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Review: The Middle - The Jeans - Episode 11

Oh good lord, the kids and their need to fit in. As a parent to someone who's not a teenager, this show is starting to make me think I might need to sell him off to foreign interests sooner rather than later. Maybe that's because mine already acts more like Brick than I'd care to imagine, and I can only imagine how much of a handful he'll turn out to be. Mike and Frankie already seem overwhelmed by Axl and Sue. It was a refreshing, if nefarious, change to see Axl dressed, smiling and helpful. But like his parents, I was a little too slow on the draw to see what he was truly up to. As for Sue, well her scenario was far more classic teenager. In fact, that whole storyline was classic sitcom as well. Still, I liked how Sue revealed the shrunken jeans; stuck to a blanket via static cling in the dryer. At least that element I can relate to -- damn, I hate when you forget the dryer sheets! To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now