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20 of TV's Best Theme Songs

Our previous list of TV's best theme songs caused the impossibly catchy DuckTales tune to get stuck in our heads for days. (A few weeks later, a new version brought it right back.) While 30 may seem like a long enough list, we (with your help) kept coming up with missing themes. So here's round two:   Frasier   In Living Color   One Tree Hill   All in the Family   The Big Bang Theory   M*A*S*H   The West Wing   Taxi   The Muppet Show   The Odd Couple   Moonlighting   The Love Boat   Adventures of the Gummi Bears   Thirtysomething   Life Goes On   The Babysitters Club   Miami Vice   The Simpsons   WKRP in Cincinnati   One Day at a Time   But wait, there's more:   Check out full-length versions of some of these theme songs in this Spotify playlist .   What's your favorite theme song? What did we miss? Let us know below! div.post p { text-align: justify; }