Review of The Messengers

60 minutes

When a mysterious object crashes down to earth, a group of seemingly unconnected strangers die from the energy pulse, but then awaken to learn that they have been deemed responsible for preventing the impending Apocalypse.
Large i want to believe
by Luvd
Jul 27, 2015 11:22PM EDT

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So, I ended up watching the series all the way to the end. The pilot did manage to pull me in from the start. I was excited to see angels having awesome powers stopping the forces of evil. However, as the series progressed, I realized that I was to be disappointed.

It didn't matter to me that it was based on the book of revelations (It is a story after all) There was a solid premise that had so much potential. But the one dimensional characters failed to convey what could have been an epic series. The atheist scientist, angsty teen, self righteous evangelist...I wish they would have given them a bit more oomph as time went on. The plot lines just got more stupidly ridiculous after every episode.

At the end of the season, the only scene that caught me (though a bit cliche) was Rose calling every one out on their weaknesses. By the last scene, I wondered how in hell this show would get another season. Came to this site and realized that it didn't. Good call on that one


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