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The Muppets Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Hostile Makeover

In The Muppets Season 1 Episode 2 , the show is still in its "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" phase. Unfortunately, the ratio of jokes that land to jokes that slide off like Kermit the Frog from Josh Groban's torso is about the same as last week. A lot of ink has been spilled and overwrought think pieces pitched to regarding Miss Piggy's feminism or lack thereof. Personally, up until this show, I was always Team Kermit. But in this incarnation, Piggy reminds me of 30 Rock's Jenna, whose unpredictable antics and massive ego add a much-needed dose of whimsy in an ensemble that often seems to be wheezing wearily along.   Read More...   //

The Muppets: "Hostile Makeover" Review

In The Muppets' second episode, Josh Groban guests as Miss Piggy's new love interest. So why is Kermit trying to get rid of him?   Read More... //

'The Muppets' Pilot Recap: The New Muppets Are Still The Old Muppets

After all the promotional hullabaloo about how these arent your parents Muppets, perhaps the biggest shock about their new show is: these are the same Muppets as always. The one difference, thoug...   Read More... //

The Muppets Series Premiere Review: A Look Behind The Curtain

ABC wants to show you the grown-up 'real lives' of The Muppets. Do you care to see it?   Read More... //

Is the New Muppets Too Dark?

The reboot premiered with an edgier tone.   Read More... //

The Muppets Recap: Pig Girls Dont Cry

  21st-century sitcoms largely got their shtick from The Muppets, and now The Muppets are back for tepid revenge. At least, thats the sense I got from the pilot of ABCs long-awaited The Muppets , a somewhat disappointing first episode for a show that we can all reasonably expect will get better.   The good and bad of handheld mockumentary shows as a whole aside, its important to note that The Muppets were a meta-show long before anyone else. The Muppet Show was a sketch show, but it was also a show about making the show within the show. Statler and Waldorf existed only to provide snarky live commentary in the days before Twitter. When sketches were bad, they were called out as being bad. The comparisons to 30 Rock were not coincidental; in fact, an argument could be made that we wouldnt have any of the most popular sitcoms of the past 10 years without the meta-comedy of the Muppets. The Muppet Show begat 30 Rock and 30 Rock begat The Muppets , it would seem.   Read More... //

'The Muppets' recap: 'Pig Girls Don't Cry'

What happens when the Muppets crew runs a late night talk show? Relationship problems, apparently.  Read More... //

The Muppets Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pig Girls Don't Cry

The Muppets (this latest incarnation of the decades-old franchise) is the product of two noxious philosophies. 1. Everything you once found childlike and pure suddenly needs to be made EDGY. See: The gritty, dystopian reboot ofLittle Women in development at the CW. 2. If there is one dollar to be squeezed out of your nostalgia, Walt Disney will extract it via the psychological equivalent of fracking. See: The endless live-action remakes of classic Disney films, the Star Wars marketing campaign which is nearly as frenzied and premature as Presidential campaign coverage, and this latestgoldmine.   Read More... //

The Muppets Series Premiere: Grade Kermit and Miss Piggy's Return to TV

After months of staged interviews hype, ABCs The Muppets made its long-awaited debut Tuesday, reintroducing America to acast of beloved and kinda, sorta edgier characters. Thislatest incarnation presents the Mups as staff members of Up Late With Miss Piggy, a talk show hosted byKermits ex-girlfriend, whose diva persona has beenheightened to the point of [] //

Review: 'The Muppets': EW review

You come to The Muppets wanting nostalgia, good cheer, and magic. After all, Jim Hensons marvelous menagerie of puppets taught us our ABCs and 123s, taught us grace (It aint easy being green ) and idealism (Someday well find it, the rainbow connection ), taught us that a world of...   Read More... //