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'The Mentalist' to Get Russian Remake

The series will premiere on Russia's Channel One and TV-3 in 2017.  Read More... //

'The Mentalist': Watch a supercut of Patrick and Teresa's romance

For Jibson shippers, watching the romance unfold betweenPatrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon on The Mentalist was a drawn-out process. Thanks to the murder of Patricks wife, the romance didnt exactly get off to fast start, and it wasnt until six seasons later that fans even got a first kiss... //

'Mentalist' Star Owain Yeoman Welcomes Daughter Ever Belle

Former "Mentalist" star Owain Yeoman and his wife Gigi Yallouz Yeoman welcomed their first child on Friday -- daughter Ever Belle Yeoman. The infant weighed in at 6 lbs., 11 oz. and is 19 inches lo...   Read More... //

The Mentalist Finale: Will Jane and Lisbon Actually Make It Down the Aisle?

  We know that there's a wedding in the works for Teresa Lisbon ( Robin Tunney ) and Patrick Jane ( Simon Baker ) on Wednesday's series finale of The Mentalist (8/7c, CBS), but will the couple actually make it down the aisle? Though Jane is abducted by a serial killer in the first of two episodes Wednesday ...   Read More... //

'The Mentalist' series finale: 'It's funny, it's romantic and it's satiating'

Zap2it: What should viewers expect from Wednesday's (Feb. 18) series finale of "The Mentalist"?Robin Tunney: I was very worried about how we would be able to tie up the show in a respectful way, and also give the fans something that made their seven years earned. We wanted to give them something very special, and there's a lot of expectation. There was a lot of darkness on the show with the Red John story line and all, but I think this going to leave them with an optimistic, great taste in their mouths.While the characters' futures are still a little ambiguous, it ties it up in a way where there's a lot of hope -- and it's funny, and it's romantic and it's satiating. There's nothing more frustrating than staying with something for seven years, only for it to give you an ambiguous ending. It's sort of like "The Mentalist" doing romantic comedy, and it's... //

'The Mentalist' Series Finale Preview Teases Jane and Lisbon's Wedding

Jane proposes to Lisbon in the upcoming two-hour series finale, but they have to take down a serial killer before getting their happy ending.   Read More... //

The Mentalist 7x11 - Promo "Byzantium"

A young man claims to be psychic and offers to assist the FBI with solving some murders, but soon the team suspect he might be the person who committed the killings. Airs Wednesday Feb. 11 on CBS.

Mentalist Sneak Peek: Why Is Jane Ignoring Lisbon's Calls?

  Apparently Jane's ( Simon Baker ) insistence that he needs to start a new life away from police work is causing a rift between him and Lisbon ( Robin Tunney ) on The Mentalist . On Wednesday's new episode - the penultimate installment before next week's series finale - Jane seems to have met his mental ...   Read More... //

'The Mentalist's' Vega takes a bullet: How it will act as a 'catalyst' for Jane

CBS teased viewers about a death on "The Mentalist" leading up to Wednesday's (Feb. 4) episode, and it was not a cheat: A series regular did indeed die in the episode.Zap2it spoke with Josie Loren, who plays the now-deceased FBI newbie Michelle Vega, about what the character's demise will mean for the show -- and particularly for Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) -- and how she found out about Vega's passing.Zap2it: Obviously you knew going in that this was the final season of "The Mentalist," but when did you learn you wouldn't make it to the end?Josie Loren: The day before I started shooting the very first episode, Tom [Szentgyorgyi], one of our executive producers, called me, and he let me know what was in store for my character. He kind of briefed me on what my storyline would be and that it would end with the 10th episode. So I knew going into it exactly... //

'The Mentalist' Postmortem: "Bittersweet" Twist Is "Catalyst" for Jane

The executive producer and star behind the shocking reveal talk with THR about the events of Wednesday's episode.   Read More... //