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‘The Guild’ Season 5, Comic-Con, Honeybadger and Jones Soda

The Guild panel at Comic-Con is about as close as the web series world has to a Steve Jobs keynote. The annual tradition packs the Indigo Ballroom at the San Diego Hilton with 1600 or more teeming Guild fans ready to see what rabbit Felicia Day and company have to pull out of their hats as a new season gets under way. The tricky part is their jaw-dropping previous years’ surprises set a bar even themselves would have a hard time besting. Who can forget two years ago when the cast strode out in full Guild avatar costumes to debut their mega-hit—17.5 million views and iTunes best-selling—music video, "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?" followed by Wil Wheaton himself announcing his addition to the cast. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/TubefilterNews/~3/Ziw6V_Q-O6o/

The Guild Season 5 Cameo Up for Auction, $1,625+

Felicia Day is bringing back her hit online web series – about what happens when a crew of hardcore gamers drop the virtual and meet one another in reality – for the Summer of 2011. The Fifth Season of The Guild will debut on longtime distribution partner MSN, is sponsored by longtime supporters Sprint and Microsoft, and will feature a first-time cameo from one lucky fan with a soft spot for the arts and cash to donate. Day and company are auctioning off a guest spot as an extra in an episode in Season 5 of The Guild . "The winner will be called out by name by a major cast member and featured in likeness," Day told me over e-mail, "So it’s a lovely cameo opportunity." Interested individuals bidding on this background acting gig can also feel great about where their money is going. 100% of the proceeds will be benefit The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, an organization that donates "both new and refurbished instruments to school and after-school music programs that lack the resources to keep up with equipment loss due to attrition, depreciation and wear over time, and to accommodate students on waiting lists or who have to share instruments." "I used to volunteer for that charity because I was a classical musician before becoming an actor," Day explained. "We wanted to do something this season and we had a featured role come up that was a perfect opportunity." The auction’s received 50 bids(!) so far and is up to $1,625(!) with still a day left to go. Guild fans with a disposable income who want to put musical instruments into children’s hands should get their bids in soon. //feedproxy.google.com/~r/TubefilterNews/~3/yiNaiUvbKqs/

‘The Guild’ Renewed by Microsoft for Season 5

Guildies the world over can now breathe a sigh of relief. After months of debate over the cliffhanger-y end of season 4, Microsoft officially announced today that season 5 of  The Guild  is indeed going to be a reality and that the show will return to Xbox Live, MSN Video and the Zune Marketplace during Summer of 2011, sponsored by Microsoft and Sprint. "I’ve never been more excited for anything. Take that Christmas 1989," exclaimed show director Sean Becker (several exclamation points have been removed in editing). "I’m really excited for the renewal of season 5. I think this decision could really turn Microsoft into a household name." All joking aside, with season 5,  The Guild  continues to hold on to it’s rep as the "Gold Standard" of web series, often used by content creators as a guide and inspiration for how to successfully launch, extend, and build a community behind a property on the web. With over 100 million views and truckloads of awards under its belt,  The Guild  train is running full steam and showing no signs of slowing. "Every season has had a different style and sensibility. That has been on purpose," explained show creator Felicia Day to us via e-mail. "We’re always exploring different aspects of our characters. This season will be no different!" "Every season we look to raise the bar on this world Felicia has created and this season is no different," continued Becker. "The convention based story line will allow us to take these characters further out into the unknown (meaning away from their computers), which will be new to us as well on the production side. I look forward to personally exploring this new environment as well as seeing the characters interact in it. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and by fun I mean extremely hard work." Added Felicia: "Expect more characters, more color more…fast quips! I’m not sure, let me write the season first." //feedproxy.google.com/~r/TubefilterNews/~3/oLtHKX8mSX8/

Season 4 of the Guild Now available

Watch online on Bing or MSN . It’s also downloadable on Zune Marketplace . Season 4 marks the first time for 1080p instant streaming of The Guild on Xbox Live in over 12 countries (look for it in video marketplace). Thanks once again to our sponsors Microsoft and Sprint for making Season 4 possible. Bing video has set up a destination site for The Guild episodes – you can bookmark which will always have the latest episode. From Watchtheguild.com Watch the special season four music video Game ON