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'The L.A. Complex' Season 2 finale sets up Season 3 - but do we need it?

If the finale of "The L.A. Complex" Season 2 turns out to be the series finale, it'll definitely be a satisfying ending for the Hollywood wannabes we've grown to know and love over the past 19 episodes. But that doesn't mean we want to leave them behind! The final two episodes of the show by no means solved all the problems in everybody's lives, but it certainly left them in newer, happier positions. Abby left Hollywood to be with her new husband in Germany -- we'll see how long that lasts, but it was a happy sentiment. Nick and Sabrina were separated by geography while she left to film the Will Arnett sketch show in New Orleans and he stayed to improve his comedy. Although it's sad they had to split up, it -- and the Bat Mitzvah bunny -- gave Nick the impetus he needed to really hone his stand-up act. PHOTOS: What to... //

The L.A. Complex Review: "Don't Say Goodbye"

Wow.  Just, wow.  It's been awhile since I've been this impressed by a finale.  And while I'm hoping it's not a series finale, I can't help but feel satisfied if it turns out to be the end of The L.A. Complex .  Each character not only earned their ending, but everything felt just as real to me as when the season started.  Let's start with the first episode of the night, "Xs and Os" and finish off with " Don't Say Goodbye. " Even though I saw the whole arson/insurance fraud thing coming from a mile away, what I liked about Connor's storyline this week is that we get to see him becoming more resilient.  Granted, he's still signed up for Scienetics 101, but he's a far cry from where he was when he burned his house down.  And he's able to deal with the accusations from the police without hurting himself in the process. Read More... //

The LA Complex “Xs and Os” and “Don’t Say Goodbye” Review

Tonight was another two episode night of  The LA Complex  and also the season finale. So, what happened tonight in LA? Let’s recap. Starting with Connor and Charlotte. Connor finally has the family that he’s always wanted, and Charlotte’s family loyalty is really tested when her brother gets carted away to prison for arson and insurance fraud. Connor pleads his innocence through his interrogation, but there are a few pieces to his story that don’t jive – like why he was sucking down a beer on his front lawn while his house burned to the ground. Lucky for Connor, Charlotte makes a few calls and involves their church before bursting in and saving Connor’s ass. She confesses to burning down Connor’s house to get him off the hook, and eventually the pair is saved by their lawyer. Read More... //  

The L.A. Complex Review: All Good Things...

Tonight, the CW aired two new back to back episodes of The L.A. Complex .  I'll tackle the first episode, " Make it Right " first.  This was a great episode for most of the characters, but I especially loved (unsurprisingly) Kal, Connor, and Raquel.  Even Abby, who hung on to the coattails of the Kal/Tariq storyline was completely likable this week.  Let's start with Connor.  If him talking to that street Scientologist with Raquel earlier this season was dipping his toe in the water, in this episode, he's jumping in and he has to start with a personality test. Read More... //

The LA Complex “Make it Right” and “Now or Never” Review

Tonight, fans of  The LA Complex  were treated to not one but two episodes of The CW drama. It’s the home  stretch until the season  two finale next week, and the writers did an excellent job of making the viewers want more. The LA Complex  is totally my TV guilty pleasure right now. I’m not one to fall for the teen angsty dramas that tend to be popular at this point, but there is just something about  The LA Complex  that makes me love it more each and every week. Read More... //  

The L.A. Complex “Help Wanted” Review

Ever since it debuted, I haven’t been able to tell if  The L.A. Complex  is a ridiculously exaggerated picture of life in Los Angeles…or if I’m just not doing California right. I didn’t think about that until I was asked to cover this week’s episode, "Help Wanted, and I really had to examine what I’ve been watching for the past few months, instead of just treating  it like the weekly guilty pleasure that it is. All right, first of all, who called Connor’s faux-sister’s game as being some sort of take on a certain institution that is endorsed by Tom Cruise the second she started railing on him for taking his much-needed medication? Wow. I mean, they can change all the names they want, but we know what they’re talking about; we’re aware. As far as this being true to life in L.A….no comment. Of course, we also know that Connor’s happiness is doomed to be short-lived. Now, I just want to know how the chick pulled off the DNA test. Deep pockets, I assume. Again…no comment. Read More... //  

The L.A. Complex Review: The Ideal Life

That's right.  The L.A. Complex just went there.  We've entered into Scientology territory and I hope the series never goes back.  I don't know that I've ever been more excited for a show to tackle a storyline.  And here I was thinking that the whole Connor/long lost sister thing was going to be boring!  In tonight's " Help Wanted ," everyone is asserting themselves in some unique way.  Beth's helping out the hot blonde with her S.A.T.s, Raquel is inflicting her lack of waitressing skills on some poor restaurant patrons, Kal enlists Abby for album help with ulterior Tariq motives, and Connor's "sister" Charlotte thinks she knows just the thing to cure what ales Connor.  And she couldn't be more right!  Remember that episode where Connor almost got sucked in while him and Raquel were walking around Hollywood? Read More... //

The LA Complex “Stay” Review – Family Matters

Continuing where we left off last week on  The LA Complex , Simon (Michael Levinson) is still missing and Beth (Dayle McLeod) is (rightfully so) freaking out. With no sign of her little brother and the impeding threat that Eddie (Ennis Esmer) will call the cops if he’s not found by the end of his shift, Beth goes into super sleuth mode and comes up with nothing. Raquel (Jewel Staite) is having major guilty feelings over causing a kid to overdose on  Celebrity Halfway House . In a completely unselfish, un-Raquel move, she threatens to leave the show if the producers won’t get Zach (guest star Rhys Ward) actual help. Considering she’d be under breach of contract and would still be sued by the production company for  Catabear , I didn’t think she’d go through with hertreats . Read More... //  

The L.A. Complex Review: Baggage

Tonight's episode, " Stay ," showcased a much lighter side of the series.  Even though there was a statue thrown, the episode didn't end with anyone overdosing, dying, or burning themselves with a tea kettle.  So, cheers for a less downer episode.  Of course, it wouldn't be The L.A. Complex if it wasn't ripe with drama at every turn. Let's start with Beth and Simon.  After looking all over Los Angeles and enlisting Cam and Kevin for help, Simon turns up in Connor's new place.  And since Connor just lost his old makeshift family, he is primed to adopt a new one.  Poor Connor.  The guy just can't catch a break.  His character interests me because while he's so generous to those around him (keeping Eric around, getting everyone at the Lux pizza), his motives are so self-serving.  Raquel is right.  He really can't be alone, so wherever he goes, he attempts to create a family. Read More... //

The LA Complex “Half Way” Review

"Half Way" was the seventh episode this season of  The LA Complex  and aside from the last 10 minutes (give or take 5), it was pretty dull. What I’ve grown to love about  The LA Complex  is the ridiculous drama that tends to ooze from the show, and while parts of "Half Way" were full of just that, this seemed like a week where the writers sort of took a day off. Finally we find out who Scott chooses to stay on the writing team between Nick and Sabrina, Abby has a break down and basically walks into her own pink slip, Simon pretty much breaks Beth’s heart into a billion pieces, and King continues to get hit on by everyone. Oh! And Connor finally finds the family that he’s wanted forever and ever  and Raquel drives a cast member to overdose. Read More... //