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The Good Doctor Finale Live Recap 3/26/18: Season 1 Episode 18 “More” – Aaron’s Fate

Shaun comes to see Aaron. He tells him he wants to be his friend again. Aaron is happy to hear this but he is dying. He has 12-18 months and he doesn’t want Shaun to tell anyone. Aaron has a tumor. Shaun tells him he needs a second opinion. Aaron tells him he is the second opinion. Shaun urges him to see someone else. Jared works on a teen boy who has dislocated his ankle. He is drunk and in pain. He heads into surgery with Neil. They can’t put him under because he has a possible concussion. He is awake, drunk and laughing. Suddenly his heart rate falls. READ MORE...

Good Doctor Finale: EP David Shore Breaks Down Glassman's Surprising Fate, Shaun's Big Blunder and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers fromThe Good DoctorSeason 1 finale. Need to catch up? Check out the previous recap here. The Good Doctor closed out its first season on Monday with good news forRichard Schiffs ailing alter ego, who was initially diagnosed with aterminal form of brain cancer. A subsequent biopsy showed that he actually []

The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 18 Review: More

The Good Doctor season finale was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, with the best performances of the season from Richard Schiff and Freddie Highmore. On The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 18 , Aaron tells Shaun about his tumor diagnosis, and Shaun is devastated. Meanwhile, the residents work with Dr. Melendez to figure out why their patient is having serious complications.   ...Read More...

The Good Doctor Recap 3/19/18: Season 1 Episode 17 “Smile”

Shaun opens his front door and finds a bottle of milk with a note on it that reads, "Shaun! Thanks for being there for me, your best bro. Kenny." A girl named Gretchen has a diagnosis and Dr. Parker explains it to both her and her father, it is called Mobius Syndrome and is a paralysis of the sixth and seventh pair of cranial nerves. The seventh pair affects facial expression, luckily in Gretchen’s case there is no problem with the sixth pair. Marcus explains that they will be taking two slivers of muscle from her thighs along with nerves and blood supply and implanting them in your cheeks. Dr. Parker says there will be considerable recovery time before she can smile at will, maybe three months. READ MORE...

The Good Doctor Recap: Is [Spoiler] Leaving?

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Good Doctor recap here. This week onThe Good Doctor, Jared reconnected with a former patient, while another MD suffered amajor health scare. The aforementioned Dr. Kalu was delighted to see Celeste, the woman whose third-degree burns previously took away most of her skin. At the time, the []

The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Smile

The Good Doctor Season 1's penultimate episode ended with a major cliffhanger, making me nervous and excited for the upcoming season finale! On The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 17 , Shaun does not understand why a patient with facial paralysis wants to risk her life so she can finally smile. Meanwhile, Jared works with a patient he once treated for burns, and Shaun sets Dr. Glassman up on a date.   ...Read More...

The Good Doctor Recap: There's My Girl

This week onThe Good Doctor, Claire was confronted by her mother (Supergirls Sharon Leal), while Reznick made Jared an offer he couldnt refuse. Shaun, meanwhile, received some troubling news. Before we get into the doctors personal lives, lets briefly recap the central Case of the Week Melendez with an assist from Shaun, Claire and []

The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Pain

The Good Doctor returns with a refreshing episode that allows Shaun to make a genuine connection with one of his patients. On The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 16 , residents Murphy, Browne, and Park assist Dr. Melendez on a dangerous surgery. Meanwhile, Kalu and Reznick help Dr. Andrews with a woman who refuses to get a necessary surgery. I was not here to write the review for The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 16 , but Dr. Alex Park joined our group of residents while I was gone. I have to say I truly enjoy this addition to the group.   ...Read More...

The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Heartfelt

On The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 15, Shawn and Reznick consult with Spirit, a patient whose heart is exposed without a sternum. Meanwhile, Claire and Jared are working with Melendez on a case involving a child who needs a second liver transplant. In the last few episodes, we've been watching Shawn begin to try and understand his patients. When he's talking to Spirit about having an exposed heart and her never being hugged, he can't relate.   ...Read More...

The Good Doctor Recap: An Unlikely Donor, Plus: Five-0 Vet Scrubs In

This week on The Good Doctor, Shaun and the rest of the St. Bonaventure staff attended the hospitals annual fundraising gala but not before two of the residents watched a man shoot himself in the face. One of the aforementioned eyewitnesses was Alex Park (Hawaii Five-0alum Will Yun Lee), another one of Coyles orphaned []