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oc is awesome my fav character is seth he is sooo funny


oc is de best

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enough with the spoilers, contain yourselves

im bumping yet another spoiler off the page


you can see it on youtube just type the oc season 5 xx

Season 5

jeeeee there is coming another season look at the trailer it is going to be so weird

The End

Well, I finally finished up watching the O.C and I have to say that I loved it. It was kinda weird to watch the last season without Marissa and that everybody was kinda lost/sad. But, later on got better and I was happy with the ending. I guess there was no more story to tell so, it had to finish at that point. It was funny to watch Ryan's flashbacks and see him in the first season, looking younger and like a kid. It was nice to see Ryan with Taylor in that last season, for once he was not fighting with someone for Marissa's drama, so it was nice.. Seth and Summer, it was so cute at the end.. and I loved the bunny's name, pancakes :P It was awesome to watch the OC.. again, too bad its over. But everything has to come to an end right?


I can't believe they made Marissa die. Its horrible, I loved her in the show. When she died "THE OC" was NOT so interesting anymore. =/

Good Show!.. too bad its over, why is it over anyways?

I didn't watch The O.C. when it was on, but I just started watching it here. I'm not finished yet, I'm in season 3. I loved it since the beginning, its a very nice drama/romatic story. Good time killer, at least it has been for me. I cried, laughed and got upset LOL!! .. With Adam and Ben, its just great! :P .. Ryan is soo sexy and Seth its quite dorky but a sweet funny guy. The only thing that gets to my nerves is that Marissa's character is always in trouble and/or hooking up with someone. She befrended that Jhonny and Oliver, being "naive" about not knowing that they liked her and even hooked up with that girl. And she is always confused and arguing and being the victim.. its quite annoying. Anyways, I cant get enough every night of the O.C... too bad I have only 1.5 seasons to go.. :( Why did they cancelled the show?!?! Anyone?!


I haven't watched the whole series yet, but from what I've seen, this is a really good show. Yeah it's a little soap opera-y, but does that really matter? It has Adam Brody! How the producers thought that he would be a nerd is beyond me. Alas, he is still the cutest guy ever. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good time killer.