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Patti Stanger Makes a Successful 'Millionaire' Match (VIDEO)

Patti Stanger's latest client on 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' (Tue., 9PM ET on BRAVO) is a rich but juvenile beach bum. So he and the woman Stanger has matched with him go wake-boarding. That doesn't pan out, nor does the picnic, as it starts to rain. "I think every uncomfortable moment I could ever possibly have in my entire life has happened on this date," she says. "But there's something to be said about a man who can actually make you feel really, really comfortable ... He was really, really charming." So much so that they end up kissing, and she wants to see him again. He likes her too. Awww. And good news for Stanger's ailing success rate. Source & Video

Millionaire Matchmakers Pick Celeb Boyfriends for Bristol and Brandy - Wetpaint

Bristol Palin and Brandy Norwood need some action off the dance floor, too. The Dancing with the Stars Season 11 contestants are both single mothers without men in their lives (despite those pesky rumors about Bristol and her pro partner Mark Ballas). Brandy, 31, has an 8-year-old daughter, Sy'rai with ex-boyfriend Robert Smith. Bristol Palin, 20, famously has her son, Tripp, soon to be 2, with ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston. [Read our interview with Brandy about her romantic side.] To Read More Click Here.

A 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Client Is 'Happy Being Single' (VIDEO)

Everybody knows: Don't get on Patti Stanger's bad side. And everyone also knows, the easiest way to piss her off would be to basically tell her you don't want or need her services.  On 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' (Tue., 9PM ET on BRAVO), Patti tells one client that she's not connecting with men. "Your problem is you send mixed messages. You confuse people ... It's like 'Waaa Waaa! Warning Will Robinson!'" referencing 'Lost in Space' as she flails her arms. To Read More  Click Here.

Breaking 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Rules Sends Patti on a Tirade (VIDEO)

Jason breaks Patti Stanger's rules on 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' (Tue., 9PM ET on BRAVO). No good will come of this -- except our entertainment. Jason brings his obnoxious buddies along on a first date and then proceeds to get wasted. Patti brings him in for a verbal smackdown. "You have no respect for women. Why did bring the guys, your buddies, on the date when I explicitly told you 55 times not to?" Patti asks. Jason says he wanted her to see "what she was getting herself into" and refuses to apologize. "You're immature, you might as well date your friends. That's why you're 30 and single, baby." At that, Jason wants to "get the [beep] outta here." Patti is happy to oblige, shouting, "Get the [beep] out of my club!" He tells her she has a "bad attitude." And as he storms off, she calls him a "[beep] Brooklyn no-name [beep] punk!" Source & Video

TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 10/19

Tonight, the season premiere of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker kicks off in the Big Apple! Also, while Glee and Raising Hope are in repeats, make sure to check out an all-new episode of Running Wilde on FOX! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c No Ordinary Family on ABC NCIS on CBS One Tree Hill on The CW The Biggest Loser on NBC Melissa & Joey on ABC Family 9/8c Dancing with the Stars on ABC NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS Life UneXpected on The CW The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo 9:30/8:30c Running Wilde on FOX 10/9c Detroit 187 on ABC The Good Wife on CBS Parenthood on NBC Sons of Anarchy on FX What will you be watching?

Millionaire Matchmaker Hits Manhattan

Start spreading the news. Patti Stanger is storming New York for her fourth season of Millionaire Matchmaker (Tuesday, 9/8c, Bravo), but from what Los Angeles' most caustic Cupid tells us, she doesn't exactly have it made in Manhattan when it comes to her East Coast clients. Here, she lets loose on the core issues plaguing the Big Apple's moneyed singletons. Geography drama "The women are snobby!" marvels a still-shocked Stanger. "They are city snobs. They won't go to the suburbs or Long Island or upstate. They have to date the Manhattan gentleman... I was like, oh, my God, I never dated geography." That said, she does head to New Jersey in Episode 2 to help the sons of Real Housewives mama Caroline Manzo. "That was real fun." To Read More Click Here.

Millionaire Matchmaker to Feature Caroline Manzo's Sons

Millionaire Matchmaker is helping the Manzo sons find love. Albie and Christopher Manzo, the sons of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Caroline Manzo, will be Patti Stanger's clients on the upcoming fourth season of the Bravo series, a show rep tells TVGuide.com. Albie, 24, was heavily featured on Housewives when he was expelled from law school because of low grades. Christopher, 21, works for his father at their family-owned catering and event space, The Brownstone. Season 4 of Millionaire Matchmaker, which moves from Los Angeles to New York, premieres Oct. 19. Source Here

'Millionaire Matchmaker' talks Jill Zarin, weight loss and Labor Day dating

We catch up with "The Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger after she drops by the KTLA Morning Show on Friday morning (Sept. 3). She's immediately game to weigh in on our reality show obsessions, starting with her own Bravo show, which enters its fourth season this fall, her friendship with "Real Housewife" Jill Zarin, and even touching on ABC's phermonally charged "Bachelor Pad." "The Real Housewives of New York City" "Jill has been asked to come back," Stanger tells us. "She's very excited about the new season. She's in England right now traveling for the holiday, and I think if fans give her a chance, they'll see a new Jill. I think she got a bum rap. I know Bethenny [Frankel] pretty well personally and I don't think what you saw was totally 100 percent honest and true. I know the real story." She goes on to say how Zarin will be going through a Ramona-style renewal and that they would make good business partners. To Read More { Click Here].

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Calls Off Wedding

Bravo's resident cupid, Patti Stanger, may soon need to call a matchmaker of her own. The star of the network's The Millionaire Matchmaker has called off her wedding to Andy Friedman, her boyfriend of more than six years. "I just ended my relationship with Andy. It hit me really hard that I want kids in my life," Stanger tweeted. "You have to agree on the non-negotiables." The 49-year-old, third-generation matchmaker got engaged to Friedman in May of 2009. The couple planned to wed in 2010, but pushed back the date several times because he couldn't commit to having a family, Stanger claims. The Millionaire Matchmaker gets a fourth season, moves to Big Apple "Andy's a great guy and we'll always remain friends, but he wants me to be something that I can't be," she told Life & Style magazine. "We're better friends than lovers." Stanger, however, is still optimistic about both finding the right guy and becoming a mom. "A good guy is out there for me, I know it," Stanger told the site. "A life without kids has no meaning to me. I think the most important job in the world is being a parent or stepparent!" Source here

The Millionaire Matchmaker Gets a Fourth Season, Moves to Big Apple

The Millionaire Matchmaker will be making love connections on TV for at least another season. Bravo has renewed the reality series that follows Patti Stanger as she pairs her wealthy clients with suitable mates. For Season 4, Stanger will move her business to New York. Matchmaker's third season (Tuesdays, 10/9c) has been averaging 1.2 million viewers. Source Here