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We're Obsessed With 'The Mindy Project'

Welcome to Obsessed , a new weekly feature in which we shamelessly gush about our latest pop-culture preoccupation. This week, we're fangirling over "The Mindy Project." There's no shortage of TV series chronicling the romantic misadventures of single ladies in the city (see: "Girls," "New Girl," and, of course, the perpetually re-running "Sex and the City"). And to say Mindy Kaling's new Fox sitcom, "The Mindy Project," is fundamentally different would be disingenuous. But the series does boast one thing the others don't: Mindy Kaling. The former "Office" writer-performer is having a moment—one that's been years in the making thanks to entertaining entries like Subtle Sexuality , the best-selling memoir "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)," and a nearly 2-million-strong Twitter following. To wit, New York magazine's recent cover profile of the star was simply (yet aptly) titled "The Cult of Mindy Kaling." But, I don't think you have to guzzle a gallon of the Kaling Kool-Aid to truly appreciate her self-titled show. (And, really, your doctor wouldn't recommend it anyway.) In the pilot, we meet 31-year-old OB/GYN Mindy, who was raised on the false promises of romantic comedies starring Tom Hanks. Yet, it looks as though she may indeed find her Nora Ephron-approved happy ending when she meets-cute with fellow doctor Bill Hader in the hospital elevator. But, alas, he falls in love with a Ukranian bagel girl, ditching Mindy for a younger model. All of this is relayed through a flashback as our heroine sits in a police station, arrested for several disorderly conduct charges (an ex's wedding will do that to a girl). When Mindy is bailed out by her BFF ("Pitch Perfect" star Anna Camp), she has one final request: "Before I leave, would it be possible to get a tour of the Special Victims Unit?" Yes, a pop-culture-loving protagonist after our own hearts. As the episode unfolds, we're introduced to her cute colleagues played by Ed Weeks and Chris Messina—the former, her f--- buddy, and the latter, her potential romantic foil à la Jim from "The Office" or perhaps, more likely, Adam from "Girls." But you'll have to stay tuned. Admittedly, "The Mindy Project" tugged at me in a way I had hoped "Girls" would. Yes, I enjoy Lena Dunham's oft-cringeworthy take on the young urban female experience, but I just don't relate to it much. And after a little reflection I realized why: I'm getting old. Not old old. But older. And unlike Hannah and her cohorts, I'm no longer an early-20-something struggling with my career or inhospitable living environment. Like Mindy, I've mostly got my sh-- together, except, you know, that whole relationship thing. I'm still making plenty of bad decisions. And so is she. And that's why I'll give "The Mindy Project" a season pass. Did you watch "The Mindy Project"? What are you obsessed with this week? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter ! //hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/2012/09/26/were-obsessed-with-the-mindy-project/

'The Mindy Project' Premiere: Real Women Wear Sequins and Scrubs

Every Fall season, I eagerly drink in all the articles that want to convince me that some show or another is going to be the Next Big Thing -- something bigger, better, cuter, and infinitely more hilarious than everything heretofore seen since the Last Big Thing. Then, I promptly decide that not only am I going to hate everything, but that I will mutter incoherently each morning reading recaps of shows I refuse to watch based on no particular principle whatsoever. Incomprehensibly, this is the way I get excited about the Fall. It is also how I get excited about family road trips, but that is a story for a different time. This year, you could hardly buy your daily duo of Tanqueray and Funyons without seeing Mindy Kaling's smiling face on a magazine under the word 'Hit!' I wanted to decide to hate this show, but with a few months of Kaling's Twitter posts floating around my feed winning me over with her special brand of acerbic observation and truth-telling, I just couldn't help but get a little excited to maybe actually like something for a change, instead of loving to hate something while secretly really posting very involved comments about it on BuddyTV under a fake name.  No, I'm kidding. I don't do that (yes, I do). //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-mindy-project/the-mindy-project-recap-real-w-47639.aspx

'The Mindy Project's' Mindy Kaling: 'It's a girl who wishes her life was a movie'

On "The Mindy Project," premiering Tuesday, Sept. 25, on FOX, Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) is soused at her ex-boyfriend's wedding and makes a fool of herself.It's bad enough that she's wearing a sequined dress so hideous, that it alone could have killed disco. She leaves, gets on a bicycle and wobbles into a swimming pool, after which she has an imaginary encounter with a talking Barbie. And she still has to go to work as an OB/GYN.Kaling, best known as Kelly Kapoor on "The Office," draws from her own life for the comedy, which she created."My mom was an OB/GYN so I am really familiar with the world," Kaling tells Zap2it while picking at a pizza at a Beverly Hills hotel. "I didn't want to do a mock doc like 'The Office.'"RELATED: Fall TV's 12 Must-See New ShowsShe describes the show as "a workplace comedy with a female lead, and it has a lot... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/09/the-mindy-projects-mindy-kaling-its-a-girl-who-wishes-her-life-was-a-movie.html

'The Mindy Project's' Anna Camp: Who she'd switch teams for and 17 more things to know

TV fans already know Anna Camp from her turns on HBO's "True Blood" and CBS' "The Good Wife," but this fall she's testing out her comedy chops as Mindy Kaling's level-headed BFF on FOX's "The Mindy Project."The show, which premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 9:30 p.m. ET, features Camp as the perfectly coiffed, married gal who seems to have it all together, which should provide for a funny foil to Kaling's lovelorn Mindy. Camp is also part of Zap2it's new batch of Ones to Watch this fall. We asked her about everything from which celeb she'd switch teams for to which "Breakfast Club" character she would've been pals with in high school (paging Molly Ringwald!). Check out her responses below, and catch her on "The Mindy Project."What's the most embarrassing song is on your iPod? "This Is Ponderous" by 2nu, the weirdest song ever written.  Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?   I fear a zombie apocalypse... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/09/the-mindy-projects-anna-camp-who-shed-switch-teams-for-and-17-more-things-to-know.html

The Mindy Project Delivers a Different Kind of Heroine

A year ago, most people had no idea who Mindy Kaling was. Now, the actress' face is everywhere — magazine covers, billboards, bus stops — but most importantly, she's starring in a new sitcom The Mindy Project , which premieres Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c on Fox . And though the series airs after New Girl , don't be fooled into thinking Kaling's TV alter ego Mindy Lahiri is anything like the "adorkable" Jess ( Zooey Deschanel ). Mindy is no sexually innocent, manic pixie dream girl. Instead, she's a grown woman who isn't afraid to go after whatever she wants professionally, romantically or sexually. In short, she's my hero.  //www.tvguide.com/News/Mindy-Project-Kaling-1053700.aspx?rss=breakingnews

'The Mindy Project': What the Critics Are Saying About Mindy Kaling's New Comedy

THR's Tim Goodman writes that there is "enough comedic snap in the pilot to hint at significant potential," while The New York Times' Alessandra Stanley compares it to "Bridget Jones's Diary." //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/QZC-UaGhO8g/story01.htm

Why Mindy Kaling's Fans Will Really Love 'The Mindy Project'

I am happy to report that Mindy Kaling's new sitcom, " The Mindy Project," is Mindy Kaling through and through. This may seem like an obvious thing to say about a show that bears her name, a show she writes, produces and stars in, but it wasn't actually a given. Though Kaling is the face of the show, it airs on a major network, and she's not writing in a vacuum. So while there was never any doubt that it would reflect its creator, what's striking about the pilot is just how undiluted it is. It seems that Fox got out of her way and allowed her to deliver on her vision, one that includes elements that aren't always taken so seriously. One thing that makes Kaling so appealing to her fans -- she has more than 1.8 million Twitter followers , many of whom want to be her best friend -- is that she doesn't apologize for who she is, and who she is is a rather girly person. For example, she loves romantic comedy, that most female-targeted, often-ridiculed of genres, and doesn't hide her obsession. "This is my favorite kind of movie," she wrote in the New Yorker . Kaling rejects the idea that this somehow undermines her talent. "I do think that if you like lipstick or watch 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' while you do the elliptical machine, and you're willing to admit to any of that, that there are people who think you're letting down women or something. Which is just a bunch of bullshit, and can make me kind of angry," she told the AV Club last year . " I've written 22 episodes of 'The Office,' and I'm a super-confident writer, and I hate that that makes me 'stupider' or something." It's not surprising, then, that her character on the show, 31-year-old OB-GYN Mindy Lahiri, is an accomplished professional woman who also happens to like shopping and romantic comedies. Kaling claims she has loved comedy since she was a kid. On the Marc Maron podcast back in March , she said she used to transcribe "Gap Girls" sketches from "Saturday Night Live" to understand the structure. And she's reportedly worked hard over the years as a writer and a performer for "The Office." ("Mindy has long been considered the best writer on 'The Office,'" her friend and fellow "Office" mate B.J. Novak once said.) What's thrilling about "The Mindy Project" is that not only did she get her own show, she's telling the type of story she loves -- and she's telling it her way. As she explained to HitFix, "I think the biggest thing that I've learned from watching so many [romantic comedies] is that bad romantic comedies are bad because they're not comedies. They forget that they have to do that." If the pilot is any indication, Kaling hasn't forgotten because this is a comedy. The first episode of "The Mindy Project" isn't perfect, of course. There is one joke in particular -- when Mindy pulls out her iPhone in the middle of a date with Ed Helms to cross off a potential red flag from a typed list -- that fell flat to me. Still, others made up for it, enough to make me want to tune in to future episodes. Mindy's prayer before her date, which was featured in the trailer , was pretty funny: "May he have the wealth of Michael Bloomberg, the personality of Jon Stewart, the face of Michael Fassbender... the penis of Michael Fassbender." Whether the show succeeds will depend on whether general audiences warm to Kaling's interests and sense of humor. But for those of us who already share it, there are enough instantly recognizable Mindy Kaling Moments -- the opening shot of Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally..." ( a tribute to her hero Nora Ephron ) as well as the one in which she asks for a tour of the Special Victims Unit ( a nod to her love of true crime ) -- to keep watching. Also, I thought her character's sequined dress at her ex-boyfriend's wedding was great, a fun detail that really did enhance my enjoyment of the show. I mean that seriously. //feeds.huffingtonpost.com/~r/HP/Entertainment/~3/xAcfd2x4LEU/the-mindy-project-kaling-tv-show-fox-sitcom_b_1852965.html

Interview: Chris Messina Talks FOX’s ‘The Mindy Project’

FOX’s new half hour comedy from  The Office ‘s Mindy Kaling,  The Mindy Project , is almost here. But before you sit down to enjoy the new series ,  TV Equals  caught up with one of the stars of the show, Chris Messina who plays Danny Castellano an OB/GYN working with Mindy who likes to steal her patients, but secretly admires her work. As you’ll come to see, these two have a great relationship . Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/09/25/exclusive-interview-chris-messina-talks-foxs-the-mindy-project/  

The Mindy Project Sneak Peek: Wanna Touch It?

It's our favorite comedy of the fall season, it premieres after New Girl on September 25 and Fox has released an extended scene from it below. It's The Mindy Project and it stars Mindy Kaling as an OG-GYN who is a lot more successful in the office than she is in her love life. Think Bridget Jones, but in scrubs and with surgical instruments. The upcoming sitcom also features (breakout star!) Ike Barinholtz as a nurse. Watch him and the show's lead banter for a bit and then introduce a sneak peek from a future episode now: //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/08/the-mindy-project-sneak-peek-wanna-touch-it/

THE MINDY PROJECT: Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina Tease the Show Will Only Get Better

The pilot for THE MINDY PROJECT has been online for over 24 hours, so I’m assuming many of you have taken the time to view it, yes? Since I’ve watched the pilot several times (and I’ll have more for you about what’s specifically to come closer to the show’s premiere), I was curious what the [...] //www.givememyremote.com/remote/2012/08/28/the-mindy-project-mindy-kaling-and-chris-messina-tease-the-show-will-only-get-better/