Fridays, 5:35 PM ET on BBC One

60 minutes

The outrageous Irish host is joined by celebrity guests to discuss current topics of interest in this weekly chatfest.
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Aug 12, 2019 2:05PM EDT

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Ah, finally a talk show that you want to watch. Skip the Carson wannabes on American TV, there never will be another Johnny, and find this British gem. Norton is a great comic host and gets plenty of across the pond (meaning our side) zingers in during his brief monologue, but the reason to watch this show is the incredible guest lineup he manages to put together for nearly every show. People you just don't see interviewed, and maybe that's why we want to see them, show up on the couch. Where else are you going to see DeNiro watch someone do a DeNiro impression? Then there is the large contingent of UK movie stars and a lot of good old fun, no doubt encouraged by the liberal drinking that appears to be happening. Throw in an obscure (to American audiences anyway) musical performance or two and you've got a pretty much perfect talk show. Funny, entertaining and not hosted by someone who actually pays attention to his guests. The guests are having a great time too, especially when four or five of them are chatting away together.


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