Fridays, 5:35 PM ET on BBC One

60 minutes

The outrageous Irish host is joined by celebrity guests to discuss current topics of interest in this weekly chatfest.
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by zazerhContributor
Apr 29, 2015 5:43PM EDT

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You know what is better than a few celebrity interviews? Four possibly drunken celebrities sitting on the same couch while interviewed by a fabulously funny and flamboyant Irishman.

Throw in the some internet fails, musical guests, skits, occasional audience participation, the RED CHAIR, all with a UK spin and that is one amusing show.


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Jun 10, 2016 12:16PM EDT

It's my favourite Friday night show, for all the reasons you mentioned, it's just so funny! If you like Graham Norton, Alan Carr's show is not quite as good but boy, he plies them with the nastiest out of the 70s liquor cabinet and then lets them ramble on, it's really good sometimes, especially when his best pal Adele shows up. :)

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