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Web TV: The LXD Season 1 Finale Tackles Tapdance In "I Seen A Man"

A young tapper confronts his own demons through dance and joins the group of dancers invited to join The LXD in the series' first-season finale. A blind prophet shares the tale of Copeland, a gifted but troubled tapper who is haunted by shadows of his own imagination. The final dance sequence of the season is well-executed, layered with dance, music and the prophet's voice-over as Copeland works to dance through his own demons. In the second half of the episode, we see the dancers invited to the LXD throughout the season meeting on the road to the LXD's secret hideout as they prepare to face their destiny. Watch & Read More at the Source

Alex's Picks Of The Week: 10 Killer Web Series Worth Checking Out!

You already use SideReel to catch up on all your favorite shows like True Blood and Pretty Little Liars, as well as marathon off-season faves like How I Met Your Mother and Chuck ... but did you know that we also have a mighty impressive collection of Web TV to boot? No, I'm not just talking about YouTube phenomenons like "Charlie Bit My Finger" or that creepy two-faced kitten video that was spreading around for awhile; I'm talking about awesome made-for-the-web series that are hugely underrated despite their increasing popularity. Some are direct web spin-offs and/or companion series of our favorite shows, like Dexter: Early Cuts , The Office: Subtle Sexuality , and Lost: Untangled , while others are completely original and worth checking out on their own! Without further ado, here are 10 web series you should look into: 1. If you like Curb Your Enthusiasm , you may enjoy Wainy Days . Like Larry David, Wainy Days star David Wain is a dour, awkward guy who always finds himself in sticky situation with women. It also has plenty of high-profile celebrity guest stars like Megan Mullally and Elizabeth Banks! 2. If you like The Office , you may enjoy Hardly Working . It's no Dundler Mifflin, but Hardly Working similarly shows the hilarious inner workings of an off-task office gone haywire! Perfect for watching (and living vicariously through) when you're stuck at your own dull workplace! 3. If you like Alias , you may enjoy Angel of Death . Gotta love action-hero girls who kick butt! Angel of Death heroine Eve is a deadly assassin out for revenge on her former employers. Hmm, sound familiar? *cough* Nikita *cough* 4. If you like The L Word , you may enjoy Venice: The Series . Venice stars series writer and producer Crystal Chappell as Gina, a confident, career-driven lesbian living in Venice Beach. The series follows her complex, convoluted relationships that range from totally platonic to passionate... but always complicated! 5. If you like America's Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance , you may enjoy The LXD . Created by Step Up 3D director Jon M. Chu, The LXD combines supernatural elements and powerhouse dance moves to create a series that showcases awesome dancers with a little Heroes flavor mixed in! 6. If you like True Blood , you may enjoy Vampire Killers . Like the HBO hit, Vampire Killers takes advantage of the vamp trend in a way that's more "adult" than Twilight and Vampire Diaries. It's racy, gory, and action-packed enough to satisfy any Truebie looking for more bloody goodness! 7. If you like Top Chef (or anything on the Food Network ), you may enjoy Hungry Nation - Vendr TV . If you're a foodie who loves to stay on track of the hottest food-related shows, you'll probably eat up Vendr TV, a series that visits the nation's best food carts, take-out windows, and to-go joints! 8. If you like 90210 , you may enjoy Dial Star . Dial Star. which features 90210 castmember Annalynne McCord as herself, tells the story of Celia, who moves to LA to become an actress and has her life turned around when the star's cell phone lands at her feet! 9. If you like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia , you may enjoy Horrible People . While the two shows differ in that Horrible People is more of a spoofy soap opera, fans of Always Sunny definitely have a similar appreciation for twisted humor, so if you can take a messed-up joke, you may find equal hilarity in Horrible People! 10. If you like 30 Rock , you may enjoy Very Mary Kate . This comparison may be a bit of a stretch. Honestly, there's nothing else quite like Very Mary Kate, but fans of 30 Rock definitely share a love for kooky characters and spoof comedy! Check out more awesome online series on our official Web TV page!

The LXD: Why Hulu's New Dance Show is a Game-Changer

At first it doesn't feel like a dance show. Audiences weaned on the high jumps and theatrics of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance will immediately miss its flashy opening numbers and poppy dance music. The opening title of The LXD (The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) feels like a graphic novel version of the Twilight Zone.The opening minutes of each episode feature an old man waxing philosophical in close-up. This doesn't feel like a dance show. About a fifth of the way into "Duet," a five-minute episode, we see a couple lying in bed. We learn the two are separated, each dance the same choreography as black bars frame and cut between them. Some nifty camera tricks and lovely choreography tie the story together. Until the very end, the whole episode takes place without words. Why should you care about The LXD? The new web series is broadcast exclusively on Hulu, and is a mix of Heroes , comic books and dance -- essentially, it's good vs. evil set in the real world with "dance specialties" like break dancing, the robot, or contemporary serving as super powers. The show is difficult to describe because it breaks boundaries in genre, format and platform. It is, however, a game-changer in the way that web series -- and the arts -- are presented online. Oh yeah, and it's stunning. Read More at source

Step Up 3D Stars & Crew Dish On Dancer "Boot Camp" & The LXD

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 8/15/2010 -- "Adam Shankman told us it would be one big boot camp and that's exactly what it was," says Step Up 3D star Sharni Vinson who hadn't danced in five years. "That went on for weeks before shooting so by the time we got to that first day of filming, we were ready." "Casting for this franchise is always complicated," says Step Up 3D producer Adam Shankman. "We needed people who can act and dance alongside the best b-boys and b-girls. It's wonderful to showcase the kinds of dancers that you don't get to see as often. These kids are incredible athletes." "To be able to deliver these dancers and New York into an audience's lap in 3D so they can feel the rush and get sucked into this world was an opportunity we couldn't miss," says Step Up 3D director John Chu. "Dance really lends itself to 3D technology," says Shankman. "It's very exciting to marry the two and be the first to use this kind of technology to highlight this art form." Read More at Hollywood Today


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