into a long-standing family feud between Florida ranchers when a ranch hand turns up dead between the two family’s properties. Someone from Callie’s past visits her pleading for help at the worst possible time. Read More... //

The Glades Exclusive Sneak Peek: Jim's Latest Suspect Mans Up

The body count from the Civil War is still climbing.  On Monday's  The Glades  (9/8c, A&E), a Civil War re-enactment turns deadly when one ...     //