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LOVE THE HILLS !! It's basically the ONLY time where DRAMA RULES !! (:

'The Hills' series finale: The joke's on us, apparently

If you've been watching the final season of The Hills, you know that last night's series finale came down to the relationship status of Kristin and Brody. After dating, breaking up, being friends, then friends with benefits, Kristin was ready for commitment, while Brody (who only a few weeks ago was 'enjoying being single') was suddenly seeing someone else. It may not have been as climactic as Lauren-Jason-Heidi-Spencer season finales of yore, but they had to find something to fill the final 30 minutes. What? Who are these people? Isn't The Hills about two blond girls who live in a nice apartment complex in West Hollywood and pretend to go to work sometimes? For those who stopped watching long before Justin Bobby or Stacie the Bartender came along, last night's episode was probably a bit confusing. Of course, what mattered most was not how these forgettable season 6 story lines would end, but how The Hills - the show, the era, the phenomenon - would be remembered. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Hills Season 6 Episode 12 "Season Finale - The End" Review

Well I can not believe I am actually typing this but tonight was the last episode of The Hills EVER! That's right boys and girls there will be no more drama in Hollywood that involves the infamous Heidi and Spencer Pratt. But as for the finale, what did you think? The opening tonight involved that ladies (all but Heidi) together talking about how much everything is going to change. Lo admits that she is ready and wants babies, and Kristen just doesn't know what she wants from here on out. Clearly still affected by the heartbreak from Brody. When the Hill's opening credits started rolling, I was almost disappointed knowing it would be the last time. One thing this show had was great up to date music! So it looks like Little Miss Goodie Two Shoes Lo, will maybe start breaking the rules, as in her rule. She might move in with Scott even without an engagment ring, how modern of you Lo. And Stephanie decides she might go see her new boy toy at a motocross event, too much commitment? Nah! So she does and they end up exclusive. So Kristen thinks it is time to move out of LA and try somewhere new, as in make new memories, and I can not blame her. Especially since her and Brody are going no where. She did invite him to her going away party and what was with that reaction??? He said that he wasn't coming? It was definately an interesting moment. But in the end he did show up and he finally let go of his feelings for her. But in the end she did end up going, Where? I would only wonder. And I am really dissappointed about the Heidi/Spencer no show tonight. And there wasn't anything about Justin and Audrina beside Audrina stating that she doesn't want to go to Kristen's party because she doesn't want to run into Justin. Maybe a ploy for the show? What did you think of this finale?

The Hills Season 6 Episode 12 "The End" Preview

Well it looks like we are in for a special treat tonight as the season finale of The Hills is here. But not only is it the season finale it is also the end forever. The show will no longer be returning after tonight. So will we get the answers we want, will Kristen and Brody work things out? Will we get an appearance from Heidi and Spencer? Will Justin and Audrina get back together? Guess we will find out tonight on The Hills

'The Hills': 12 Game-Changing Moments

12. TIMING IS EVERYTHING (Season 1, Episode 10) / OUT WITH THE OLD (Season 2, Episode 1) While it may be every wannabe fashionista's dream to go to Paris (to work for a major magazine, no less), Lauren turned down the chance of a lifetime for a casual summer at the beach with her then boyfriend, Jason. But, of course, the relationship did not make it past Labor Day. Teen Vogue boss Lisa Love made sure to rub this in Lauren's face ( How did that work out for you? ), dubbing her the girl who didn't go to Paris. As a result, Whitney stepped in and later got a job with Teen Vogue, People's Revolution, DVF, her own fashion line, etc. To Read More Click Here .

The Hills Review: "Loves Me Not" Season 6, Episode 11

One more week. Last night's episode of The Hills was so boring and chock full of fake drama, we just feel relieved that it's all coming to an end next Tuesday night. Bring on July 13! Seriously, we used to love the show, openly and unabashedly. It was a favorite guilty pleasure. But that was 2007-2009, and here's what we're dealing with now: * None of our favorites (Lauren, Whitney and Speidi) are even on it. Take any other show and subtract the four most interesting people. Would you watch it? * We KNOW FOR A FACT the stories are fake since these are celebrities and events in their lives are chronicled weeks/months before this crap airs on MTV. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Hills Season 6 Episode 11 "I Think It's Too Late" Review

Well tonight was another new episode of The Hills and this was the second to last episode ever of this show, so I was definately expecting some major drama. It was an all around great episode but nothing that I was dropping my jaw over. Some parts were definately disheartening and frustrating, especially when Kristen finally decides to drop all the games with Brody and just flat out tell him how she feels for him. She tells him that she wants a boyfriend out of him. Was her little local guy fiasco last week the ending point for Brody? Tonight he tells her that in the weeks following their little trip, he has started seeing someone else. Just bad timing I guess. But what I am most dissappointed over is the lack of Heidi and Spencer this season. In the sneak peek promos at the beginning of the season there was a lot highlighted about the news of their divorce. But it is right at the end and the last few weeks there has not been any storylines heading the two most controversial people on the show. We did however, get a look at Heidi's mom tonight and how she is falling to pieces and feeling like she is suffering the loss of a child since Heidi has married Spencer. Will the season finale give us more insight into this relationship nightmare? Or will the drama come up short? Regardless I will be watching it anyway.

The Hills Season 6 Episode 11 "Episode 611" Preview

Tonight on The Hills , Kristen finally decides that it is time to cut out the mind games and tell Brody exactly how she feels and that she wants him as a boyfriend. But it just might be too late after the games she played in Costa Rica with the local boy. Since Brody tells her he has been kind of seeing someone else. The topic of Heidi will also be brought forward tonight as her mother feels she has been morining the loss of her child. You can check out the sneak peek promo at: There are only two new episodes of this show left before this show is packed in forever.

The Hills Review: "Welcome to the Jungle" Season 6, Episode 10

The Hills' 100th episode was not one of its best. The reason? Well, there are many, but to sum up, it's just boring. There have been about 20-30 episodes too many at this point. Tuesday, the crew marked the milestone with a trip to Costa Rica, which offered incredible scenery and reminders of how happy we are that the show's run mercifully ends soon. One would think a Central American journey would mark a departure from stories we see in Los Angeles week after week, but rest assured, nothing really happened there either. As our gossip site's Hills recap notes, it's hard to get into Kristin Cavallari's bid to make Brody Jenner jealous when 1. he doesn't care either, and 2. she's dating the cameraman. How seriously can you take a show you know is fake? To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'The Hills' hits 100 episodes. Yikes.

The intrepid explorers' chartered plane touches down in the vast, raw wilderness of Costa Rica. Our fearless trailblazers take in their surroundings -- the mangoes, the gorillas. While several make their way to a suitably tropical bamboo palais, ShePratt singles out Audrina to poke her wounds a bit about Justin Bobby, who just happens to be on this very trip. Not set up at all, no sirree. Back at the Bamboomboom Room, Kristin predicts that JB and Audrina are sure to hook up. Lest you ever forget, let me remind you that Kristin used to bang JB and throw it in Audrina's face with impunity. Also? JB is sitting right in front of her with a lecherous smile on his face. Gross. Frankie earns his paycheck by chipping in that Brody and Kristin will definitely hook up. Kristin plays the same "innocent card" for which McKaela was so harshly criticized last week. Brody makes no bones that he'll take whatever he can get. Then JB digs for gold in his ear canal and tries to make a funny, half-singing, "What happens in Costa ... goes straight back home!" To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now