The Jesters
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The Jesters

"Go For The Gold"

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There is tension in the air as Dave and Steve are both nominated for the Gold Logie. With the end of the season drawing nigh, Michael is representing the team in contract and pay negotiations with the network, and he and Julia become involved in an increasingly vicious game of bargaining, threats and double bluff that continues through Logies night. Michael also fields other offers, including one to join Hamish or Andy as a sidekick. Michael enjoys using the offers as a bargaining chip - but is he using them or are they using him? Dave is surprised and hurt when Di announces her intention to retire and sets about trying to make her change her mind. Di wants her final deal for Dave to be a triumph. She plans to sell his hugely successful "Remembering" chat show to the highest bidder - whether Dave wants to or not. Kat is surprised when Steve makes a serious pitch to her for them to have a try at a proper relationship. Now Kat has to decide between her job, Steve and Dave. Meanwhile, the feature film Gum Tree has its international premiere on Logies Night and Dave has to decide whether or not read or believe the previews. It's right down to the wire as everyone goes for gold on Logies night.
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