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Obama Mocks Leno at White House Correspondents' Dinner

President Barack Obama was full of jokes during the weekend's White House Correspondents' Association dinner - including a few zingers aimed at Jay Leno. "The only person whose ratings fell more than mine last year is here tonight. Great to see you, Jay," he said to the late-night host, who also headlined the evening. Obama told the 3,000-person audience he was glad to appear before Leno because "we've all seen what happens when you take the time slot after Leno." But Leno wasn't the only one Obama roasted during the dinner. The president also poked fun at Vice President Joe Biden and Arizona Sen. John McCain, among others. Playing off his vice president's lack of restraint, he joked that Biden had told him the annual dinner was "a big f---ing meal." Biden on health-care reform: "This is a big f---ing deal" Obama noted that McCain has not identified himself as a maverick this year, as he did during his run for presidency. "And we all know what happens in Arizona when you don't have an ID. ... Adios, amigos," Obama said, referring to the new immigration law in McCain's home state that makes it a crime to be in the state without valid immigrant papers, and allows police to question people they suspect may be illegal immigrants. Amongst the slew of celebrities present at the annual event that Obama took aim at were teen heartthrobs, the Jonas Brothers. "[My daughters] Sasha and Malia are huge fans. But boys, don't get any ideas. Two words: predator drones." Source Here

Zachery Levi interview

NBC's Chuck star Zachary Levi talks wining the "kids Choice Award" and about his NBC show Chuck, racing cars & Jay's jet bike. Levi on the Kids Choice Award Levi on guy stuff

NBC Ends Jay Leno Show Early "For Good Behavior" - Featured

Jay Leno signed off his self-titled talk show for the last time Tuesday, joking that NBC was allowing him to end the network's failed prime-time experiment after only five months "for good behavior." "We were on the air five months," he said in his final Jay Leno Show monologue. "It seems like just yesterday I was telling NBC, 'This is not going to work.'" Besides scheduled final guests Bob Costas and Ashton Kutcher, Leno welcomed Donald Trump via satellite. The Apprentice star opted against a sentimental farewell and told the always-jovial comic, "You're fired!" On March 1, Leno will return to The Tonight Show, which he hosted for 17 years before being replaced by Conan O'Brien for just seven months. In a TVGuide.com poll, 69 percent of users said they used to watch Leno, but will not watch anymore after what happened to O'Brien. Only 15 percent of voters say they will continue to watch the late night host in his old slot. To Read More Click Here .

TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 2/9 - Featured

Now that Tuesday is Lost night, things are really looking up post-Monday TV madness! But Lost isn't all that's new tonight - check out the premiere of Fox's Past Life , the last episode of The Jay Leno Show ever and more. Check out all that's new tonight: 8/7c American Idol on Fox The Biggest Loser on NBC NCIS on CBS 9/8c Lost on ABC Past Life on Fox - Series Premiere! NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS 10/9c The Jay Leno Show on NBC - Final Episode! The Forgotten (TV) on ABC The Good Wife on CBS White Collar on USA Network Teen Mom on MTV 11/10c The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Final 'Jay Leno Show' Airs Tonight

This little bit of news has been lost in all of the Leno/Conan/NBC chaos (and overshadowed by this past Sunday's Super Bowl commercial with Jay, Dave, and Oprah), but tonight is the last episode of 'The Jay Leno Show.' The guests tonight are Ashton Kutcher, Gabourey Sidibe, and Bob Costas. I know, they're not exactly the type of guests that a person has on their final show (no offense to Mr. Kutcher, Ms. Sidibe, or Mr. Costas), but this probably was not meant to be a final show when they were booked. Or maybe it's no big deal even to them and they just want to end things. I'm sure there's going to be a lot of tears tonight as Jay shows a montage of all of the great bits from his show. Set your DVRs America! I don't know what's in store for this Jay Leno person after his show ends tonight. But he's a funny, talented guy, and I wouldn't be surprised if NBC gave him another show at some point. Source Here

Leno Ends Prime-Time Show; Will You Watch Him at 11:35? - Featured

NBC's brief, disastrous experiment with bringing Jay Leno to prime time ends tonight at 10/9c, as The Jay Leno Show airs it last episode. Leno returns March 1 to The Tonight Show, which he hosted for 17 years before ceding it to Conan O'Brien for seven months. Guests for the final Jay Leno Show will be Ashton Kutcher and Bob Costas. Many fans of O'Brien, who left NBC as a result of its late-night shakeup, vowed never to watch the re-Leno-gized Tonight Show. But Leno has already scored public relations points with a Super Bowl ad that found him watching the game with Oprah Winfrey and longtime rival David Letterman. Source Here

Leno on Oprah: "I Was Devastated" to Lose The Tonight Show

Jay Leno said he was "devastated" when NBC executives first told him in 2004 that they were giving The Tonight Show to Conan O'Brien. Leno appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday to tell his side of the story of the recent late-night war that erupted when NBC decided to cancel Leno's prime-time show and bump O'Brien's Tonight Show to 12:05. Although Leno reacted fairly positively to stepping aside for Conan in 2004, he said it was a tough pill to swallow. "It broke my heart. It really did; I was devastated," he told Winfrey, according to The Chicago Tribune. "This was the job that I had always wanted and this was the only job that ever mattered in show business - to me. It's the job every comic aspires to. It was just like, why?" Leno said he told a white lie on the air when he suggested he would retire after his Tonight Show tenure ended. He said in 2004, long before NBC offered him a show at 10 o'clock, he always assumed he would get another job with a different network, which he said would have been "a lot of work." He also responded to the perception that he stole Conan's job. "It all comes down to numbers in show business," he said. "This is almost the perfect storm of bad things happening. You have two hit shows - Tonight Show No. 1 and Conan No. 1. You move them both to another situation. And what are the odds that both would do extremely poorly? If Conan's numbers had been a little bit higher, it wouldn't even be an issue. But in show business, there's always somebody waiting in the wings. Being me." Leno did not, however, attempt to ask how Conan would feel, he said. "It wasn't my place to call Conan," Leno said. "They made this offer to me. And I said, 'Do you think Conan will go for this?' And they said, 'We'll ask him tomorrow.' 'OK, let me know what happens.' And then... I guess Conan had his article in the paper and that was that." Of Conan's claims that moving Tonight to 12:05 would be "destructive to the franchise," Leno said: "Well, if you look at where [Conan's Tonight Show] ratings were [long pause], it was already destructive to the franchise." When asked if he thought he was being unfairly portrayed in the media, Leno replied, "Yeah, I think so. But I think you have to look for a bad guy. I mean, I think it's funny that they have a picture of me and Roman Polanski. Somehow these are quite similar. You have a TV show; he had sex with a 13-year old girl with Quaaludes. Yeah, that's about equal." Winfrey asked if NBC could have handled the situation better. "Anything they did would have been better than this. If they had come in and shot everybody, it would have been, 'Oh, people were murdered,' but at least it would have been a two-day story," Leno joked. "NBC could not have handled it worse. From 2004 onward, this whole thing was a huge mess." Leno told Winfrey he hasn't talked to Conan since all the changes were made. He said he wanted to call, but it "didn't seem appropriate." He also said he wasn't hurt by Conan's jokes. "It's what we do, you know," Leno said. "It's like being a fighter and say, 'When you got punched in the head, did it hurt?' Well, yeah, but you're a fighter. That's what you do." And as for why he would want to go back to The Tonight Show, after having hosted for 17 years and lost the gig? "You know, if you're a gunfighter, you like to die in the street," Leno said. O'Brien aired his last Tonight Show on Jan. 22. The Jay Leno Show will end its run on Feb. 9, and Leno will return to Tonight March 1. Source Here

'Jay Leno Show' Ending Earlier Than Scheduled

NBC can't wait to get rid of its failed experiment, "The Jay Leno Show". Instead of ending it on Thursday, February 11 as previously scheduled, the variety show will pull down its curtain two days earlier on February 9. In the updated programming schedule, NBC puts a repeat of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" on February 10 at 10/9c and two back-to-back repeat of "The Office" on February 11. NBC releases no statement regarding the reason of this change. Jay Leno is due to return to "The Tonight Show" on March 1. Conan O'Brien previously was in the position for almost eight months, but the declining rating of "Jay Leno Show" has prompted the Peacock to push Jay back to 11.35 hour. Conan preferred to quit "Tonight" with $45 million in compensation. Jay Leno has so far been blamed as the villain in the exit of Conan from late night talk show. However, he is slated to tell his side of story on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" this Thursday, January 28. Source Here

Oprah to interview Jay Leno next week

So what does a celebrity do when he wants to look good to the public again? He goes on Oprah of course! That's what Jay Leno is going to do. Oprah Winfrey is going to interview him for a segment that will air next Thursday. Let's predict how this will go, shall we? He'll come out to a lot of applause, he'll make some jokes about how NBC screwed both him and Conan (which Leno has been doing this past week, trying to look like NBC has wronged him in some way - pretty strange considering Leno got exactly what he wanted), make some political jokes, try to come off as The Nice Guy (TM). Now...will Oprah give Conan a chance to be on her show at some point? Who will get the first interview with Conan anyway? I pray it's David Letterman, on March 1. Source Here

Jay Leno to Host White House Correspondents' Dinner

Jay Leno has a new old job - besides hosting the Tonight Show: The comedian will headline this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Leno, who hosted the dinner in 1987, 2000 and 2004, was chosen before the late-night debacle this month that saw him reclaim The Tonight Show, a rep for the White House Correspondents' Association told TVGuide.com. The annual dinner, which will take place May 1, brings together celebrities, politicians and journalists to raise scholarship money for aspiring journalists. Past hosts include Wanda Sykes, who emceed last year, Stephen Colbert, Craig Ferguson and - yes - Conan O'Brien. Source Here