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PR: Silva Screen's Digital Reissue Campaign

SILVA SCREEN ANNOUNCES LATEST TITLES IN DIGITAL REISSUE CAMPAIGN (January 19, 2010) Silva Screen Records has been providing outstanding Film and Television music for over 20 years and is proud to announce a year-long campaign to reissue their catalog digitally in the United States and Canada for the first time. On January 26, 2010 the following recordings will be available via iTunes, Amazon, Napster among many other digital platforms: THE FUGITIVE SIL-ED-1106 SUPERGIRL SIL-ED-1025 MAYBE TOMORROW from THE LITTLEST HOBO SIL-ED-4493 Silva Screen hopes that the campaign will go some way to meet the growing demand for the excellent and varied music found within the genre of soundtracks. Founded in 1986, Silva Screen Records is an independent record label which is one of the world's leading film and television specialist soundtrack companies. The company boasts a catalogue of over 500 titles and over 5000 master recordings. For more information about these recordings visit or contact cinemediapromo@yahoo.com MAYBE TOMORROW from THE LITTLEST HOBO A Cult Classic and a tear jerker, this jaunty little tune is for everyone growing up with the 70s TV show. The Canadian series about the adventures of the wandering Alsatian London debuted in 1979 and ran for six seasons. The Littlest Hobo's appeal was in the story's reassuring repetition - every week the loveable dog was on a mission to rescue people and solve crimes. The series hosted many Hollywood stars including Al Waxman and DeForest Kelley who was best known for playing Dr "Bones" McCoy in Star Trek. THE FUGITIVE Original soundtrack music from the cult 1960s TV Series starring David Janssen. "The Fugitive is absolutely the best series done on American television" - Stephen King For four years in the mid-1960's television audiences were captivated by the adventures of one man on the run. The Series ran from September 1963 to August 1967 and was ABC's highest rated show. Music composed by Pete Rugolo, Big band arranger and architect of the Stan Kenton sound in the late 1940's. Performed by the London Studio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Harry Rabinowitz. SUPERGIRL The original soundtrack features 77-minutes of music from the 1984 film, composed by Jerry Goldsmith. Featuring The National Philharmonic Orchestra.