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Knight In The Area Episode #02 Anime Review

 The selection match takes place. We get expert commentary from Nana (I have to assume, as I’ve not heard professional play-by-by in Japanese before), while Kakeru’s friend Kota provides comic relief. During the game, where Suguru puts Kakeru through his paces (literally), it becomes clear that Kakeru has a psychological trauma to work out. He apparently is incapable of shooting with his left foot, for some reason rooted in the past. And after several failures to score, Suguru takes Kakeru out of the game. That night, Kakeru goes to the park and plays with the masked player again, and we learn the reason for his avoidance of his left: in elementary school, he once injured another player when he used his left. Back at home, it leads to an angry encounter between Kakeru and his elder brother, who had earlier told Nana the day before that Kakeru lacked heart, an important quality for a great player. The next day, Suguru is in a better mood. He had a dream of playing in the national blue in the World Cup. There, he made a pinpoint pass to a striker breaking towards the box. The striker drove the pass home and there was cheering all around. While the two boys are walking to school, Kakeru is down, intending to quit being even the manager of the team, while Suguru tells his younger brother of his dream. Before we can see what Kakeru’s reaction is, however, tragedy strikes. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2012/01/15/knight-in-the-area-episode-01-02-anime-review/