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Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #24 Anime Review

With the shift in the previous episode, Sion and Ryner ended up in quite the fight against each other. The two have an extensive past to be certain, but something had changed with Sion that now has him getting closer and closer to Ryner before he outright attacked him. That half of the episode was wonderfully atmospheric and had some great animation to it as it set the mood and launched into the actual attack itself. While it was a disconnect in why Sion was like this, owing more to events that have been snaking around behind the scenes for awhile, it's definitely not something that has been seamless. But that's been a big way this series has operated for awhile now. The fight naturally goes badly for Ryner as he's laid out flat, which leads to Sion going through a strong internal confrontation with himself over it as he battles the two sides that are warring in him. It's fairly interesting as it plays out since it runs the emotional gamut a bit with some strong words said on both sides, as well as a bit of flashback material to really highlight the bonds between Sion and Ryner from earlier in their lives. But in the end, it's all about putting Ryner down and he's most definitely that at this point, at least until Ferris comes along later and manages to spirit him away so that they can regroup and figure out what to do. Read More

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #23 Anime Review

After all that's happened and all the violence and adventure and adversity, the Legend of Legendary Heroes decides to go for something a bit lighter and more amusing for a good part of it. With Ryner and Ferris back with Sion, Ryner finds himself under the gun to do a whole lot of paperwork for him. Ryner of course wants nothing to do with it but Sion is pretty insistent that it must be done and in time for him to be able to have his birthday celebration. Ryner's doing his best to get out of it of course and he manages to sneak out, but it causes him to get into a whole lot more trouble until he can hook up with Ferris for some food. Much of the episode is about this kind of light silliness that's kind of pleasant to watch in its own way, simply because the show has been fairly dark and murky lately. There are some uplifting moments to be had and even Ryner shines nicely when it comes to the fireworks scene. The vocal music that plays out during the celebration is very nice as well, though it's unfortunate that the vocals themselves couldn't be subtitled. When the Legend of Legendary Heroes wants to set a mood, it does do it very well. Bringing out these lighter moments and then shifting into something darker in the midst of the song is very appropriate, especially as it has Sion riding out in his coach into the rain with Ryner in tow. It's so richly atmospheric that I can almost forget how awful the show can be at times with telling its story. Read More

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #22 Anime Review

The Legend of Legendary Heroes wants to have a bit of fun with Ryner again as he's thrown into a bad situation pretty much right from the start as Duke Leiral whacks him. It's not an unusual situation when one of your leads is hit hard and taken down almost from the start and then shift to other things. That this one moves to Sion and his growing anger over things and a look at the angst and trouble of his land, it again points to the herky jerky nature of this series in that it doesn't exactly have a lot of focus on things. I've liked Sion's story from thestart but it's been all over the map for so long that it's almost incoherent. A good chunk of the episode is given over to Ryner's story when he's thrust into this other world where little really makes sense. While physics are pretty much the same as the real world, it's a visual piece that really goes al over the place that works well and certainly delights in how it's presented. Ryner's confusion within it is obvious as he interacts with different people that exist within it, but the whole thing feels like a forced introspective moment for Ryner that really doesn't connect. We've gone back to Ryner's past a couple of times in different ways and presenting it here again doesn't really feel like it adds all that much. Read More

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #21 Anime Review

With Ryner and Ferris back together, part of what makes this show enjoyable at times is in force since the two riff off of each other so well. While dark and nefarious things are afoot in Gastark with death and murder abound, Ryner and Ferris have a quite light moment at the start where they meet up with Sion again after awhile and he's all set to give them lots of paper work to deal with. And because Sion is as crafty as he is, he's manipulated everything to ensure they don't get out of the office he's working in. It's all a bit of fooling around though in order for Sion to simply be happy that Ryner is back, safe and sound. But even though he's glad, there's an undercurrent of sadness in Sion over events and Ryner's return. A good part of this episode is also given over to Milk who has certainly suffered as of late since her capture and manipulation by Miran. Returning to the world of the present in her mind, she's definitely devastated through what she learns is the fallout of recent actions which has left her with people close to her dead. The flashbacks are decent and paint a difficult life for her at times, which seems to be something of a constant for her even though she tries to portray a hard yet positive image to others. Getting her back on her feet and coping with her pain is the main point for her now so she can be potentially instrumental in the endgame that is coming up. Read More

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #20 Anime Review

The Legend of Legendary Heroes ramps things up well with this episode when it comes to the one thing it really does best at this point, and that's the moody and atmosphere middle of the night battles. That the episode opens on two of them only highlights this all the more, some Miran is forced down into a retreat over the disappearance of Milk, of which he's responsible for, and another where Ryner is being attacked by someone from Roland. Both scenes are far too short overall at the start but they highlight just what has made the show bearable to watch at times. Because when it comes to plot, I'm not quite sure it really makes any sense at this point as they've made it so haphazard and hard to follow, or just plain nonsensical, that I don't think we're supposed to care. Thankfully, Ferris makes her way back in this episode where she finds Ryner. And that moment alone, with him on the ground and her boot on his neck, reminds us once more of why their relationship should have been more of the basis of the series as they're so well paired. The two back in action together is welcome and they have a fair bit to deal with this time around as Tiir and the others in the house they're hiding out in get attacked by someone from Gastark, This ends up putting quite the strain on Ryner since it starts him down the path of more angst as his internal battle with himself causes him to want to end it all, where he's fighting against a darkened version of himself that wants to just end everything on the outside if he can get rid of this part of his personality. Read More

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #19 Anime Review

The Legend of Legendary Heroes continues to have little in the way of legends or heroes, or even much dealing with the search for hero relics which was seemingly the premise behind the show at first. After that heavy back story episodes, it looked like we'd get back to that but instead it wanted to focus on politics and intrigue, which is definitely interesting, while alternating it with instances of Ryner and Ferris going off on adventures, getting into trouble and then dealing with the politics and intrigue themselves. Toss in some good Alpha Stigma scenes and you had highlights, but they were few and far between. As the show gets closer to the end of its run, it's shifted more politics and international intrigue into it with nations coming together for war against each other, manipulations behind the scenes and the splitting of Ryner and Ferris. And unfortunately, that split is probably the worst thing they can do. As a pair, they definitely have a whole lot of appeal as they play well off of each other both in terms of action and dialogue, with healthy doses of humor mixed into all of it. With Ferris ostensibly off to find him, we get a mixture of scenes with her unsure whether she and Ryner are actually friends and Ryner going through the motions with Tiir about the situation he's been placed into. What proves even more unhelpful to the show is that we're getting an extended piece on Gastark itself where Kiefer now is and she's finding herself being setup for a marriage there, which proves to be even more of a distraction overall. Especially since it's a marriage to royalty she's finding herself being involved with which makes it all the more hard to believe. While action has saved some previous episodes in terms of salvaging it from being too wordy or lethargic, nothing seems like it can save it at this point. There's so much dialogue here and so much of the progress to date seemingly pointless that it's hard to tell what's actually relevant. When looking back earlier in the series, finding the key elements that resonated then and seem to have no point now is easy. A lot of back story has been added overall but the way it's being drawn together into a cohesive whole simply doesn't seem to be happening. The many disparate elements of the Legend of Legendary Heroes aren't mixing together and when a few of them do, it feels force and not really coming together well. This episode just paints more of that picture with lots of moody and atmospheric elements to it, but it's just washing over you. Source Here

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #18 Anime Review

With Ryner having gone missing along with a few other people of note now, Ferris is getting herself in gear to go and hunt him up. Ferris is certainly intent on getting him back since she has quite the adversarial relationship with him at this stage and there are those that are intent on holding her back as well. Watching her go through her hunt and scrounging up information makes up a good chunk of the first half of the episode and it's nicely brutal since she goes at it until she catches up with him, though you get the sense that she could easily kill him just to be done and over with things. What throws it all into chaos is the arrival of Tiir on the scene who was recently seen causing quite a lot of trouble for Claugh. The arrival of Tiir takes things up a few notches in terms of the brutality of it all but it's all cut relatively short as when they flee from him, both Ferris and Ryner end up caught up in a large scale army attack being led by Sion. The tension is pretty good in this sequence as they standoff against each other with Sion and Tiir sparring verbally over it while Ryner listens to all of it. With Ryner essentially little more than a potentially explosive bomb ready to go off at any time as described by Tiir, it doesn't exactly sit well with him and he takes it very much to heart, being called a monster. While he's done good recently in showing others that you can survive and be happy with an alpha stigma power, there's still that core belief in himself that he's inherently not good and something that needs to be taken out of the equation. Tiir's words are far too silvery tongued for Ferris' taste since it's making an impact on his mindset. Similar to the previous week, the really big selling point here again is not the story but the tension and action. The almost singular focus on Ryner with a healthy dose of Ferris goes a long way towards making this a very good episode in those terms. The action gets rather brutal with the bloodshed and violence but the scale it works nicely as well since we get the army factored in which adds a lot to the standoff. Tiir helps this immensely since he's cold and brutal, openly so, and uses more than just his magic abilities to cause trouble. His words dig deep into Ryner in a way that swords haven't and it's amusing to see Ferris being so forceful in trying to get him to not listen considering she's been smacking Ryner around for awhile. Read More

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #17 Anime Review

With the Legend of Legendary Heroes, every episode feels like we're jumping into the middle of different series. Going from one to the next, at least on a weekly basis, seems like there's little real continuity. The latest episode doesn't come across as picking up well after the previous one, but part of it is that the endings of each episode are rather uninteresting as well, leaving you to not really carry one to the next. The show has a lot going for it with its disparate story arcs, but even after seventeen episodes it still has not gelled together well to create an engaging series. With this episode, Ryner and Milk have gone missing and there's an effort on to figure out what's going on since he is an Alpha Stigma and you can't leave the kind of power out there without some idea of what's going on. Naturally, Ferris is set to the task of finding him along with a few people that Milk works with in order for Sion to know exactly what's going on. While that track plays out, there's also another storyline going on with Kiefer, who I don't recall seeing for awhile, who is doing a lot of research and is getting nudged and tweaked about the state of the country and the role people play in it. It's a potentially interesting subplot to things but coming in at this stage of the series, and where she hasn't been seen significantly for a bit, and not truly since the flashback piece of any serious note, it's the kind of segment that feels out of place a bit. Where the show continues to shine, and is really the only reason to keep watching at this point, is the action. There's one really solid and fairly lengthy action sequence in this one with some characters exposing their magical powers and using a fair bit of swordplay while set against the larger angle of small armies going up against each other. The one consistent thing in this series that makes me smile is how well they design the characters for this and the choreography for the fights themselves. It's one of the few bright shining points in the series even as the whole thing starts to feel like it's unfocused and with too many little things going on that don't connect well. Source Here: //www.mania.com/legend-legendary-heroes-episode-17_article_126104.html

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #16 Anime Review

After a really mediocre at best recap episode the previous week, this week gets back to the main story as we follow Ryner and Ferris. The two of them have taken a bit of a quiet side trip to check out the kid that was rescued previously that Ryner had a real back and forth with over powers, responsibility and what it means to have them. That episode was actually pretty decent at times as it showed us a side of Ryner we hadn't seen with how he grew up with these powers and the way he can provide something of a guiding parental role with the next generation. As the story moves along, it shifts more towards dealing with Ferris and her past a bit, which we see through a flashback to four years prior. The time spent at House Eris is rather relaxed and pleasant, though there is some play time where Ryner gets abused by the others easily and he takes his lumps almost like a big brother would. For Ferris, it's interesting to see her in this setting as she's pretty quiet and relaxed, though not in a bad way with being quiet, as she's coming across more as content than anything else. The interactions between the group as they take the down time is nice, but it's an extra bit of fluff that's hard to justify in the series which still seems like it's really meandering without any firm story arc going on. The bit of back story for Ferris that comes out with regards to Lucile has Ryner dealing with it as he's concerned about it and that leads to a confrontation in a dark room with him. Lucile certainly has a decent enough look, similar to Ferris and threatening in that kind of mildly cool but cold way, and we get an interesting power or two as he makes very explicit threats about how far Ryner can go with his sister. Lucile's not exactly a welcome distraction to the show as it doesn't add all that much just yet, though you can see it being more of a point later in the series, but right now it's just another piece in a puzzle that doesn't look like it goes together. Source Here

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #15.5 Anime Review

As the series has gone on, I've realized that the Legend of Legendary Heroes has become a show that I almost dread. And it's not because it's a bad show, it's just a show that has not been able to put the elements together right. There's a number of good characters here, the setting has a lot of potential and the Alpha Stigma aspect with Ryner gives it a really nice hook in terms of power and scale. With the very different arcs at play here, but with parallel paths, they run into the trouble where if you like a particular character and the show focuses on the other, it can be grating. Both Sion and the Ryner and Ferris perspective have a lot to offer but the way they do it has kept it from really gelling properly. This episode is something of a recap episode in that it shows some of the stories that we've seen so far in the show revolving around Ryner and Ferris as it's told through the eyes of Iris. Some of it is fun as Iris and Sion go toe to toe with each other verbally, but by and large it's all about Ryner and Ferris on their various missions with a nice dose of comedy and action. The show has a really good sense of animation and style about it and seeing it in this format reinforces that, but being what is essentially a recap episode, it doesn't offer anything new or useful that progresses the story. There are some nice moments here and there with Iris but it's what we've seen before and it only stresses that more of the show should be about Ryner and Ferris with the Sion story being more of a background subplot instead of taking over entire episodes.