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60 minutes

A detective who can mind read--well, not really. However, Detective Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) does posses acute observation skills--skills he honed as a mentalist--and uses them to solve cases for the California Bureau of Investigation.
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Mar 28, 2016 8:07PM EDT

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This show is an amazing mixture of crime, mystery, comedy and drama. The concept of Red John was brilliant and it gets the viewer hooked to the show wanting to know how in the hell did he do that? Or how does he know things before Patrick Jane does.
At one point, it felt as though Red John could have been an organization or something, looking at the way he operated and had knowledge of everything. Everything about this show was amazing except one thing... The Reveal.
When Red John was revealed, i doubt i've ever felt as much disappointment about anything else. The way he is dealt with by Patrick; the fact that they didn't tell us how red john operated and how he knew about Patrick's Red John List of Suspects, made me go "omg that was so pathetic. It was much better when we didn't know who Red John was".
If the writers could have done a better ending for Red John, it would have been a literal mind blowing series. But it felt as though they were trying, but couldn't come up with a better Reveal.
But overall would definitely, without a doubt, recommend this show to others.

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