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Armie Hammer Performs a Death-Defying Stunt in New Featurette for THE LONE RANGER

Disney has released a new featurette for the upcoming feature The Lone Ranger, and it’s an excellent example of why I’m looking forward to the film. In this featurette, we see Armie Hammer performing a pretty hairy-looking stunt that involves standing atop a towering platform in the middle of the Utah desert, with only a harness keeping him from plummeting to the bottom of a canyon. Most directors would shoot this sequence on a soundstage with plenty of green screen, but The Lone Ranger’s Gore Verbinski has shown a fantastic propensity for crazy practical stuntwork in his previous three Pirates of the Caribbean films, and I’m eager to see that same production value on the screen in The Lone Ranger. READ MORE...

Johnny Depp And Tim Burton To Shoot "Dark Shadows" Next Year?

It's the project every Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fan keeps dreaming of - the duo's remake of " Dark Shadows ". Depp has reportedly dreamed of playing vampire Barnabas Collins since childhood, and in 2007, bought the rights to the 60s television show through his shingle, Infinitum Nihil. He's been developing a remake with Warner Bros., and Burton became unofficially attached this year - probably to the surprise of no one, given his taste towards the Gothic. However, Depp has become attached to a number of huge projects this year, not the least of which is " The Lone Ranger " and a fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" installment. For awhile, it seemed as though he might be putting his vampire fantasies on hold. But according to producer Richard D. Zanuck talking to Collider, " Dark Shadows " is going to be Depp and Burton's next project, and they plan to start shooting in London next summer. Keep in mind that this is unofficial, and that schedules can change pretty rapidly in Hollywood, particularly when your as in demand as Depp is. On the other hand, vampires are the hottest creatures going right now, and audiences are probably in the mood for a " Dark Shadows " remake like never before. Source