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THE GLADES Episode 7 ''Cassadaga'' - Photos

Check out a first look of the upcoming episode of one of the best new shows on TV, A&E's new original series THE GLADES Episode 7 Cassadaga which airs August 22 at 10pm on A&E. Episode Synopsis: Longworth and Carlos are called to an eerie small town founded over 100 years ago by mediums and psychics to investigate a murder. While trying to solve the crime, Longworth must rely on his own natural abilities to figure out who's telling the truth and who's covering up a violent act. A former medium for the FDLE helps him in his investigation, but spooks him when she warns someone close to him is going to die soon. Meanwhile, Callie's friend invites Longworth to be her date at a party for Callie's medical school and he reluctantly accepts. Source & Photos