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The Lying Game Season 2 Spoilers: Andy Buckley Spills on Laurel’s New Love and Ted’s Many Secrets — Exclusive

Can’t wait for ABC Family’s The Lying Game to come back on your TV screen? We can’t either, but unfortunately the show isn’t returning until January. The good news: Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Andy Buckley (Ted Mercer) at the ABC TCA All Star Party to get some scoop on the upcoming season! Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tell us about the first episode back? Andy Buckley: The first episode there’s a big party, like a concert outdoors. Why are we... //

The Lying Game Season 2 Begins Filming: See Hot Pics From the Set!

They’re back in action! The Lying Game’s Alexandra Chando (Sutton Mercer and Emma Becker) tweeted some photos from the set of Season 2, which is currently filming in Austin, Texas. On Tuesday, the actress tweeted a behind-the-scenes peek of the production, capturing a director’s chair and a monitor displaying a scene being filmed. The following day, Alexandra tweeted another photo of her and on-screen love interest Blair Redford (Ethan Whitehorse) trying to beat the Texas... //

'The Lying Game' Season 2 casts Ryan Rottman

Continuing in ABC Family's tradition of casting very attractive people on its television programs, "The Lying Game" is getting a new player in the form of Ryan Rottman. According to TV Guide, the former "90210" actor is joining the cast as Jordan, "a handsome, athletic, confident teen from Beverly Hills who's new in town and has a secret agenda." He'll recur throughout the upcoming second season.PHOTOS: "The Lying Game" unsolved mysteriesWe'll first meet Jordan in the Season 2 premiere when he's in a motorcycle race against Ethan (Blair Redford). How rebellious!Rottman formerly starred as Teddy's boyfriend on "90210."Man, it's so unfortunate that they can't hire any hot people at ABC Family. It's really getting to be a problem over there. "The Lying Game" Season 2 will premiere some time in the winter.... //

90210's Ryan Rottman Cast as The Lying Game's New Bad Boy

The Lying Game has cast its new bad boy. 90210 's Ryan Rottman has joined the ABC Family series in a recurring role, has learned exclusively. He'll play Jordan, a handsome, athletic, confident teen from Beverly Hills who's new in town and has a secret agenda. //

The Lying Game: Charisma Carpenter Becomes Series Regular

Rebecca Sewell's return to Phoenix rocked the back-half of The Lying Game 's first season. Once merely thought of as a ghost of a former time, spoken about in hushed tones and kept away from the minds of the children, she became this living, breathing reminder of something that Alec and Ted would rather forget. Her presence unnerved Ted much more and made Kristin have doubts about her husband's fidelity, though Rebecca had eventually set her sights on Alec and having a friendly relationship with Sutton, Ethan, and Thayer. But it was revealed that the mother of Emma and Sutton wasn't Annie Hobbs, nor was it some strange woman they didn't know. It was Rebecca. And Sutton knew it. It's not clear how long she knew, why they hadn't told Emma, or what they had in mind, but thankfully, The Lying Game will get the chance to clear that up, as Charisma Carpenter has been upgraded to a series regular. Now that Rebecca has become a much more pivotal character to the show, and the lives of the twins, the bump is only logical; plus, Carpenter was already fairly prominent in the final 10 episodes of the season, so it's not much of a stretch to expand her role and screen time. Read More... //

Lying Game Spoilers: Will Season 2 Pick Up Right Where We Left Off?

The Lying Game isn’t slated to return until the winter, but when the show does return, will time have stood still in Scottsdale when we last left twins Sutton Mercer and Emma Becker (Alexandra Chando)? The answer is no. But not a whole lot of time will have passed since the events of the Season 1 finale, according to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello. He says the plot will pick up 10 days after Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar) is cuffed on suspicion of murder on the day of his wedding to... //

Charisma Carpenter Made Series Regular on ‘The Lying Game’ and Shares Glimpse Into Her Character

Actress Charisma Carpenter, best known for her iconic role as Cordelia Chase on both perennial fan favorite TV shows ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’ and its spin-off ‘Angel’, has been made a full-fledged series regular on the ABC Family  teen drama  The Lying Game . As anyone who watches this little addictive  nugget of TV knows, Carpenter plays a rather mysterious character on the series: Ann Rebecca Sewell, the [SPOILER ALERT for those not yet caught up on thefirst season  episodes] biological  mother of the separated-at-birth identical twins – Emma and Sutton (Alexandra Chando), who are at the heart of the  story behind ‘The Lying Game’. Read More... //  

Lying Game Spoilers: Which Character Will Spiral Out of Control in Season 2? — Exclusive

ABC Family’s The Lying Game won’t return until winter, but for fans who have been waiting to find out what happens after the shocking reveal about Charisma Carpenter’s mysterious character should read on for teasers about Season 2. A character will unravel — and you may be surprised to find out who that is. [Spoilers from Season 1 ahead!] As we found out in the season finale, Charisma’s character Annie "Rebecca" Sewell, has a scheme in the works that... //

'The Lying Game' Season 2 promotes Charisma Carpenter to series regular

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" star Charisma Carpenter has been a genre-defying television favorite, but since her "Angel" days, she hasn't been a series regular on any of the many series she's appeared on... until now. Carpenter is negotiating a deal to be promoted from guest star status on ABC Family's "The Lying Game." It shouldn't serve as much of a surprise to fans of the show, which is about estranged identical twin sisters (both played by Alexandra Chando) who reunite -- and switch places -- to find their mother and solve the twisted mystery of their backstory. In the Season 1 finale, Carpenter's character, Rebecca, was revealed to be the twins' mother. Season 2 is set to premiere sometime this winter on ABC Family.Variety was the first to report the upgrade.... //

The Lying Game Spoiler: Will There Be Time Hopping in Season 2?

October is still months away, but we’re already excited to see what’s in store for Season 2 of The Lying Game. With pre-production already underway in Austin, Texas, is there any dirt on on what identical twins Sutton Mercer and Emma Becker will be up to in the coming season? TVLine’s Michael Ausiello has a tiny scoop for The Lying Game fans, hinting at a mini time shift between the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. "We’re talking a few seconds,... //