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Season 2


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  • 30 episodes
    30 episodes
    • s2e30Sentences, Part Two
    • s2e29Sentences, Part One
    • s2e28The AU Sound
    • s2e27The OO Sounds
    • s2e26The OI Sound
    • s2e25The OU Sound
    • s2e24Words in Three Parts
    • s2e23Words in Two Parts
    • s2e22Silent E and the -ING Sound
    • s2e21Double Cooperation and the -ING Sound
    • s2e20The Hall of Fame: A Review (6)
    • s2e19WH and SH
    • s2e18Meet The Thing
    • s2e17Meet the Chewy Cherry Choo-Choo
    • s2e16Runaway Words
    • s2e15Meet Mr. Q
    • s2e14Meet Mr. X
    • s2e13The Hall of Fame: A Review (5)
    • s2e12Star Trip, Part Three: The ER Sound
    • s2e11Star Trip, Part Two: The OR Sound
    • s2e10Star Trip, Part One: AR and the Divided Catching Clue Box
    • s2e9Meet Mr. R
    • s2e8How Mr. G Got Another Sound
    • s2e7Meet Mr. J
    • s2e6Y as a Consonant and a Vowel
    • s2e5Meet Mr. Y
    • s2e4The Hall of Fame: A Review (4)
    • s2e3The Hall of Fame: A Review of C and K
    • s2e2The Hall of Fame: A Review of Consonants and the Squoosh
    • s2e1The Hall of Fame: A Review of Short Vowels