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The Glades Review: Feeling Left At the Altar

I had a bad feeling going into the season 4 finale, " Tin Cup " that we might get stuck with a cliff-hanger. But in my wildest dreams, I never thought it could have been worse than last year when Jim popped the question to Callie and we had to wait 41 weeks to find out her answer.  I was very wrong.  My wife and I both sat with our jaws hanging open as the credits began to roll. I’m stunned that ended with not only Callie and Jim not get married, but Jim lying in a pool of his own blood feebly attempting to reach his phone. And now we have to wait more than 9 months for the answer, IF the show gets renewed.   Read More... //

The Glades Review: Cowboy Up

It doesn't take Jim very long to figure out that cattle ranching in Florida is big business as " Happy Trails " has him investigating two neighboring cattle ranch owners for the murder of a ranch hand. It’s a coin toss which I had more trouble buying into, that Holly (Danielle Panabaker) had time to enter do both run a huge cattle ranch and enter into professional rodeos, or that Willa (Jamie Luner) had a thick southern (almost Georgian) accent growing up on southern Florida.  But, then I remembered that Luner spent two seasons on Savannah and that no tv episode about cowboys is complete without the required rodeo shot, and I let it go.  Read More... //

The Glades Review: Honoring The Fallen

Jim’s style of “ready, fire, aim” for interviewing and arresting his suspects fit right into this week’s case as " Civil War " brought him face to face with civil war enthusiast. Jim’s case was pretty much the norm we've been getting the last few weeks, a victim, three suspects, two red-herring arrest, one final confession.   Read More... //

The Glades Review: Killer Art Show

Jim is up to his ears in murder and culture as he has to investigate who killed a billionaire art collector right as Miami’s world famous Art Basel was starting up in " Gallerinas ." At the same time he is trying to figure out what to do about Jeff possibly contacting Ray without Wit-Sec’s knowledge.  I have to give The Glades one thing this season; they are taking full advantage of being set in Florida. Last week we got to learn about a 600 year old sport, this week the murder was set around Art Basel.   Read More... //

The Glades Review: Family Reunion

We had more Longworths than we knew what to do with tonight as Jim’s mom, Joan, joined the boys in Florida while Jim was investigating the death of the first professional female Jai Alai player on " Fast Ball ." Going into this episode the most I knew about Jai Alai was that Miami Vice showed it being played during the opening credits. However, after the episode and a trip through Google and Wikipedia, I’m much more versed.    Allow me to commend The Glades for incorporating something that is distinctly Florida into the episode, while I may have not known about Jai Alai, I’m willing to be there were plenty of fans in Florida who were thrilled to see the sport featured. Read More... //

The Glades Review: The Blind Side

It’s become almost a distant memory that Jim was chasing zombies or ghost after the string of down to earth cases he’s been catching. This week " Three's Company " actually had a bit of drama tone to it as Jim had to face what it will mean when Callie is finally a doctor and that his dad and mom may not work things out.  Let’s start with the case, it was pretty straight forward. Ian did it with the lamp base in the vacant house, it reads like a game of Clue .  Read More... //

The Glades Review: Longworth Times Two

 This week continued the trend of a less fantastic murder as Jim was wadding waste deep in " Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves " while trying to determine who actually killed his victim.  I’m glad that The Glades has toned down the murder plots just a little. After the dead-on-its-feet offering of a zombie plague, it really was getting close to being too much for me.  Read More... //

The Glades Review: Not Just Skating By

This week we got to go back to watching Jim do what he does best, find the truth about who killed his victim as " Glade-iators "  brought us back to Jim being the only goofy thing in the show.  After last week’s groan inducing offering  of a zombie story that complicated the case to the point of not understanding why the victim was killed. Imagine my surprise when this week’s victim was a banker by-day and roller derby girl by-night.... and nothing else.  Read More... //

The Glades Review: Eating Away at My Brains

We started The Glades Season 4 off with a ghost, while this week "Apocalypse Now" brought us zombies; all we need now is some vampires and werewolves to run the full gambit of pop culture horror references. Don’t get me wrong; I love zombies as much as the next guy, (especially if the next guy is Brad Pitt in his new movie). But there were a few things about this episode that really pulled me out of the episode. READ MORE...

The Glades Season 4 Review “Killer Barbecue”

I have to preface this review that it will be my last for The Glades for the foreseeable future. In order for me to go back to this show, it will need some dramatic improvements in its format. I can acknowledge that this week’s episode has been the best one of the season, but that’s not saying a whole lot. It was still filled with unimaginative stereo types and Jim still did little more than make one outlandish accusation after another. The only thing that made the story marginally interesting was the sibling rivalry between Daniel and his brother, and Callie’s confrontation with her new boss. READ MORE...