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Review: The Good Wife Ends With No Easy Answers

The seriess closing scene will be fervidly debated. Julianna Marguliess striking performance wont be.   Read More... //

Review: 'The Good Wife' comes to an ambiguous, disappointing 'End'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "End," the series finale of CBS' "The Good Wife," starring Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Chris Noth, and Alan Cumming.   Read More... //

The Good Wife keeps us guessing until the end

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the series finale of The Good Wife As The Good Wife ended its seven-season run Sunday night, its hard to tell what well miss most about this superb series. For starters, itll be hard to imagine Sunday night withoutJulianna Margulies soothinglyadvising us to stay tuned for scenes from our...   Read More... //

The Good Wife Series Finale: Alicia Gets the Ending She Deserves

[Warning: The following story contains spoilers about the series finale of The Good Wife . Read at your own risk.] "What is the point of all of this?" Ghost Will ( Josh Charles ) asks Alicia ( Julianna Margulies ) that on Sunday's series finale of The Good Wife . I could ask the same about this back half ...   Read More...   //

The Good Wife Series Finale Recap: 'Nothing's Ever Over Remember That'

End. For a series thats been wordy with legalese, stump speeches, sarcasm and courtship, The Good Wifes 156th and final episode sure came with a pithy title. Its fitting, though. After seven seasons the first five of which were brilliant, the last two which were a little less so Alicia Florrick and her [] //

The Good Wife Finale: Series Goes Full Circle, Brings Back Beloved Character

SPOILER ALERT : This story contains details from tonights series finale of The Good Wife . CBS The Good Wife ended its seven-season run the way it started, with the final scene in the closermirroring the opening scene in the pilot Illinois politician Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) announcing his resignation over corruption charges, with his wife, Alicia (Julianna Margulies), by his side.    Read More... //

'The Good Wife' Series Finale Recap: Does Alicia Get What She Wants in the End?

From Day One, The Good Wife pulled no punches. So it's no surprise that the show's creators have named the last episode simply "End." Yes, it's the end of a groundbreaking series. But it's also our last chance to learn where Alicia Florrick's journey has taken her -- and one of the tour guides might surprise you.   A lot rides on a series finale. A great one seals a show's reputation for posterity. A bad or weak one tarnishes it. So after all the hype, has The Good Wife pulled off a winner? Let's find out.   Read More... //

The Good Wife Series Finale Recap: Alicia Is Changed Forever...But Is it For Good?

This is it. The Good Wife is over. Alicia Florrick is Peter Florrick. This is a lot to process. Let's get into "End." The episode featured way more of Peter's corruption...   Read More... //

Let's Discuss How The Good Wife Ended

Robert and Michelle King share their thoughts, too.   Read More... //

The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 22 Review: End

Im still speechless after The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 22 . Well, I actually had quite a bit to say during the closing credits, but none of it is fit to write here. What the hell was that? How could such a wonderful show with such an overall fantastic final episode end up being so completely unsatisfying? Because I enjoyed this series finale from the very beginning until the second to last minute, then it made me want to throw something at the screen.   Read More...   //