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The Middle Gave the Hecks the Send-Off They Deserved

  The Middle premiered a week after Modern Family back in 2009, and for most of those years the modest middle class, middle American sitcom was overshadowed by its progressive sibling. Modern Family won a boatload of Emmys and influenced the next decade family comedies while The Middle quietly and   ...Read More... ...

The Middle Series Finale Recap: Do the Hecks Live Happily Ever After?

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the series finale of ABCsThe Middle. The series finale of ABCsThe Middle gives all the Heck kids their deserved happy endings but not before one last family road trip. The hour-long sendoff finds the Hecks preparing for Axls big move to Denver. Frankie has the most difficult time []

The Middle Episode 200 Recap: Was It Udderly Great for You?

The Middlecelebrated its 200th episode Tuesday by commemorating a much smaller milestone achieved by the town that Frankie & Co. call home. Early on in The 200th, Nancy and Ron Donahue dropped by the Hecks to inform them that Orson had just been named one ofthe top 200 cities in Indiana, coming in at No. []

The Middle Final Season Premiere Recap: Legacy? 'Fuggedaboutit!'

Its the beginning of the end for The Middle, which kicked off its ninth and final seasonwith an especially reflective premiere. In Vive La Hecks, Frankie stresses herself out trying to come up with an item the family can put in a time capsule being buried under the Orson Cow to be dug up in []

The Middle Is One of TV's Most Underrated Gems

The ABC sitcom that didnt need rich-people problems to be hilarious.   ...Read More...

The Middle Review: Protect Our Orson

Things felt more normal than ever on The Middle this week. Axl and Brick were scheming together and Sue was freaking out while Frankie and Mike hid from everyone. Like I said, an average week with the Hecks! Brick turned 15 and without even expecting acknowledgment from his family, all he wanted was to learn how to drive. I have to give Mike props for taking him out on the road for some practice first, but then hiding from him to get out of future lessons felt mean. Really, everyone overlooked the kid’s birthday. The least his parents could do was indulge him in some driving lessons in a parking lot. If only they’d paid attention to Brick, the Orson cow never would’ve gotten hit by Brick driving Axl’s Winnebago. READ MORE...

The Middle Review: True Grit

Sue Heck proved once again to be an inspiration to us all on The Middle this week. She’s sick of being a doormat to the people in her life, and she’s standing up for herself much like her mom Frankie does when she accidentally buys some racy underwear. Long story short, the Heck women ruled the show. Coming off the best summer of her life in Dollywood, it’s natural for Sue to feel excited for the school year. She’s much less excited to be seeing Jeremy so often again though. What she used to find cute about him now irritates her. His stunts on campus don’t match up to what she wants out of life, and that’s perfectly okay. The only thing is, she doesn’t know how to handle breaking up with him so she turns to the absolute wrong person for advice: Axl. READ MORE...

The Middle Review: A Tough Pill to Swallow

Honestly this was the most stressful The Middle has ever been. Everyone was frustrated with each other but fortunately all their problems were resolved in various ways. Sue’s life was going too well to be true. She just had the best summer of her life in Dollywood and she was happy as can be. So of course, a mistake she made back in March to ignore an email reminder about renewing her financial aid for the following year would come back to haunt her. She’s effectively kicked out of college due to failure of tuition payment. Mike pulls through in the end by secretly paying for the whole year. In order to do so though, he had to sell his half of the diaper company he started with Rusty. It was well worth it for Sue, and the way he said that at the end definitely made me tear up. I really thought he was going to tell Frankie he had to take out a dreaded student loan instead. Now that would have been the most realistic answer to this sort of problem. READ MORE...

The Middle Review: Major Changes

Time is catching up on The Middle as its season 8 premiere gave the Hecks a glimpse into their possible future. Some people embrace change, others are more resistant to accept it. Frankie falls into the latter category when she finds herself overwhelmed by having to add 3 extra chairs to a family dinner. A dinner which she actually cooked, by the way. That alone is a huge deal for her when she’s so used to bringing home fast food. It’s not just the extra chairs though, it’s who is sitting in them and what they symbolize. READ MORE...

'The Middle' Season 7 Finale Recap: 'The Show Must Go On' For A Graduating Brick

Last years season finale of The Middle set such a benchmark, with Sues high school graduation managing an emotional catharsis that set a series high point. It would have seemed completely inadv...   Read More... //