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The Muppets: "Little Green Lie" Review

So one of the presumed makeover directives, when The Muppets returned from its midseason break all revamped, was clearly to break up Kermit and Denise. The fact that he was dating a new pig seemed to be a bone of contention for many persnickety Muppet purists. Even though the real problem, overall, was the show's focus on dating in general. Everyone dating, not just Kermit and his new swine squeeze. The Muppets' various sex lives dominated the fall episodes. And now it's returned in full force. Not just with Pepe and Rizzo out on an aggressive prowl for ladies, but Kermit and Piggy finding their old spark again. Because apparently it wasn't just enough to break up Kermit's new relationship, he HAD to get back with Piggy. Really quickly. It was a race to return to the status quo. And so because of this, we got another "Kermit lies to spare someone's feelings" episode. READ MORE...

'The Muppets' Season 1 Finale Recap: 'Generally Inhospitable'/'Because...Love'

Has the entire first season of The Muppets been constructed around reuniting Kermit and Miss Piggy? There was a big hullabaloo leading up to the premiere about their breakup and Kermits new girl...   Read More... //

The Muppets Finale Recap: Good-bye for Now

I'll say this much: The Muppets ended in a better place than it began....   Read More... //

The Muppets Review: Making Up Is Hard To Do

The Muppets, since their revamp, has a pretty impressive streak going. I was just as unimpressed with the first half of the season as everyone else, but 2016’s episodes have been an absolute delight so far. They’ve got higher emotional stakes, and frankly, the comedy just feels smarter and tighter, and honestly, it’s funnier. I laughed at this episode more than any previous episode of The Muppets. "Little Green Lie" may have been the best episode yet. READ MORE...

'The Muppets' Season 1, Episode 14 Recap: 'Little Green Lie'

While showing improvement since its pilot episode, The Muppets is still in its growing pains stage, but one thing it does have a firm handle on is which of its relationships work best: Uncle Dead...   Read More... //

The Muppets Recap: The Third-Most Important Secret

Yet again, this show ignores the basic tenets of sitcom writing....   Read More... //

The Muppets Recap: Appendix Girl is Not Your Friend

The Muppets needs a villain.   Read More... //

'The Muppets' Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: 'Got Silk?'

Discovering that the best option is what has been in front of you the whole time is a common formula in romantic stories. It is a premise filled with tension, as there could be one person in a pair...   Read More... //

'The Muppets' Season 1, Episode 12 Recap: 'A Tail Of Two Piggies'

A significant element of The Muppets Season 1 has been its social consciousness, perhaps best represented by Pepes gender is fluid comment. But that was an offhand line, and thus far, the show...   Read More... //

The Muppets Recap: Unveil the Tail

  Whoa. I think I actually liked this episode.   I mean, the show finally remembered that Camilla exists. Though my heart broke when Camilla left Gonzo, thereby ending television's most romantic relationship, I am thrilled that she's now on the show. Even if #Gonzmilla doesn't become a major storyline, this feels like confirmation that new showrunner Kristin Newman wants The Muppets to have more heart, more brains, and more in common with Muppets of old than it did before.    Read More... //