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Five Reason Why Were Against a The Jetsons Reboot

It seems safe to say that weve moved past the idea of a Jetsons reboot. You might ask why since it was a popular cartoon back in the day. But lets examine those bygone days of cartoon lore. The Jetsons were created and released in the early 1960s, and the world they lived in was set 100 years into the future. So far there are no such things as flying cars, robot maids that think on their own, or really much of anything that made the Jetsons such a special show. And those things we do have make the show   ...Read More... //

The Jetsons Live-Action Reboot From Robert Zemeckis Lands At ABC As Put Pilot

Its the future, and The Jetsons are back. A multi-camera, live-action reboot of the 1960s Hanna-Barbera animated series, executive produced by Back To the Future s Robert Zemeckis , has landed at ABC with a put pilot commitment. The new version will be written by Gary Janetti , who has background in both multi-camera and animated comedy series, having worked on NBCs Will & Grace and Foxs Family Guy. Warner Bros. TV, whose sibling Warner Bros. Animation  ...Read More... //

Live-Action Jetsons Series Orbiting Warner Bros., Robert Zemeckis to EP

Warner Bros. is angling to reintroduce TV audiences to George Jetson, albeit with a substantial twist. TVLine has learned exclusively that the studio is developing The Jetsons, a live-action sitcom remake of Hanna-Barberas beloved 60s animated series about a family residing in the futuristic, outer-space utopia known as Orbit City. A Warner Bros. spokesperson declined [] //

Janet Waldo, Voice of Judy Jetson, Dies at 96

Ms. Waldo, a voice-over actress, played sprightly teenagers for decades on popular cartoon shows, most notably The Jetsons.   Read More... //