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‘The Guild’ Announces New Season (its Sixth) Coming to YouTube!

The Guild has a history of making big announcements at Comic-Con. Back in 2009 the cast of the original web series conceived of and created by Felicia Day about a group of massive multiplayer online roleplaying gamers whose relationships evolve from virtual to IRL dressed up in their avatars’ outfits to introduce the music video Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?  and Wil Wheaton as a very special Guild guest star . In 2010, the The Guild went Bollywood with the release of another standalone music video Game On . In 2011, there was the reveal of that licensing deal with Jones Soda . And in 2012, Day and company announced The Guild would be back for another season. The sixth season announcement came at roughly 11:18AM Pacific during Day’s Geek & Sundry panel on Saturday, July 14 from San Diego. The most noteworthy part of the announcement (aside from the fact that it was made), was the absence of Microsoft. MSN has been The Guild ’s non-exclusive distribution partner since the media company and online video destination picked up program for its second season way back in 2008. But all the communication coming out of Comic-Con indicates the new season will be released later this year on YouTube via Day’s Geek & Sundry channel (which is part of that $100 million YouTube Originals Initiative ). In more YouTube-related Day news, the actor and writer revealed during the Q&A portion of her panel that she’s always wanted to be in a video created by special effects guru Freddie Wong . Once Wong caught wind of the news on Twitter, he let Day and the internet know it will happen (and Day didn’t even have to create a pitch video ). Stay tuned. Visit Tubefilter for more great stories. //feedproxy.google.com/~r/TubefilterNews/~3/_-St2v86DcA/

Video: Which Geek Icon Is Next for 'The Guild'?

Season 5 of the web series The Guild has proved itself to be a geek-friendly cornucopia of pop culture. With the many, many geek celebrities that have appeared thus far this season, the bar is set pretty high for the next major Guild guest star. So who will be the guest in The Guild season 5, episode 11? //www.buddytv.com/articles/chuck/which-geek-icon-is-next-for-th-42071.aspx

'The Guild': Richard Hatch, Neil Gaiman cameo in new episode -- watch it

Video: Season 5 - Episode 7 - Downturn The action at Megagame-o-ramacon continues in the latest episode of "The Guild," with cameos by a couple of sci-fi icons thrown in.Author Neil Gaiman -- held hostage by the demands of Zaboo's (Sandeep Parikh) Seat Savers Network -- original "Battlestar Galactica" star Richard Hatch and Erin Gray ("Buck Rogers in the 25th Century") all make appearances in the episode, which debuted online Thursday (Sept. 8) and which you can see up above.(Highlight of the episode for us: Watching Vork (Jeff Lewis) lose his mind in the presence of Gray's character.)Meanwhile, Codex's (Felicia Day) ongoing dilemma about whether she should quit the game and the Guild continues ("I hate being an adult!") -- although she puts off making a decision so she can try to fix one of Tinkerballa's (Amy Okuda) problems. What do you think of the episode, and... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/09/the-guild-richard-hatch-neil-gaiman-cameo-in-new-episode----watch-it.html

Video: Watch Episode 5.6 of 'The Guild'... With Nathan Fillion!

Season 5 of The Guild -- one of the Internet's most popular and successful series -- has taken its cast away from the comfort of their home monitors and into the wilds of the convention world. The first five episodes covered everything from Internet memes to travel problems, from hotel logistics to Con lines. What could possibly be next? Well, according to episode 6 of the season, the next logical step is the presence of a huge, nerd-friendly celebrity. Like, say, Nathan Fillion. There may not actually be any bigger stars in the geek convention world. So it does make sense for the actor to show up in the newest Guild episode, "Revolving Doors." //www.buddytv.com/articles/castle/video-watch-episode-56-of-the-41664.aspx

Nathan Fillion Guest Starring on Web Series The Guild!

Nathan Fillion’s (Castle) latest foray into geekdom will soon be available for our viewing pleasure! The King of Nerd is a guest star in this week’s The Guild, season 5, episode 6, "Revolving Doors."WTF is The Guild, you ask? It's is a web-only series about a group of nerds obsessed with the same video game. While the misfits can spend countless hours banging out demands on their keyboards to one another, when they meet in real life — and have no clue how to relate... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/ztmt7oxP13g/nathan-fillion-guest-starring-on-web-series-the-guild

Sean Becker on Directing ‘The Guild’: “I Almost Said No”

From Sandeep Parikh to Felicia Day, The Guild has launched careers for a number of its actors, but it has also created work for the people behind the camera. Sean Becker, the series’ Streamy Award-winning director since season two, is one such case. Becker is a rare but increasingly common case of a person who, for basically his entire career, has worked in new media. The Guild , whose fifth season officially premiers on the web on July 26, is probably his most high profile credit, but Becker has lots of plans and projects. "It’s been crazy lately," Becker said in an interview. "I’m keeping busy and couldn’t be happier. And I’d rather have that then not be busy at all." Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/TubefilterNews/~3/GnjLnmQmUTk/