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5 Culinary Minutes with New Iron Chef Jose Garces

After winning the second season title on the Food Network series, The Next Iron Chef, chef and restaurant owner, Jose Garces, takes his place among the chef elite on The Iron Chef for Season 8 competition on Sunday, January 17 at 9pm. Garces, an Ecuadorian American chef from Chicago has been turning heads and winning top awards in recent years, even defeating Iron Chef Bobby Flay in 2008 to gain national TV attention as one of the best chefs in America. After becoming The Next Iron Chef, Jose Garces has proven himself to be an Iron Chef America and takes on fellow Iron Chef and challenger, Rachel Yang, on January 17 on the Food Network in his debut. Ahead of the latest clash of the culinary titans on Iron Chef America, we spent a few brief minutes with Jose Garces to learn how he feels coming off his win on The Next Iron Chef, what Garces needs to overcome, how the competition separates equally talented chefs, and how Jose Garces plans to stay undefeated as an full blownIron Chef. To Read More Click Here .

Jose Garces Named 'The Next Iron Chef' Season 2 Winner

The Chairman declared that "The Next Iron Chef" of season 2 is Jose Garces. The executive chef from Philadelphia entered the final battle against chef Jehangir Mehta and came out victorious. His technique in cooking played a huge role in his victory because it triumphed over Mehta's praised creativity. The secret ingredients of the finale were racks and ribs such as pork baby back, spare, beef short and country. The finalists had to make five dishes that best represent America's melting pot while still being creative. Garces created buffalo rib steak au poivre; Mexican-style braised carnitas taco; Pork loin with herbs; Spanish pizza with beef short ribs; and Baby back ribs with spicy BBQ sauce. Overall, the judges graded Garces' dish as "safe" and "monotonous" but Mehta's presentation was not exactly a delight either. Mehta's burger and French fries unfortunately were still raw and immediately turned off the judges. Chef Michael Symon who is the winner of the first season uttered, "If you're creative and you fail, are you creative? Or are you a failure?" After considering that Mehta should have concentrated on a dish instead of trying to do everything at the same time and Garces should have come out of the box, the judging panel decided that it was a win for Garces. "It's a huge risk to go on the show and possibly be eliminated early ...or be displayed in a negative light," Garces told the Los Angeles Times. "But [if you win] it brings a lot of prestige, it's an honor and a privilege to be an 'Iron Chef.' ...It's very good for business as well, let's be honest. I have six restaurants, so having that title would be great." Jose Garces told reporters that he was considering to open a new restaurant in New York City. "If I do anything, it will be an Amada," he revealed the name of his potential restaurant. Source Here

Two Minutes Look Into 'The Next Iron Chef' Season 2

Coming to Food Network this Sunday, October 4, the second season of " The Next Iron Chef " shares two minutes of intensity and personal words from "the 10 world's best chefs". For the first time they are given a look to the sophisticated workplace where they will cook, create and vie for the title to be the new Iron Chef. "The Chairman" makes his appearance in the beginning of the show, encouraging the chefs to present him the best delicacies. As the first challenge, they will be told to cook a dish which represents their cultural background. Also, they are asked to make dishes made from some uncommon ingredients such as jellyfish, sea cucumbers, crickets, unlaid chicken eggs, and duck tongues. Some chefs take the challenge rather positively. Jose Graces from Philadelphia said, "I'm a lover of all kinds of foods and styles of cuisine, so I take every ingredient as a welcome challenge. The challenge is to make everything taste good, not just the things that you like or the things that everyone has tried before." This season's line-up only consists of two female chefs, Dominique Crenn and Amanda Freitag. On how she feels toward the male domination, she told Monster and Critics, "I just look to complete my work as best I can in all situations." Source & Preview