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'The Newsroom' 2.7: Autopsy of a Bad Decision

About as brilliant a piece of television as you can get on The Newsroom 2.7 last night, which completed its careful dissection of the worst decision a news network can possibly make.   Read More... //www.starpulse.com/news/Paul_Levinson/2013/08/27/the_newsroom_27_autopsy_of_a_bad_decis?ref_src=news_rss

The Newsroom Recap: The Shot Clock Runs Out

This is more like what we signed up for. Main characters revealing their psyche through small moments rather than grandiloquence; incredibly smart people doing their jobs well but still thwarted anyway; a vamping Jane Fonda; self-aware Deep Throat references — this is the show we were expecting. Over the past few weeks,  The Newsroom has remade itself into good television on the fly. All it took was Jerry.  Read More... //www.vulture.com/2013/08/newsroom-recap-jerry-dantana-fired-genoa.html

The Newsroom Review: Better Than Having You Killed

We all knew Genoa was going to be a train wreck. That despite the interviews and tweets, manifests and eye witness accounts that ACN's biggest story was going to fall apart in spectacular fashion. What we didn't know was why? Even the " Red Team III " couldn't have seen this coming.   Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/08/the-newsroom-review-better-than-having-you-killed/

The Newsroom "Red Team III" Review: All for One, One for All (Except Dantana)

It's great to see heroes succeed, but it's more entertaining to watch them struggle.   Read More... //www.tv.com/news/the-newsroom-red-team-iii-review-all-for-one-one-for-all-except-dantana-137694854510/

‘The Newsroom’ TV Recap: Season 2, Episode 7, ”Red Team III’

Welcome to “Not-Journalism 101" on "The Newsroom." Or “How not to handle a news story, EVER.”   Read More... //blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/08/25/the-newsroom-tv-recap-season-2-episode-7-red-team-iii/?mod=WSJBlog

'The Newsroom' Recap: Genoa Falls Apart; Benghazi Happens

In the seventh episode of season two, the "News Night" investigative segment airs -- to record ratings -- and then the producers find out it was all fake.            //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/X2hWR0x9cCM/story01.htm

'The Newsroom' Season 2, episode 7: 'Red Team III' faces the music on Operation Genoa

Operation Genoa has hit the fan.If the preceding story opened the gate just a bit on the erosion of ACN's report about the alleged use of sarin gas by U.S. troops overseas, "Red Team III" -- Sunday's (Aug. 25) episode of HBO's "The Newsroom" written, as all of the show's teleplays this season have been, by series creator Aaron Sorkin -- swung that gate wide open, as network lawyer Rebecca (Marcia Gay Harden) played hardball in determining what went wrong.Don (Thomas Sadoski) started the hour in the hot seat, squarely putting the blame on Jerry Dantana (Hamish Linklater) for the circumstances that had brought ACN "to its knees." Jerry's wrongful-termination lawsuit against the network was a prime reason behind the staff depositions, and Don appealed to Rebecca to put an end to the "insane" proceedings.She couldn't, because of what Jerry claimed was an "institutional failure" for which he was made the scapegoat. Rebecca wanted Don's... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/the-newsroom-season-2-episode-7-red-team-iii-faces-the-music-on-operation-genoa.html